Monday, May 30, 2011

Day 11 - I am sore

Alright I definitely used some muscles yesterday. I was walking like I was 90 today.

The day itself went well. Slept terribly last night as I always do on Sunday.

However I did drum up enough energy to hit the treadmill after dinner. I did 3 rounds of 3:1 and then got bored so I switched to 9 more rounds of 2:1 and it felt great.

I will probably be more sore tomorrow but at least that means muscles are working.

I meant to bring my Reebok toning runners to work as my work indoor shoe but there was no room in my bag so perhaps next week.

Now watching Extreme Makeover Weight Loss edition. I'm liking the part about following them for a year.

Not sure if I can stay awake long enough for Bachelorette ( my guilty pleasure) but it's recording on the pvr at home.

Late meeting tomorrow so it might be a rest day.

Hope your Monday was fabulous.


Sunday, May 29, 2011

Day 9 - I did something new today

I cleaned my eavestroughs, I have never done this all on my own before. Usually it's Dad and I'm holding the ladder. I'm o.k with heights, heck I take a plane two days a week but I have to admit it was a little freaky being up there.
After all the rain Calgary has had and I as I watched it not run down the downspouts I realized it had to be done. I did think of hiring someone but thought with the chance of a bit more rain this week to just do it myself.

I spent an hour hauling an aluminum ladder around my house (my ladder folds into a compact size so you can make it different shape). This ladder is a bit of a production as you have to unlock the joints to make it completely straight and it's not exactly light. I then climbed this ladder multiple times to haul out jumbles of pine needles and pine cones that were creating little dams. After all that I then had to origami the thing back into it's compact shape to put it in the shed.

I didn't stop there I also prepped all my flower beds (which are massive) by scraping off more pine needles and pine cones off and then turning all of the dirt over.  A mosquito chased me for that whole production but aha Deep Woods Off you can't touch me.

The one thing I did not do today is mow my lawn. It can be jungle lawn until next weekend. Heck it's good for the grass. I was pooped and didn't want to go through the production of starting the lawn mower after winter storage. Hopefully it does not rain next Friday (current forecast says showers) so I can mow it then. If all else fails it will happen at some point next weekend.

Tentatively scheduled for next Saturday is the arrival of the geraniums thanks to Dad.

My gym today was yard work. Now I've got laundry in the dryer and the only thing left to do is dishes and I'm done.

I've had 3 day weekends now since November and I still manage to leave everything to Sunday. Mind you there was a bit of running around this weekend.

I don't know if I'll be weighing in on Friday this week or Saturday. If my Dad does come in I'd rather plant everything when he arrives so the plants can be in their new homes and not have to interrupt the process with weigh in. This would mean for the 3rd week in a row I'm not following my routine. Alas c'est la vie.

Still a tracking fool and activity for two days in a row. Tomorrow it's a date with a treadmill at the camp gym.

It will be an early night as I'm on a plane to work in the morning.

Hope you all had a wonderful Sunday and my American friends have a fabulous Memorial Day weekend.


Saturday, May 28, 2011

Day 8 - Week one done and down 2.2 - empowerement is contagious

Week one of my 12 week mission is now completed and I'm very happy with down 2.2lbs. I didn't find it to be an easy week as I was telling you yesterday however I did track every minute of it.
I will continue with that as the accountability that brings is huge.

I set my alarm last night, tested the volume and went to sleep. This morning I woke up at 8am. My alarm was set for 6am and never went off. Thank goodness there's a 2nd meeting on Saturday. If there hadn't been I would have had to race out the door to make it to my regular meeting and not follow any of my day of weigh in rituals. I'm big on the rituals as in same outfit and up at least 2 hours before weigh in sort of thing. Yes I am a geek.

When I weighed myself on my bathroom scale is saw 167.6, then I put my weigh in clothes on and I was 168.1. I honestly thought I'd hit the 167s today as the scale at weigh in is usually a little lower than mine. I got the middle scale at weigh in which I swear is my nemesis as it's also the scale that the judging one mans. Well today she gave me a sparkly red star sticker as she was very pleased with my loss. I was a wee disappointed when I saw 168.2 show up on that scale.

