Thursday, September 27, 2007

My Friday

Since I requested tomorrow off today feels like Friday for me. I'm trying to make sure I have everything wrapped up for my co-workers to cover for me.

I wrote a rough copy of the paper that's due on Friday so that I could walk away for a day and go back and edit. It's due by 10pm on Friday, what kind of due date is that?

I figured out I could make a weigh in on Saturday so I didn't go this morning. Staying on plan has been so hard this week and I think mainly due to a crazy schedule and the weird hot/cold weather we're having. I'm looking forward to a clearer schedule next week to truly focus on workouts. The dreaded word snow has been mentioned in forecasts but no two forecasts are the same so fingers are crossed that it doesn't happen.

For those who've been asking the PVR is going to cost me $344 but that's it I don't have to pay any subscription fee for it. I do have to pay for the cable. However, that's still cheaper than buying the PVR from any of the electronic stores. For the first month Shaw will give me all the channels on digital so I can try them out. I'm fairly certain I'll stay with the basic service but who knows what will happen. I'm seriously looking forward to seeing a clear ABC, since a local channel was launched it interrupts the picture and sound so you get a blend of the two channels.

Alright I shall most likely be MIA for the next few days as my Dad's in town, I hope everyone has a great Friday!

Wednesday, September 26, 2007

Hip Hoppin

OMG hip hop was so much fun last night and it went way better than last time. Our routine was to a tune called Icebox (Trackzilla remix), I'm so downloading it so I can retain some of the moves in my head. Everybody got the choreography this time, some smoother than others. I'm working on the smooth and stylin part but I remembered all the moves...yeah!!!!!

The cupcakes made it to work with no incident, they look good and hopefully get rave reviews at lunch time.

I watched Reaper last night and really liked it. I'm drawn to all the geeky shows this season. I thought the characters were likeable...even the Devil which is weird to say.

I watched Chuck yesterday and have read on a few blogs that they were so so about it. I really like it. I'll definitely check it out again. I really like the concept of nerd herd.

Bionic Woman starts tonight, I'm interested to see if there are any changes from the rough cut version I saw in Vegas.

Alright that's all for now, have a great day everybody!

Tuesday, September 25, 2007

I did it

So this morning I hopped onto shaw's website and ordered digital cable and a pvr. They're coming on Saturday between 1-3pm to install it...yikes I had no idea it would go that fast. They originally said Thursday but I'm busy. I guess all those commericials with the mimes are true, they value people.

I'm excited! How sad is that? Now I need to vacuum behind the tv.

The cupcakes look really good too. I made them last night. The cake part is dark chocolate with a wee bit of espresso flavour and the icing is mascarpone cheese, whip cream, starbucks coffee cream liquor and icing sugar. Now the trick is to get them to work in one piece tomorrow.

Hip hop is tonight and I'm so hoping I'm slightly more coordinated than last time. At least this time I know what to expect.
Alright not a ton to say today but I hope everyone had a great day!

Monday, September 24, 2007

Crazing morning and week 1 results

I was down .6 on Saturday which was nice after a few weeks of gains. This week is a little crazy scheduling wise I need to make cupcakes for Wednesday and my Dad is coming in on Thursday night. So tonight I need to bake the cupcakes, tomorrow I need to frost so I can lug them into work. I'm making a tiramasu cupcake, the tiramisu part comes into the frosting. I also need to clean my house at some point as that didn't happen this weekend. I'm not sure when I'll get to the gym this week but if that can't happen then workouts at home will happen. I do have the second class of hip hop on Tuesday. I'm going to weigh in Thurday bright and early as I don't think I can make my regular meeting. On top of all that I have a paper due on Friday that I'd really like to have done by Thursday. I haven't had such a busy week in a long time.

To top it off this morning I forgot to turn on my alarm, woke up at the time I normally leave for the bus stop. I got ready in 6 minutes. I have no moisturizer on my face, I'm surprised I put my clothes on the right way. So for the whole day I've felt a little out of sorts.

My vcr is going into overload trying to program all the new shows. I'm seriously considering flipping to digital and getting a dvr. Rumour has it Tivo is available in Canada but hard to find. Good old Shaw digital cable offers one so I might look in to that. The digital cable is only $2 bucks more than normal. The dvr costs $325, so that takes some thought.

Hope everyone had a great weekend!

