Thursday, July 25, 2013

1st week of WW online

Well I completed my first week of WW online.

The wins:

I tracked everything and I mean everything, every bite, lick, taste and sip.

The not so win:

That didn't stop me from going way way off plan, I was like a runaway train. My 6 weeks off plan let some good habits slide. Now that's my fault not the plans fault. I was tracking on my phone, my iPad and on the computer so I think that was kind of awesome. I had a little too much fun with all the food options I now have access to. However I have located some point friendly options in the food court as well. Today for example was Jugo Juice Wild Rice and Soybean salad and Max Veg (all veggies) juice.

I weighed in this morning with a loss of 1.8 lbs, now in all honesty that had more to do with my starting weight being recorded at night as that's when a week ago today I decided to try WW online one more time.

However I know I can do this.

So today is a new week and now that I've booked the trip to Tokyo in December that's added motivation.

Half marathon training went on hold as I had a weird pain in my calf along the right side, however now it seems to be fine.

It will be an interesting race at Disneyland as I'll probably be walking more then running so my goal is to finish and then for the Glass Slipper challenge in February the goal will be to smoke my time.

Next weekend is the Big Valley Jamboree a 4 day country music fest in Camrose, Alberta. My friends and I bought tickets for the first time. Now you couldn't get a hotel in Camrose anywhere so I had booked one in Wetaskiwin which is a 30min drive away.

This week a co-worker gave us a camp spot so unbelievably we managed to rent an RV, it's a long weekend next weekend so you can imagine this was super last minute.

I'm so happy about this as I was dreading figuring out who would be the designated driver and pretty much being stuck there all day. Now if there's an act that we're not into there's a place to chill and have a nap.

This weekend I had thought I'd go to my Dad's house but I seriously need to take care of my house. It's just been a disaster zone as I was so focused on the new job.

So before I can deal with the other house I need to get mine in order plus I think that will help my state of mind.

I started reading the Infernal Devices series by Cassandra Clare, I finished the Clockwork Angel and now I'm reading the Clockwork Prince with the Clockwork Princess already loaded on the Kobo.

Yes I like young adult fiction, Harry Potter, Hunger Games, Divergent. What can I say I find it entertaining. I don't think I'm alone in that though :)

Friday, July 19, 2013

Changing things up

I'm in a period of change right now.

Not just with the new job but I find my interests changing, like rediscovering getting lost in a book. Right now that's Cuckoo's Callling for me.

I'm also changing it up on the weight loss front. Now I completely believe in Weightwatchers, the program works. I've just found myself going through the motions and not happy with my meetings. You get what you put in.

A lot of that had to do with ridiculous leader and then a whole lot of subs. The other adjustment is back to working Mon - Fri. After 2.5 years of Mon -Thurs it's an adjustment trust me. I find I want to sleep in on Saturdays as Sundays are long run days.

Lately I get discouraged watching others who I remember when they joined succeeding when I'm just not. Frankly I'm tired. To be honest I get more support from my online friends/ bloggers. I was so sad I couldn't go to FitBloggin but knew it was for the best not to go as I was in full scale grief.

Heck there's so much new like dealing with new transportation to work as that's completely changed since the last time I worked downtown. New working hours, new work friends, new boss and new routine.
So last night I came to a decision to try something different. I signed up for weightwatchers online for 6 months.

Yes I've tried online before and was unsuccessful but that was 100% my fault and before the app. I take my phone everywhere.

I haven't been very successful in meetings lately either and just playing around with the same 5 pounds. There are weeks I am totally on, then weeks where I'm totally off and then weeks where I'm so so. Self fulfilling prophecy - fail to plan, plan to fail. My tracker has many partially filled days.

I know the plan inside and out and have learned tons at meetings that lives with me today. It's time to shake things up and walk the talk.

I haven't gone to a meeting since June 22, the Saturday after my Dad passed away, I think I went forcing myself into some sense of normalcy.

There's nothing normal about my life right now, I'm heading into the new normal.

