Monday, November 20, 2006

Get up and go, got up and went

A whole lot of people dragging themselves around today, it's like no one has any energy myself included.
I'm a bit sore from yesterday and realized this morning that this will be the week of snack a palooza if I'm not careful. Good start today grabbed a 1/2 rice cripsy bar and 1/2 puffed wheat square doo hickey and chocolate milk as my afternoon snack...that's not the good part. Good news is it's leek soup for supper so I'll still finish within points.

Should work out when I get home, not sure what to do. I find the walking in the dark alone in the evening kind of freaky, in the morning I don't have a problem.

It might be a dvd of some sort this evening then, cardio pumping Biggest Loser workout I'm thinking. Love those jumping jacks.

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crackmonkee said...

I'm dragging myself around right now, I actually don't want to leave my chair, ever! I think it's the change in weather, it got really cold and fast over the last 2 days here.