Monday, December 04, 2006


Has anyone flown internationaly lately or Canada-USA or reverse?

I want to be clear on all this new hullabaloo that you have to go through. So I get the liquids under 100ml only in carry on and they must be in a resealable plastic bag no bigger than 1L. Should I put my prescription in the same bag (I'm only taking BC pills and my name and all the doctor info is on the package)? Since they'll probably want to know that.

I'm also thinking of putting all my electronics (MP3, camera, garmin, cell phone) in one bag in my carry on so it's easy to pull out and put in the tray. I want to make everything easily searchable so I can speed the process along. I'm taking my backpack as carry on and I can zip that thing open all the way along the front so I'll be their dream traveller. I was going to wear jeans on the plane, now I'm thinking track pants or yoga pants.

Do you lock your suitcase or not? Normally I lock but with all the searching going on maybe I should leave it unlocked and pray to the divinities of transport that no one takes anything. The last time I flew through the U.S I had to wait for my bag to screen because it was locked, it it wasn't locked you could just walk away. Now I think they just cut the lock off.

I'm trying to be as organized as humanly possible - 4 sleeps until I'm on a plane...eek! Yeah so I'm obsessing about it but that's my thing I need to be prepared. It's already freaking me out that I'm staying in a Condo that I had nothing to do with. I get to call a couple of days ahead and find out how to get in. I have no idea when my friend and her mom will be there. I'm definitely thinking of this as a solo trip with roommates.

So far I have 76 songs on the mp3 and I'm listening to it on my travels to and from work so I can weed out the not so get up and go songs and perfect my list. I'll be adding more so I only have to listen to the loop twice then I'll know I'm half way done.

I'm so happy I finally figured out the plug n'play problem. I downloaded all the info off my garmin too and it's pretty neat.

Didn't really go for a walk yesterday (got a paper) I was just zipping around the house doing chores. It's supposed to be pretty warm on Thursday and I'm taking the afternoon off so I'll think I'll do an easy 10k and test the hydration pack plus it will be daylight. Tonight I think step aerobics (it's walking ish).

Food wise the goal is 24pts today so far:
2 Eggo Fibre Waffles - 3
Becel Spray-0
Light Aunt J Syrop - 1
Source yogurt-1
Burger and Fries at Pub - 13

Which would take me down to nothing, so a workout is definitely in order tonight. I should eat pasta for dinner because one is supposed to carb load for a week ahead not just the day ahead. By carb load I don't mean gobs of pasta just pay attention to the ratios.


The Glitterati said...

Heya, as far as I know, pills are ok to go elsewhere in hand luggage. It's only liquids (or gels, pastes, mascara, etc) that needs to go in the baggie. If you have room and you want to be safe, it's no problem to put pills in the baggie, but I don't think they'll give you any trouble over that.

Good idea about the electronics, but again, if it's hugely inconvenient for you to have them all in one bag, I wouldn't worry too much. They mostly check only large electronics (laptops, some cameras, maybe the garmin if it's biggish), my Nano went through in my coat pocket with no problems. (I did have to put the coat through the scanner thing though)

The most annoying thing, I find, is the shoes. Things with big heels (so... boots) need to go through the scanner. Although I suppose you won't need any boots in Hawaii!

As for locking the checked bags, I don't usually (I know, I should), so I'm afraid I'm not much help there. Just be prepared for them to ask odd questions at customs... I think they do that to try to "catch" any fake stories. (Like, when I went to NY for my conference, they asked what the conference was about. I'm sure my answer of "Psycholinguistics. You know... real time sentence processing..." was very enlightening...) They might ask you how long your marathon is, or what beach it's on, or seemingly weird stuff like that.

The Glitterati said...

Oh music! Arctic Monkeys are very boppy fellas, if you're looking for something rock-ish. And "Peter Gunn" from Verve ReMixed 3 always makes me wanna get moving, along with Tom Jones' "Sex Bomb" and "Burning Down the House". Jet has a few good tunes, and so does the new Prozzak album ("Just Friends"; "When I think of you"; "How Beautiful"; "If You're Ready" [feat. Fefe Dobson])

Most of these should be pretty available for downloading, otherwise shoot me an email and I can try burn a CD & mail it out before you go. Hooray Tropical Island Trip!!

alea said...

Oh my God, I can't believe it's almost time for you to leave for Honolulu! So just in case I won't come by your blog until you leave...