I also changed my weigh in day to Thursday, it's been Saturday forever. I set the phone app to remind me to track breakfast, lunch and dinner. Day one was yesterday.

Frankly it's also cheaper then paying for a meeting and e-tools, the monthly pass is not availabe in my area. As I signed up for 6 months it works out a little more then $5/wk, that's less then I spend at Starbucks. I'm not washing my hands of meetings. I want to try online for 6 months, I have 54lbs till goal. I might lose it in 6 months I might not but if there's still the minimum loss left to join the meetings (I think it's 10 or 15lbs) I'll go back to meetings so I can reach lifetime and get e-tools for free. If I lose it all online I'll be happy with that as well.

I've been talking to people at work about going away for Christmas as I just think that will be too rough to be home this year, and suggestions have been pouring in.
Vegas, Chile, San Fransisco, Hawaii, Cuba, Mexico but then new boss suggested Japan.

I wasn't expecting that and that wasn't even on my radar but then I started thinking about it. I could go to Japan for a week. I've always wanted to go, and ever since I had skin cancer beach vacations don't appeal to me. I'm also liking that's it's a completely different culture and not traditional Christmas. I don't want to go somewhere where I'm surrounded by families celebrating Christmas. When I was in University I signed up for beginner Japanese but it was full, that was probably for the best at the time as I was also enrolled in German and Russian.

I'm researching Tokyo right now, it's huge and there's loads to see. It woud be a total adventure and seriously take me out of my comfort zone. It's aslo low season.

If I need familiar I can go to Tokyo Disneyland.

I went on Amazon yesterday and ordered Japanese languange books so I'm not completely lost. I also bought a trave guide so I'll do my research and must decide soon at any rate.

Here's to the new normal.

Monday, July 15, 2013

The WW Salad bowl and the possessed treadmill

I hope all of you had a great Monday.

Mine started with me overcooking my oatmeal in the microwave, it all turned out though.

Today I decided to take the bus to the train station as opposed to walking, it so looked like it was going to rain and I also wanted to time it as this will be my mode of transport when the weather gets colder.

While standing at the bus stop I realized I was super matchy matchy.

Note the jacket, purse and nails are all purple

Because I took the bus this morning I took the stairs to Starbucks.

Paused to admire my favourite thing in my building's lobby. I love this totem pole

I then headed to my new floor to unpack my desk for the second time in two weeks. Check out my new view. 

Today I tried the Weight Watcher Salad Bowl for the first time. 

I like this little space on top of the lid, great for keeping something you don't want to add to your salad until your just about to eat it. 

For me that's cheese, I hate how it gets a little slimey when added at the beginning of the day. 

There's a cooling lid snapped into the top of the lid, I froze it last night so my salad stayed chilled during transport

When you take the lid off this is what greets you the green thing in the middle is the container for your dressing.

Today it was light Peppercorn Ranch, I like how it can be carted separately too.

Lift of the green second lid (where the dressing container locks in) and tada my salad.

I grated carrots and radishes, added green onions, mushroom, chopped roma tomato and romaine hearts and tada. A coworker complimented my salad. I like the bowl though it's pretty big. Thankfully it fit into my lunch bag.

Today I was also going to test out the corporate gym. I packed and repacked into 3 different  gym bags. I have a few Lululemon gym bags that I've collected via gift cards or travelling and needed another bag. However I wound up going with a back pack, just plain easier to schlep.

Then I met the possessed treadmill.

See the touch screen buttons that control speed and grade, well that was awful. It either slowly sped up ticking by .1 by .1, or  little more pressure or longer hold and it jumps by .5 at the time. At one point I was trying to slow down but it sped up instead and it was the first time I actually jumped off the treadmill on the to the sides. I always see them do that on Biggest Loser but I've never been comfortable with it.

I wound up staying at a walk and changing the incline.

I think I'm going to try to do my runs outside now that I'm home. By the time the weather cools off I hope I can have longer run piece in my run/walk.