Friday, September 21, 2007

Date with a treadmill

In a brilliant move I picked up a towel at the dollar store on my way to the gym as opposed to paying double at Walmart...yay me! I did forget one more vital piece of equipment on my trek back to the gym ipod shuffle. The picture is one of the new colours but mine is blue.
The treadmill was totally monotonous without my mp3 player. I looked at the readout, then the wall clock and back and worth until I could take no more. I lasted 30min at a quick walk. I want to start running on the treadmill but yesterday I wasn't feeling it. Tried a couple of the bikes and then just called it a day. The elliptical wasn't calling my name either.
I'm going back tonight and I've got the trusty Ipod with me.
Watched Survivor last night, it was alright. I couldn't get over the girl from New York who commented that being there was nothing like NY. Ah...duh...what where you expecting a deli around the corner. She couldn't handle how positive people were being...oy vey is all I can say. Aaron the surfer dude is nice eye candy but apart from that we'll see how long I watch this. I do like that it's in China, that's a nice change.
Finally getting together with H on the weekend, we haven't seen each other in months so it's a get together at Starbucks with textbooks.
I definitely need to put my patio set away this weekend, there was frost on the ground this morning and I might as well do it now rather than when there's snow.
This weekend I'm also going to make another recipe from ESBM or WW to add to the rotation of Smackeroni and Chili.
The other thing I realized after the gym yesterday is I need to plan my dinners carefully on gym nights or else by the time I get home I'm ravenous and far more likely to snack.
I hope everyone has a great Friday!

Thursday, September 20, 2007

Lulu is with me

I brought my brand spankin new gym bag with me today. The fabulous blue body/bright green accents lululemon bag, thanks to A for giving me that gift certificate because there would be no way on earth I'd shell out $74 bucks for a vinyl gym bag. The thing is when I went into that store I had a hard time justifiying buying a $55 tank top so the bag it was.

I've got my workout clothes, shoes, lock and after workout pants. I brought a water bottle but forgot a towel. Not sure if they provide so I'm debating on dropping into Walmart on the way to pick one up. I'm so looking forward to establishing a routine again.

Watched the full episode of gossip girl yesterday and actually liked it. I despised OC and it's from the same people so time will tell. Also got America's Next Top Model and like how they changed things up a little with the cruise. They definitely have some personalities this round so it should be interesting.

Not much else to report today, hope everyone is doing well.

Wednesday, September 19, 2007

Need to be fly

Attended my first hip hop class last night and I had no idea what I was doing. I swear I was the worst person there but you know what...I had fun. My theory is it was one heck of a 60min cardio workout and I can only get better from here. The challenge is the class is at 9:15pm so by the time I got home at 10:30pm and I was energized. Normally, on work night, I'm ready for bed by 10pm. So I watched the last few minutes of Biggest Loser (taped the rest) and attempted to go to sleep, nada I just lay there. I tried to just do savasana and focus on breathing and relaxing. At any rate I'm kind of tired today and am planning an early night. I'm going to go home do yoga and go to bed. I'll have to tape the season premiere of America's Next Top Model. In all seriousness I think I'll be asleep by 8pm.

I joined Carolyn's Christmas Challenge pledging to lose 10lbs in 14 weeks. Ideally I'd like to lose more but I'm learning my lesson in making reasonable goals. The 100 day challenge was a total disaster for me, I definitely need shorter goals so I'll break the 14 weeks in to 7 sets of 2.

On Thursday my plan is to go to the gym and to just do my own thing in terms of cardio. Friday there are no classes in the time I can get there so again I'll focus on cardio. I might attend a class after weigh in on Saturday.

My goal for next week is to check my books and design a weight routine to encorporate next week.

Apart from that not much to report. It looks like the new tv season truly start going next week. I then must decide what's worth taping because work outs will come first.

Have a fabulous day everbody!

Monday, September 17, 2007

Day by Day

Well I did see a gain at weigh in on Saturday, 2lbs which when I think about it isn't so bad. I definitely had renewed enthusiasm afterwards, however that didn't help me with my Saturday. I spent the day with a friend who's going through a divorces. She, her daughter and I went for lunch to just chill. Here was the conundrum I picked McDonald's because it was my treat but I wanted to keep my cost low due to coming back from Vegas. Sure I could have chosen healthier options but instead I got what my friend was having. The day kind of went downhill from there but I didn't wallow.

On Sunday I mapped out my day and got in a 5km brisk walk. Today was also mapped out and I'm totally OP so far.

I need to pick up some gym shoes on the way home so tonight's workout will be yoga. Tomorrow it's dance class...I'm so excited about this. Wednesday will be the gym but I'm not sure when. I don't get there in time for the 5:15 classes but there are other classes at 6:30. I just need to get a game plan together.

