Wednesday, December 20, 2006

Ronald McDonald

Well that's what I thought I looked like this morning.
On a total whim last night I stopped in at this little salon in my local mall that's been there for 30 years. People are always going in and out so I thought I'll just see if they'll take a walk in for a cut because my hair has been driving me bonkers. Well I got the cut and highlights that the stylist described as a coppery red.'s red, to me- fire engine red. I didn't know what to think in the salon but everyone around was ooing and ahhing so I thought o.k I'll sleep on it. Well all of last night and this morning I had a continuous dialogue in my head of "I hate it". I thought everyone was looking at my head on my way to work. I get to work and everyone says "I love it", one collegue said it's sexy. Our receptionist who was at one time a stylist says it's awesome. To me it's way to bright. Everyone assured me that it will calm down, it's red afterall and that fades.

I did wash it the moment I got home because I thought it was way to0 bright so perhaps in a few days I'll feel better about it. I think another major hang up is that I'm seeing my Dad this weekend (provided my sniffles are gone by then - he's 84 I don't want to pass on a cold or anything) and he's a bit conservative. So as long as it looks good, I don't think I'll freak him out but I need to get over being freaked out first. I'm meeting TP tonight for coffee and she'll give me an honest opinion. I did call the salon and left a message for the stylist and when I told the person on the phone that I wasn't crazy about it and they said they'd have to charge me. I asked why since I was technically told they were copper highlights. She said then the stylist would have to absorb the cost. Oh well we'll see what she says when she calls me back tomorrow. Receptionist has now recommended an over the counter shade to tone it down if the stylist thing doesn't work out.

Weight wise I stepped on the scale this morning and it said 171 which is a bit miraculous since when I got home from Hawaii I stepped on the scale and it said 179. Just goes to show what an impact going back on plan can have. Of course today we have our Christmas potluck at work but I saved 16pts for that - well dinner needs to come out of that too and I have 12 flex points left for the week. I'm not planning on using all of those flex points today but if I use 16 on the potluck I'll need 2 flex for vegetable soup for supper.

I went up 1pt with the new plan to 23pts of course when I get back into the 160's that goes back to 22. I've abandoned the wendie plan for now and I'm going back to the traditional program and see how that goes. I like the new format of ww stuff but I think the 3mth journal needs to have more lines.

In Hawaii we picked up some WW goods that we didn't have in Canada at the time (not sure if new stuff has been launched). We got the individual serving drink crystals sweetened with splenda in Raspberry and Lemonade. I bought a few boxes of 2pt bars - Lemon Dream, milk chocalate chip, mint chocolate cookie. TP also bought the vanilla smoothie mix which we both agree isn't all that great - you're probably better off with making your own. Even the people in the meeting said you had to make it with milk and add fruit to make it palatable. I haven't tried the crystals or the bars yet but I'll report in when I do. Who knows Canada might have them.

DDD- I did tape BL but I'm not sure if I taped over it. I'll double check and get back to you.

Off to potluck might report back later.

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