Dumbo Double Dare is a mere 7 weeks away and today I put the Tinkerbell training plan on my cubicle wall. Which starts 6 days after I come home from Disneyland, no rest for the wicked and as Tinkerbell will roll right into the Glass Slipper Challenge I've got my plan to stay active for winter.

Tomorrow I'm going to dust off a workout DVD as my cross training day. I'm thinking Hip Hop Abs.

Talk to you tomorrow.

Sunday, July 14, 2013

Renewed motivation - saving money

Well I attempted to go shopping today.

I wandered through The Bay, Cleo and Laura Petite and came up with zip. The Bay was chaotic with all the spring sales, racks in the middle of aisles and you had to hunt for dressing room. That just makes me grumpy.

Cleo was in a temporary location in the mall and looked like a garage sale.

I can't shop in chaos, I like stores to be organized so during clearance sales I'm 100% turned off. I'm not one who can dig through racks in search of the steal. Which is unfortunate as I'd probably score some deals. What can I say it's the way I'm wired.

I was hoping to find more fall stuff but there was very minimal as it seems there's a lot of spring/summer stuff to get ride of.

I then came home and took a look at my closet, I do have more business clothes then I realized in a myriad of sizes. There quite a few things that are just a little bit too small. Which also makes me grumpy as I had I stayed focused I'd need to buy smaller sizes.

I can get by with what fits now and focus on getting smaller. This way I also save money and actually wear what's in my closet.

I did got to Cleo's website and found more things as of course a website is neatly organized. I had stuff I wanted to purchase and then their website froze. Perhaps it's a sign to stick to my plan and wear what I already own.

In other news I headed out for 4 miles today, I thought I'd ease into it as it's been awhile. I was impressed with my pace as I thought I'd be slower.

To achieve my goals I need to be better organized. I borrowed some habits I had when I had to get up at 3:30 am on Monday's.

I packed everything tonight. My lunch is in the fridge (a salad in the funky WW Salad Bowl, and Oikos Coconut yogurt, unsweetened applesauce as snacks. My breakfast fixings are laid on the counter - oatmeal with the measuring spoons ready to go. Heck my coffee cup is under the Keurig. The gym bag is packed as well.

Two days are tracked and I for once kabashed my 70,000 step goal on Fit Bit.

Now to just keep this going by focusing on one day at a time.

Hope you had a great week.


Saturday, July 13, 2013

Back to basics - learning from the past

Well Stampede 2013 is over for me. Yesterday I packed away my boots and my plethora of plaid with one last trip to the grounds.

I think I wore the boots in fairly well.

Here they are new

Then I think how much my life has changed since I bought them. The most important person to me in the whole world - My Dad- passed away. I started a new job back in downtown Calgary. In other words my whole world changed.

When I first found out I was coming back to the corporate office I made a promise to myself to be more social, experience things and meet new people.

As I'm an introvert that can be a bit of a challenge for me.

Now here are the boots after 10 days of Stampede where I went to Nashville North for the first time ever, a breakfast Stampede party for the first time ever, and the business unit party that I hadn't been to in 2 years.

I also walked to and from the train station every work day in these boots. I figured it was good training for wearing heels again. They got beer spilled on them, stepped in puddles and walked a lot. Yesterday it was 18000 steps.

I do have boot wounds on my right leg about mid calf not sure why just that leg.

Today I was back in these

I didn't go to weigh in instead I focused on sleep, between dealing with grief and trying to be social to introduce myself back to the corporate world I was exhausted. I slept for 11 hours last night. However I'm back on the WW wagon from now on. I also found the new location for the downtown meeting in case I need a back up meeting.

Today it was back to basics and reintroducing myself to my tracker. I also went grocery shopping so I can do what I used to do and pack lunch 4/5 days allowing myself to buy lunch on Wednesday. I find that works for me as I can deal with two days then a break then two days.

It's going to be salad this week so I can try that WW salad bowl and reintroduce the poorly lacking vegetables of the last 10 days.