Apart from that kind of a crappy day at work however I did not console myself with food...that's a total victory.

So this evening as I yoga I will focus on the positivity in my life and remember that all challenges can be over come.


Friday, September 14, 2007

Getting back on track

This picture is me doing my pre-meltdown Brittany Spears impression at FAO Schwartz in Ceasar Forum Shops.

Don't you love how a cold can totally knock you sideways, the inability to breathe properly, the lack of interest in preparing food or the inability to exercise as walking up one flight of stairs makes you breathless. Of coure I say that with a massive amount of sarcasm in my voice.

I missed WI last week due to Vegas and I'm heading in tomorrow without having tracked one darn thing this week. I can't say I was bad but there was more juice than water that's for sure. I'm positive I'll see a gain but I'm o.k with that because there were circumstances around it.

I am looking forward to properly breathing again so I can use my brand new spankin' gym membership that I got the day before leaving for Vegas. I'm incredibly thankful for a new season of Biggest Loser. I find that show so inspiring.

Tonight when I get home I'm writing up my grocery list as I haven't been grocery shopping in 2 weeks, it was getting really interesting in terms of food options. My plan is to pick 3 recipes from Eat, Shrink and Be Merry, make them on Sunday, divide into individual portions, label and freeze so I have some options of lunches/dinners that will last awhile. I also want to have 3 breakfast options determined so I can have some flexibility there. I have the groceries for that but I think I need to post it on my fridge with the points values so I can see it at a glance. I have a habit of eating the same thing day in day out in terms of breakfast and lunch.

I was watching X-Weighted last night and for those who didn't know that episode was shot in Calgary. She lost just under 50lbs in 6 months (over winter) by simply watching what she ate and exercising. Paul the host/trainer told her that when eating to think about what that particular food does for her. It's not complicated is it? We all know that but somehow it's so easy to make it complicated. As I watched that show I realized there is absolutely no reason why I couldn't be at goal within the next 6 months. All I need to do is focus on calories in and calories out.

So Saturday morning before going to weigh in I'm going to take my measurements and start a new quest for goal. A brand new page in my tracker is ready as is my activity journal. The past is forgotton and the future is beckoning. Bring it on!

Wednesday, September 12, 2007

Back From Vegas Baby!

Actually got back yesterday but got smacked down by a cold on the trip and was misreable yesterday.

Over all Vegas was a hoot and I think I've rediscovered my love for that city and will be going back.

So here's what happened:

Friday: Woke up at 1:45am and just chose to get up since my ride was coming at 3:45am. Wound up watching this Dudley Moore movie about Moses. I think I may hunt this movie down as it was quite entertaining.

Got to the airport at 4am ish and all was good. US Airways technically left on time but we sat there for awhile. Got to Vegas and rented the mini van and we were off to Luxor. Stopped off at the Buffet because by then our eating patterns were totally off. After that it was off to the first outlet mall on the South side. It was alright but after that 4 of the 6 went to the Premium Outlet on the North side and realized we should have started there. I bought 4 pairs of shoes. Two from Nine West for $39.99 and the second pair half off and two from Skechers for $49.99 and the second pair half off. Attempted to look for clothes but wasn't successful. Then it was back to the hotel for some supper and then to change and go look around at night.

On the first day I was up for 25 hours and running on pure adrenaline I think.


More shopping starting with the strip and a visit to the Sephora in the Venetian...I love that store. Then a trip back to the Premium outlet mall for a more thorough look. This was the LAX club night so we got back to the hotel just before 8 and everyone went to go get ready. Saw Brodie Jenner in the gift shop with his friends pointing out all the girls they new on the porno mags....Classy I tell ya...not. A line up had already started at LAX so everyone was speeding around. Got to the line at 9ish and stood there for 2 hours with one rum and coke that cost $10US. Watched all the size 2 wearing practically nothing girls get in fairly quickly when the club opened at 10pm. Watched guys pay $200 a head to get in plus cover. By 11Pm the deal was you can get in if you bought 4 bottles so that would only set you back $1200. It was ridiculous, A and I and our new found friend David got in just around then but we just paid cover $10 for the girls and $20 for David. So you walk up a flight of stairs that take you to this upholstered statue thing and the upper level where the bars appeared to be. David bought us drinks because we got him in so that was $11 for a rum and coke. The dance floor was on the lower level and packed to the extent that there was no space between people and I could feel body parts of other people that I didn't want to feel. The cast of the Hills was there and I saw the top of Christina Aguilera's head for 2 seconds. I have to say I wasn't that impressed. There was a lot of red drapes and candles, the music was old. If there had been an emergency there's no way anyone would have gotten out of there without getting crushed. I don't understand what tall the fuss was about. So the good part of that was that I know think the clubs at home aren't so bad. Was there about an hour and a half and then couldn't take anymore. One of our group went back with other friends at 2am and apparently it was less packed and Paris Hilton was there...whoopee I'm still not impressed.