The last time I hit this mark was in April and that's .2 away from my lowest weight on Weight Watchers since I joined many many many moons ago. So in April I did exactly what I did the last time I hit this mark I bounced around going up and down. That ends now. Thankfully I didn't bounce back to close to my starting weight (that happened last time well within 8lbs of it).

I'm choosing to focus on the positive. I'm now in striking distance of that 165 sticky note I have on my computer and wrote on my arm in Sharpie last week. It's no longer on my arm but it might be going back.

Today's activity was my walk to and from weigh in. The way back has added weight of groceries in my backpack and two bags in hands. Tomorrow I want to head to the gym with the gymboss and maybe try 2:1 intervals. I do find I don't need 3 min to recover but we'll see.

Yesterday I watched the Oprah finale episode. I wouldn't call my self an uber fan but I think you have to live under a rock to never have seen an episode. There's been episodes I enjoy like when we were first introduced to Dr. Phil (liked him better then) and of course the "my favourite things" episodes.

I think this episode was the best one ever, she said some very inspiring things that made me think.

As I started to watch I was writing in my journal. I don't put everything on here as it's not meant for world wide publication or it's just thoughts that turn into blog posts. This is an excerpt of what I was writing yesterday:

"I need to treat myself with more respect. Eating crap is not treating myself with respect. Thinking negative thoughts about self is not treating myself with respect. Not believing I can achieve my goals is not treating myself with respect".

Then I watched the show and this is what I took from it:

I am responsible for the energy in myself and all life is energy
Make people responsible for the energy they bring into my space (so thinking of posting "Be responsible for the energy you bring into this space"on my office door).
I am responsible for my life
I am not alone (and neither are you)
Release the shame (for me this is about not feeling self worth, feeling like a shadow and trying to be invisible for large portion of my life and it's entirely weight related)
Stop not feeling enough, not pretty enough, not smart enough, not good enough, not strong enough
Don't block your blessings

Yesterday was more than an aha moment, it was like a switch and the light turned on.

I am so blessed and I'm aware and thankful for that for sure.

168 is just a number, it's not a wall, it's not an army, it's not an indestructible force. I am pretty, smart and strong.

Bring on Week 2.


Friday, May 27, 2011

Day 7/90 - The weather suits my mood

I got home yesterday evening to the pouring rain that Calgary has been experiencing all week. At site it has been in the plus 20s.
I was hungry but no mood to make an effort to make dinner so I had a bowl of cereal, then I had two turkey bites, and then 2 pieces of laughing cow, then an After 8 100 calorie bar and then two pieces of Velveeta you can see I more or less grazed through the evening. It could be hormone driven or more I don't have a plan for when I get home. I need a plan as I always get home tired on Thursdays.

When I go grocery shopping tomorrow I should pick up a few lean cuisines or smart ones to have on hand.

I still had weekly points to track the damage and I tracked it. I have 11 WP left. I stood on the scale this morning and it looks like I gained 2lbs since yesterday. Of course there could be a discripancy between my WW scale in my camp room and my WW scale in my home bathroom. Oh well weigh in tomorrow will tell. My 165 goal is not going to happen now I'm shooting for 167.

I'm still on plan, earned 24 AP this week and like I said have 11 WP left. Perhaps I'm not meant to use all my WP. I typically have good success if I use half.

Today I had the best intentions of going to the gym. I packed my gym bag and took it with me to the Aveda Academy to get my hair cut. I still got a wee soaked even though I had an umbrella. I even had a new gym bag.

It's the Hot Yoga Bag from Lululemon. I despise Hot Yoga but I liked the bag as it's a bit smaller and I like the shoulder strap. It fits what I need perfectly and it's light.

I also bought
The Define jacket in wren/denim, I can't find a decent picture and blogger seems to be having picture editing issues.

I always wear the same Roots yoga jacket at site so I thought I'd introduce something new that shows off my waist plus I think they're starting to think I have no other clothes.