I'm also trying to rediscover my cooking mojo. Over the last 2.5 years by only being home 3 days a week my cooking mojo has suffered, typically it was the same 3-4 main meals over and over again or eating out. When I worked a regular Mon -Fri schedule before I cooked a lot. I didn't plan too far ahead so I could keep some flexibility and sort of shop in a European way by stopping at the market a few times instead of meal planning 7 days out. I'm only cooking for me after all.

I planned out my Monday in the tracker already so I could plan meals and snacks for the work day. I created a list of what needs to go into the gym bag as it's been a while since I packed a gym bag.  In camp my room was 4 doors down from the gym and when I was home I just walked to the gym ready to go.

Now I need to factor in the train ride home as opposed to walking home so body spray is on the list.

Tomorrow I must go clothes shopping. Since I've been at site I haven't been buying business casual clothes. For my first week I dug through my closet for what I wore before I went to site. It worked for a week but I need to face that I put on a few pounds since I last worked downtown. I kept thinking I would be skinnier returning to DT but hey life happens. I haven't been tracking since my Dad passed away and that's almost 4 weeks ago.

Now it's time to get back to establishing routines.

I made another observation during Stampede, fit girls get more attention. Now I was observing people who were fairly drunk at the time but it leads me to this. I don't know if you seen this but it's an interview with Dustin Hoffman from 2012, it's pretty profound as he talks about the perception of beauty and how it effects how you relate to others. I totally recommend watching it.

Wednesday, July 10, 2013

Stampede Check In


Not sure where the week went but it's whirling by. My city has been knee deep in Stampede, an annual 10 day festival of all things western. Out goes the office wear and everyone dresses Western. I do own a few good plaid western shirts, and my boots which I only bought roughly a month before this year's Stampede have worked out really well.

In fact they're super comfy.

There's Western art everywhere especially on buildings. I love the Teepee on The Bow building. Those flags on the traffic lights are all over the city.

A free Stampede breakfast somewhere in the city every single day during Stampede.

Stampede Parties in the morning, this one started at 9 am.
Plus there's Nashville North down on the Stampede grounds, (me and my friend T who came down from Newfoundland)

You discover things like this JD and Coke in a can, by far my favorite Stampede drink so far.

Even Starbucks gets in to the Stampede spirit

Considering only a few weeks ago the downtown and Stampede grounds were covered in water due to flooding, the spirit of Calgary has bounced back.

Last week I picked up the pendants I ordered with my Dad's fingerprint

I bought the Angel and Drop pendant blind as I was directed to a website. So the Angel is a bit bigger then I wanted.

I actually prefer the back of the pendant as you can see the fingerprint so I might wear it backwards.

On Saturday T came with me to check out the cemetery in Bergen, it is a beautiful spot and very small. I think Dad would approve. I haven't decided on when to actually bury the urn but I'm rushing into things.

Now I haven't tracked at all this week and didn't go to weigh in last week either. In fact this week has been a bit of free for all.

It actually had me thinking of quitting meetings and going online, but the one time I tried online it didn't work for me. I also realize I'm dealing with a lot of change right now. Still feeling the loss of my Dad plus the new job and assimilating myself into a new work environment, and I'm moving desks on Friday to a new floor. I just unpacked 2 weeks ago.

I just needed to be this week. Next week will be all about establishing routine again and getting back to training.

For now I just want to breath and enjoy the distraction of Stampede.


Thursday, July 04, 2013

Back to work and realizing a few things

Almost done my first week back to work and first week in a new job and so far so good.

My new view or at least for now. I barely unpacked and was told "you know this is just a temporary spot right". I was forewarned and when I worked in Calgary the last time I moved 3 times. Today I got told they're working on my new spot, I'll still have a window and it's a bigger cubicle - I'm happy with that of course I'd prefer an office but hey I'll take what I can get.

At least the potato heads have a place to hang out for now. A few people asked me if I had kids when they saw the potato heads. Nope I like science fiction was my answer. I don't understand their comment if I did have kids why would these be at work if they were their toys?

I knew it'd be buying lunch this week as I'm not 100% together. I still have moments of sadness about my Dad and no doubt will for awhile. My to do list with all that is definitely shorter.