I almost forgot...we got to see a sneak peak of the new Bionic Woman series. They were doing audience testing and technically we weren't allowed to participate being Canadian so we pretended we were from California. I liked it and am so looking forward to seeing it when it hits the air to see if they made any changes from the rough cut we saw.


Was more exploring in general on the strip and then we saw O that night. O was fantastic, I so want to find out more of how that set works.


Was lunch at P.F Chang's and then off to the airport.

Gambling wise Vegas won but I didn't lose a lot.

Shopping wise was one Coach bag and the four pairs of shoes mentioned above. Plus some odd and ends at Sephora.

The picture is of me at the Premium Outlet Mall posing as an exhausted shopper soaking my tired feet in the fountain. I'll post more pictures but I'm waiting for some our party to post them on facebook so I can get access. I'll definitely take a picture of the shoes :)

Thursday, September 06, 2007

Vegas Tomorrow Baby!

I'm so running out of time, I made my pack list yesterday which speeds up the whole process but this morning it hit me of all the things I need to sort out before going. As I'm coming back in the evening on Monday and back to work on Tuesday I'm also sorting that out.

My plan is to weigh in at 6:30pm tonight but I'm wondering if that can happen. I'll do my best I just want get some sleep before getting up at 3am. The primary thing that must be completed is packing, I'd also like clean work clothes for next week so probably laundry. I always get like this before a trip, everything must be in German order.

A and I upgraded to first class for a wee bit of an extra fee, heck why not and it will be lovely.

There's a plan hatched to see Thunder from Downunder as well. I still don't think we have any chance of getting into any of these clubs especially with LAX being pitched as ultra exclusive, I don't really care. There's plenty of fun to be had without being surrounded by Paris Hilton lookalikes and not being able to hear oneself think.

I did join Spa Lady yesterday for 1 year. I asked for opinions on the WW board and it wasn't great for Spa Lady which I knew. The main issues are their trainers are questionable and they like to make you sign 3 year deals. However my purpose was to have access to gym equipment and a treadmill, I'm not looking for a personal trainer. There were no extra fees and no gimics and I'll pay special attention to the timing to quit or inquire about continuing when the year is up. I paid for the full year so for what averages at about $16.75 per month is still one heck of a deal as drop in rates for a day can be $10 at other gyms.

I also tried to sign up for the adult hip hop class at the dance studio but it was full, so I put my name on the waiting list and they said if there are enough people then a second class might be added so there's hope.

My co-worker got her lifetime today, I so want that key and it will happen.

I hope everyone has a great weekend and there will be Vegas stories for you next week.


Wednesday, September 05, 2007

Whirlwind of plans

I might be joining a gym tonight. More specifically Spa Lady, it's in my hood and they have a deal right now for one year at $199 and supposedly no hidden fees, no admin fees and no hassle...hmm we'll see. I was a member there before a long time ago at the beginning of this weightloss journey. I stopped going mainly because I had no motivation, I didn't see any significant changes and was disappointed with the whole experience.

Well, I know a heck of a lot more now than I knew then so I'm willing to try it for a year so I can access some weights and cardio especially through winter. I'm just going for a chat today and see.

I joined the biggest loser club on nbc last night and then quit today. I think I joined with the euphoria of a new season but today when I saw the meal plans and how restricting the site was I realized "you moron, you have all the tools to do this without joining a website". The tools that WW give you are awesome and I pull from other sources as well. Heck I own enough information to train myself and the tools to stick with it as well. So thank the lords for a free 10 day trial. Besides if I want to report to a website there are plenty that are free.

I know my brain was looking for a quick fix or relief of boredom, yet I shouldn't be bored as I haven't really been on track this summer. I think I'm stubborn, I know I need to focus but a part of me is rebelling knowing that fun time is over in a sense. I feel renewed by letting all that go and focusing on a healthier me and knowing that results are not instant but all the work and sweat that go in will reap rewards down the road.

I should seriously start packing for Vegas as I've been told my pick up time for Friday is a 3:45am.

Alas I shall report in tomorrow on my findings at spa lady.