I wasn't expecting my hair cut to take an hour and 45 minutes, it was a trim. Alas I did get a student being overseen by my regular stylist who's an educator so I guess I should be happy the student took their time. It only cost me $18.  I was hungry when I was done and I was suppposed to meet my friend for coffee but that was probably an hour earlier than that. That didn't happen and I didn't want to eat downtown plus I was feeling crampy so I just came home.

I'm not feeling like the after work drink today so I'm just staying home in my lounge pants and will clear off my pvr a bit.

I did watch the Biggest Loser finale when I got home last night. Olivia and Hannah look incredible. I'm so impressed with Deni, she has 8 kids and in her 50s. It just goes to show it's never too late to make a change.

To my dearest Enz, I tried to comment on you blog today but blogger was being evil. I too had a mess up on my weigh in card at WW. I didn't realize they also kept track of you outside of your tracker but they had been tracking my weight plus someone else's so it was a mess. They realized the mistake and flagged me down at a weigh in so we could straighten out. I often have math issues with the weigh in people so I always double check it afterwards. The gymboss is super user friendly no different than setting a digital watch. The 165 I wrote on my arm was covered by a jacket or long sleeve athletic shirt.

I hope you all have a great Friday, and tomorrow I bring tales from the scale.


Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Day 5/90 - Attack of the hormones

I suppose it's a good thing that I start my new challenge knowing full well I'd head straight into a challenging week.

The dreaded TOM and all it's snack fueled craziness. Well not so crazy. I still have 27 weekly points left with two days to go and I've earned 24 activity points so far this week and it's only Wednesday.

The week is not lost by any sense of the imagination.

No workout on Tuesday as I was tired, but I only have one Tuesday left that I need to go to a late meeting so soon that won't be an issue.

Tonight I hit the treadmill with gymboss again and did 12 repeats of 3min fast walk with 1 min jog/run. By the time I get to the 12th repeat I'm tired.

Had a momentary heart attachk today when I thought my fleece blanket was missing from my camp room. I reported it to housing as there was no sign of it. I got back from they gym and pulled my bedsheets down. Ta da there it was between the top comforter and the flat sheet - no wonder I didn't see it. So I called off the search and now think I have an awfully sweet room attendant.

As I'm flying home tomorrow I must be super good on the food front as I won't get home till 7:30 - 7:45pm. On Friday I'm finally getting my hair cut but I'm going to pack a gym bag and bring it with me so I can hit the gym afterwards.

The dedication is still there and I'm early on in the 90 days.

I tried to watch the seaon finale of Biggest Loser but got super sleepy half way through so I'll most likely watch it tomorrow.

I'm not impressed with the choice of Anna Kournikova as the new trainer as I don't even think she's a certified trainer. She was a so so tennis player and probably more famous for who she dated. What I don't get is why not use a former contestant who is now a trainer. There's quite a few who've gone on to do that.

I'll give Biggest Loser 12 a try but I'm really hoping they haven't messed it up.

Also waiting on my PVR is the last episode of Oprah.

The weather should be relatively crappy this weekend with no end to rain so a good time to clean off the pvr when not at the gym.

Hope you had a great few days.


Monday, May 23, 2011

Day 3/90 - Keeping focused and a new toy

I did choose to go to work today but boy was it hard to get up especially as it was all rainy outside and I knew all my coworkers would be sleeping at that time.

It turns out more people came to site today then I realized so the day went well. I didn't get all the organizing I wanted to do done but there's still a whole week ahead.

At one point I was using a sharpie for something and then I decided to write a weigh goal on my arm a la Jay on Biggest Loser. Yup, that's my goal for Saturday which is ambitious as that would be a 5 pound loss. I do think part of my gain this week was thanks to TOM so it's possible. Last week was very snackapalooza. I would really like to jump past 168 which seems to be an issue for me.

I also tried the gymboss today. I started with it on vibrate but felt nothing so I switched to the beeping option. It's kind of neat that you can choose your number of beeps. I went with two.

