Thursday, November 30, 2006

Day one not so good - Day two not so great either

Alas I failed to stay within in 22pts yesterday. As I said in my post script I think it has do to with a lack of protein and lack of time management.

I got a ride to the mall after work yesterday and it took longer than if I had taken the bus. My stomach started to grumble at 4pm, got to the mall just before 6. Went to Walmart and it was insane. 3 Cashiers open and an average of 8 carts in each line. I thought forget it and went to Safeway instead. Picked up what I needed for the cheesecake, plus hummous and pita so I could have a fast supper. Turkey bites were on sale which made me happy. Next bus came at just before 7pm so I stopped at Starbucks for a peppermint mocha, got it with skim but said yes to whip cream.

Turns out the 6:30 bus was running late, came at 6:45 and saved me from waiting for an extra 15min.

Got home ate the pita and hummous then made the cheescake and to stop me from eating batter I had the after eights. It's a White Chocoalate Peppermint cheesecake.

It could have been worse I suppose, but I am a bit disappointed in myself.

I'm shaking it off and focusing on a new day. l

The Food:
5:45 am
Oatmeal - 2
Brown Sugar- 1
10:00 am
Yogurt - 2
Perogies (weird perogies made with a samosa type dough) - 5(?)
Farmer's sausage -4(?)
Fried onion-2(?)
Sour Cream-3
Tomaote - 0
2 Turkey Bites- 2
Cheddar Cheese - 2
Red onion- 0
So far : 29/22

Apparently I'm seriously into carb loading. I couldn't resist...I love perogies. This week is going to H, E , Double hockey sticks in a hand basket. Right now I can have tomatoes for supper or do as I intend and do the workout and have 2pt soup for supper. That's if I guessed the points right, it could be higher.

I will not let this day fall apart

Water: 2/3L
Need to stay focused on this. On my way to fill my 1l water bottle up again.

Exercise: DVD-Biggest Loser

A.M Scale: 173 (EEK!)

I will do well today!!!!

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Sonya said...

Yes, don't lament what was yesterday - and soldier forward!!

You honestly didn't do too badly at all! Considering you had to make a White Chocolae Peppermint Cheescake - holy cow, that sounds good!