Tuesday, September 04, 2007

Back at work

So it's the first day back after my lovely 10 day vacation. I probably talked to less than 5 people during that whole week and this morning in the meeting I was racing ahead of people in terms of going through information. I told them it was because I was practically a hermit for a week and I've forgotton my social skills :)

Food wise for the week wasn't terrible nor was it perfect. I've started writing times next to the food in my tracker again. Like when I had breakfast, the snack, lunch and so forth. It's interesting to see where I fall off track if it happens and also how long breakfast keeps me full sort of thing. I'm all about data really, which I suppose makes me a geek. Hey, I don't mind that at all.

Yesterday I went through all my shorts and dressy stuff for Vegas. 3 pairs of shorts still fit and actually fit better. I discovered I own a lot of tank tops but after my skin cancer scare two years ago I've embraced sleeves as shoulders can be zapped by the sun pretty bad. Of course I'll have my go to Ombrelle sunscreen. I had also thought of trying mystic tan before I went but now I'm embracing my paleness.

The dress I bought at Old Navy eons ago looks great. When I first tried it on it showed all the lumpy parts and now the only lump is in the belly area and pretty much disguised by the dress. In my attempt at accessorizing I bought a silvery/black scarf to wrap just under the bust of the dress to play off the empire waist. I'll definitely take pictures in Vegas so you all can see.

Work wise so far so good, eased right back in to the rigamarol. Oh yes, on Thursday they let me know they found a dead mouse under my desk....yes I know...ewwwwwww! Babies had been found earlier in the week all perished in other locations of the office. I don't think the mouse and I were co-habitants of my office when I was here the week before. They probably came in via the back door that was probably propped open to transport something. Office is clean and now fine now but boy was I happy not to be here for that.

So excited about Biggest Loser tonight, I need to get me a dvr. Big Brother and Biggest Loser on at the same time. I'm going to the pot luck tonight so if I'm home in time I'll watch Big Brother as I'm taping Biggest Loser. If I miss Big Brother I can always read the re-cap.

I'm kind of excited about the new tv season I'm looking forward to Chuck, Reaper, Bionic Woman for sure in terms of new shows. Happy to see Heroes back too.

School starts on the 17th too, so it will all be about time management and workouts are the priority. I have 16 weeks of coupons and I'm gung ho.

This week I weigh in on Thursday so I'm very focused.

I hope everyone had a fantastic weekend!

Saturday, September 01, 2007

Where does time go?

I can't believe it's already Saturday and I'm back to work on Tuesday and then off to Vegas on Friday. It just seems like other day when Vegas seemed weeks away. Craziness I tell you.

Well the window frames are painted, there's two spots that need a second coat but I'm hoping to get that done this weekend, I also need to paint the railing yet.

Eating was alright over the week, I was .6 down today which I'll take. I didn't do any formal exercise but climbing up and down ladders sure does something.

I need to weigh in on Thursday this week because I won't be here for my normal Saturday meeting. Typically I treat Saturday as well...treat day, but not today. I have 6 days until that weigh in and I'm focusing on being OP all the way through. I've also decided that Vegas will not be free for all food wise. Sure I'll have the occasional treat but I'm not going to go hog wild, it's just not worth it. I'll follow the rules of the buffet - half your plate veggies, 1/4 starch, 1/4 protein. I will not be a walking garbage disposal by inhaling the dessert table. Activity is pretty easy in Vegas as we'll be pretty much walking everywhere. Hey it's still 7 days until then so I'm also focusing on exercise while I'm still at home so that when I come back I can just swing back into my schedule and then it's game on for the rest of the year.

I was looking at weigh in book at the meeting today and it looks like I've been on one major plateau, I know I'm responsible for that plateau by half following the plan. The topic today was we have all the tools to be successful on this journey.

If you follow WW, how oftern do you go back and read the material. I know I do it very rarely, I'm going to be sitting down with those pamphlets this weekend. I forget that there are so many good recipes in there and success stories, not to mention the tools to get you to goal.

Over the course of trying to lose weight I've become a weight loss collector - I have loads of books and loads of dvds. I came to the conclusion that I don't need to join a gym this winter, I've got a ton of resources in my own house. When the weather is too bad to go inside I'll be heading to the basement to do a dvd.

I have enough weigh in coupons to get to December and gosh darn it there will be significant difference in the weight that's in my weigh in book today and by end of this year.

The waffling ceases and drive kicks in. I don't want to keep paying WW every week just to play around with the same 5lbs, there are frivolous things on my goal list I want, not to mention I want that damn key and star on my WW key chain. I don't want to blog about my wishy washy motivation to do this, I want to inspire like so many of you have inspired me. I want everyone to know they can do this.

No more excuses!