Thanks to my having to start over and reprogram the thing while I was on the treadmill I wound up doing a 67min workout, for 12 of those minutes I jogged. I chose a 3:1 and could probably have done a 2:1 but I'm getting back into it so I want to do it right. Note to self, maybe check out all the bells and whistles before I'm on the treadmill.

I'm on my HP computer in my camp room so I can't for the life of me figure out how to rotate the gymboss picture.

Tomorrow is the meeting till 7pm so I think I'll do pilates in my camp room and return to cardio on Wednesday.

Hope you had a wonderful Holiday Monday!


Sunday, May 22, 2011

Day 2/90 - I'm going to hurt tomorrow

I finally accomplished my mission of raking my front lawn and fertilizing it. It took 2 hours in total. Next up is the back lawn which is way bigger. I'm seriously debating on hiring someone for that task as it's monsterous to think about.

However as I was raking I realized I was doing strength training. Every time I put the rake in front of me was a lunge and when I pulled back a row and then repeat. When I cleaned up the dead grass it was squats. I was exhausted and very sweaty. I tracked it on my WW app as hoeing so that earned me 9 APs. It shows all the forms activity comes in.

I then played sprinkler olympics. I use a soaker hose style sprinkler as I find it more effectively waters as opposed to just throwing it in the air. However I also have many trees on my front lawn so to move the sprinkler is a bit of an adventure and a lot of running back and forth.

I tracked everything for day two and I used up 5 weekly points today as I was hungry today and what I planned didn't cut it. It's probably my gardening workout. I took my measurements but haven't done the photo yet I should do it today though.

It started to rain when I was going to move the sprinkler into the last spot so I turned it off and put it away. I'm hoping mother nature will take care of the rest of it. The forecast does say more rain tonight and then pretty much till Thursday.  So when I get home it will starting up the lawnmower after being stored all winter.

I'm feeling very positive about this week and am already thinking of the week ahead and more importantly potential pit falls like my meeting on Tuesday that goes till 7pm. The good thing about site is there is always pre cut veggies every morning so I can grab some of those as a snack when I need it.  This morning the scale said 169 so we're heading into the right direction.

I am a daily weigher and have no issues with that and I have an app on my phone to track it that counts down to my goal weight and shows me pounds to go.

I had for a moment thought I could catch Biggest Loser Finale on Tuesday and then realized I can't see the eastern coverage of the Biggest Loser finale due to my meeting and I'll either have to watch the MST version from 9-11pm, which will make me pretty tired all day Wednesday or suck it up and watch it when I get home. As I'm addicted to twitter I'll run into a spoiler at any rate. That's o.k. My favourite part is looking at the before and after.

I am going to work tomorrow as I can just bank tomorrow's Victoria Day and use it at another time. I suspect it will be pretty quiet so it's a good day to get sorted and clean out my inbox. I will definitely be using the gymboss tomorrow so I'll let you know what I think.

I'm just finishing off laundry and then it will be chill out time as I'll have a very early wake up alarm tomorrow.

I hope your Sunday was great.


Saturday, May 21, 2011

Day 1/ it begins

Considering the world was apparently going to end today I guess it's optimistic to say "so it begins".

I bought 12 weeks of weigh in coupons today. Well I now have 13 as I just chose to pay the membership fee as it would cheaper than surrendering two coupons.

I slept in a bit this morning as I wanted to put as much time between dinner last night and weigh in as possible so I went to the 2nd meeting of the day to weigh in. I was up 2lbs. Which I was totally expecting. I didn't stay for the meeting as I don't get the same vibe from that meeting as the one earlier.

Dinner was the Irish Potato Boxty at the James Joyce Pub on 8th ave. Totally yummy and not point friendly at all. It was a potato pancake filled with beef and vegetable stew in a Guinness gravy. I had to have a Guinness with it of course. Before that I met my friend M  and R after work and we went to a place called Sociale. It's trendy but expensive. We had a couple of martinis and shared a cheese plate and meat plate. At $15 each they were disappointing. I don't know why we go there other than it's convenient.