I also know I can't keep buying lunch and next week I'll pack for 4 days and have on buy day. I used that system when I worked downtown before. I do have the snazzy WW salad bowl that I'm eager to test out. It's not just the cost but it's far too easy to not eat healthy. Today I went to Sunterra and built a salad, got some strawberries and a cookie. Now had I packed I could do the salad and strawberries, pay less and not have the cookie.

I joined the company gym today too as it's just convenient. The last few days have been so hot it's not comfortable outside and stopping off at Spa Lady has been less then ideal. It's still cheap in terms of gym memberships that's for sure.

A friend is willing to come up with me to my Dad's house on Saturday which is great. I'm not ready to do the burying the urn thing yet. I would like to take a look around the cemetery though to get a lay of the land.

On Friday I need to pop down to the funeral home to pick up the pendants I ordered with the scan of my Dad's fingerprint. Speaking of jewellery, I realized I lost an earring today. I always wear these earrings no idea when I lost it and it's a stud so unlikely to find it. I take it as a sign to try something new.

I definitely need new work clothes but starting tomorrow it's Stampede so 2 weeks of western wear until I need to go down that path. I was happy my old ones still fit but in the same moment it was like "why aren't they too big".

I do realize I've been through a lot lately so I'm just going to go day by day and one foot in front of the other.

I missed the boat with the whole google reader disappearing as the other day I looked at my Feedler Pro app and there was a nada. Trying to figure out how to export the list so I can keep up with everyone.

I do hope you are all having a good week.


Monday, July 01, 2013

Happy Canada Day

I love this version of the Canadian Flag and it was created by artist named Curtis Wilson and you can check out his website here.

My Canada Day was very low key, I just mowed the lawn. My lovely neighbours mowed my front lawn last week but it needed to be mowed again. The back lawn hadn't been done in two weeks so that was a monster and it was so hot today.

I go back to work tomorrow and while I'm looking forward to establishing a routine again my thoughts are still filled with Dad. I'm going in early to unpack my boxes and the good part is I should be pretty busy.

I'm thinking about going back to his house on Saturday, I had originally thought I'd leave it for two weeks. I do know I'm not comfortable being there for a long stretches of time by myself. It's very very isolated and just feels so weird without Dad. Of course before he passed away I was intending to go out there for a week in July. I may still take that week off but not spend the entire week there. Weekend trips might be easier for me to handle. I need to rent a garbage bin but I suspect that won't happen anytime soon as they're needed for flood relief.

I did get him spot in the Bergen Cemetery which makes me feel better, his urn goes where he wanted and no matter what I do with the property I can always visit. The only thing that through me off a little is I have to dig myself as there is no caretaker and because it's an urn. I sent out a cry of help and a number of friends came forward so I'll coordinate with them. A part of me wanted to keep this very private but I can recognize when I need help. I've cried in front of enough people for the past two weeks maybe I'm over avoiding crying in front of people.

I went to Canada Post to get my Dad's mail forwarded to me. I practically go everywhere with a copy of the Funeral Director's Note and the will as so many people seem to need to see it. Apparently they used to do this service for free but now it cost me $84 to forward it for a year. That's another reason to go back this Saturday as it the forwarding goes into effect July 5th. This time I'll bring the correct size bed sheets so I don't need to sleep on the couch as I'd probably come back early Sunday.

I did go to weigh in on Saturday as well after I dropped the rental off at the airport. I was down 1.4 lb can't say that was because of the plan as I wasn't tracking and while I did eat it wasn't much. I think that was more to do with grieving. We have a new leader...again. I can't remember her name right now but she was a leader in Fredericton so we'll see.  I picked up a new 3 month tracker to get back at it.

I don't have a big desire to cook also because it's so hot so it's pretty simple meal planning. I didn't plan on packing lunch this week as I just wasn't in the head space to be that organized.

I need to get back on track for training too. Dumbo double dare is a mere 2 months away and I am going to Disneyland. I could really use the happiest place on earth

Hope you are all doing well.