I knew that I would face the consequences of that at weigh in. It doesn't matter today is my starting point. My focus was to start over today. Today is perfectly on track at 29 points exactly. The workout today was walking to and from weigh in which was 35min. I did a small gardening stint of going after all the dandelions on my front lawn. I dug those babies out.

My focus is on especially as it hit me while buying coupons I'm spending $15 a week on WW. Don't get me wrong it's worth the money but not if I treat it like my favourite charity and not work the program. I'm half debating writing weight goals on my arm in marker a la Jay on Biggest Loser. I need to keep my eye on the prize and my little Friday night coworker meet ups can still happen I just need to be more disciplined.

Tomorrow I'm going to take a picture of myself in my underwear and take measurements to track my progress. I had thought a bikini but I don't own any bikinis - not yet anyway. Well the underwear is bikini-ish I guess. I'm not so sure about posting that at this point anyway perhaps when I have progress to show. I'm not quite so brave as Bitch Cakes.

Also on the list for tomorrow is raking the front lawn before the rain starts.

When I got home on Thursday the gymboss was in my mail. Well two of them as I ordered two. I wanted one for home and one for site. I have yet to try it out but hope to tomorrow or at site on Monday. They're a lot smaller than I expected as the only place I've seen them is on other people's blogs. That's a good thing as I wondered how they would attach to your self. Not so different then a pedometer. I'm so excited to not to have to stare at my watch or the treadmill timer for intervals though.

I got a rather odd new inspiration today from a Victoria Secret commercial. It was bombshell summer.

Hope you had a great Saturday.


Friday, May 20, 2011

Back to day 1 - moving on

I once again go out for dinner the night before weigh in, definitely not ideal but it's not going to stop me from going. If this becomes a pattern perhaps I need to switch my weigh in day.
Tomorrow I need to start a new weigh in book as my old one is full, I'm going to buy a new 3 month journal and I'm kind of happy it's aligned like that as it's a new start once again. I don't care if I see a gain tomorrow as I'll chip away at it.

I don't begrudge my restarts and it's a moment to refocus. I've been seeing a lot of 90 day programs like P90X and there are a few others. Heck half the exercise infomercials talk about changes in 90 days. The WW 3 month journal is technically 90 days.

I can keep it together for 90 days it can be done.

When I had my doctor's appointment I told him that I tend to freak out at 168lbs as I've always been the chubby girl and that's so apart of my identitiy. I don't know who the skinny me is.

He said "Get over it"

How true.

I watched BL again today and I noted some things that were said that struck a chord with me:

I'm living in the background of my life
This weight is a chain around my neck
If you want it, dream it - you can get it
Finish strong
You can do anything you put your mind to
Push forward
The outside is the product of what happens on the inside
Carebear to Athlete
Finish the goal, finish what you start
Get over it
Being numb is not the way to live
You are a force
I am not nothing

The majority of these came from Olivia, Hannah and Bob and all of them true.

The other thing I noticed was the song that was playing during the golf challenge it's One Republic's Moving On. I downloaded it immediately and have listened to it about 5 times today. "There ain't no other step than one foot right in front of the other".

I don't want to focus on the woulda, coulda, shoulda or think of my failures- I'm setting my sights on the future and getting back on track and committing for the next 90 days and that's one day at a time.

I must make my health a priority...period.

Hope you had a good Friday.


Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Actually went to the gym today

Alright so this week I've been acting like I'm on vacation from WW.

I realize this needs to stop so I hit the gym tonight. I actually ventured into the co-ed gym for a change of scenery. This gym has windows. The smaller girl's gym next door has none.

I have 2 Gymboss(s) on the way to my house. One for home and one for work. As it would take time to get to me I also downloaded the app for now.

The app isn't great as it's way too easy to hit pause and it messes you up. I'm so looking forward to the real version.

I decided to resurrect my jog/ walk routine and omg it was hard. It's a little scary how fast you lose fitness if you don't keep it up. I was trying to figure out why I was so tired. Then I realized that window was hitting me with incredible heat. It's super warn up here and it's been an adjustment as it wasn't so long ago it was winter.

I lasted for half an hour. That's alright it's a start.

The other great thing about my new bigger room is there's more space for a yoga mat.

I watched a bit of Biggest Loser last night and heard some pretty inspiring comments so I'll watching it again with a note pad handy when I get home.

Hope your Wednesday was great.


Monday, May 16, 2011

Trying to get back into it

What is it about experiencing a blip that makes it difficult to just get back in track?

I have great intentions but then derail myself a little. My plan now just focus one day at a time.

Got a huge surprise today when I got the email I could move into a management room at camp. That means my own bathroom. See ya sniffles ( the person I shared a bathroom with in my last room)

I managed to move all my stuff in 3 trips and it was a workout as the new room is 6 dorms down from my other room. The new room is also closer to the gym and the kitchen. Shazaam!!

Plus someone near by hooked up a wireless router as I can pick up their signal. I even get more bars in this room on my phone then I did in the old room.

Alright that's all I got. Oh watched the season finale of Castle....OMG.


Saturday, May 14, 2011

Why do I never learn?

Hello my friends,
Yesterday I headed down to the lab to get my blood work done for my physical and my appointment was at 1:20pm. My name was called closer to 1pm and I was out of there and done before my actual appointment time. Sweet.

Before I left I got a text from my friend/co-worker M asking if I wanted to meet them for drinks after work. Of course Friday is my day off but I feel it's important to socialize with these people as I do work at a remote site. I'm conscious of being out of sight and out of mind so it's good to maintain relationships with co-workers I don't spend a whole lot of time with especially because as a whole we're a smaller team.

What I should have realized when I saw that the group grew by a few numbers as some co-workers from different departments came along that this would be a late night. I find the times it's a bigger group there's more interaction and time flies.

I got home at 3am. Duh, and nursed a hang over for most of today.

Of course when I went to bed last night this morning I didn't set my alarm. Yes, even in my poor state I had every intention of going to weigh in today. I woke up at 11am so that means I missed weigh in...crap.

I can't help thinking today of my university days when I could go out late and still have my wits about me in class the next day. I'm officially old I think.

I know it's completely self inflicted. What I should have done is meet them and have a drink and then take myself my home - especially the day before weigh in.  The one blessing is that I did have all day to pretty much relax and luckily still have Sunday before I need to get on a plane.  I know for a fact I'm not the only one suffering a bit today.

I'm tracking today though as Day one of my new streak begins today.  I have been very intrigued by the Ipad2 lately and realized that would be a pretty good reward for a weight goal.

Hope you enjoyed your Saturday!

Friday, May 13, 2011

Day 15 - Made it to Day 10

Alas I tracked up till day 10 and then fell off the tracking wagon.

On Tuesday I had to got a late meeting that I wasn't really expecting. I had asked the day before if my attendance was required but go the answer just after lunch on Tuesday. I was pretty tired by the time I got to dinner so my choices not so great and I forgot to track it.

Wednesday was crazy as I was accompanying a VIP in a series of meetings and then there was a fire drill and then I had to go do a benefits orientation. Thanks to the VIP being there so were a whack of pastry trays. I was snacking my way throught those.

Thursday I had the doctor's appointment at home. It went well. I was 171 according to their scale and while my doctor asked about exercise I didn't get any lectures. I did tell him this weight loss thing is probably my only major goal not completed. He did suggest seeing a dietician to see if maybe I have a low metabolic rate. I'm not sure about that. When I follow the plan I lose when I half heartedly follow the plan I see less results. I get home and proceed to graze through the evening.

It's ricidulous. I know better. I'm finishing off this week with weigh in on Saturday and then it's back to Day 1. The important thing is brushing yourself off and getting back up.

I will do this.

Sunday, May 08, 2011

Day 9 - tracking stil going

Hello my friends,
Yesterday at weigh in I was down 2.2 (not 2.4 which I declared on twitter - got my math wrong), and there were some higher point days last week but I think the accountability of tracking stopped me from going off the rails.

After grocery shopping and going for another walk on top of my walk to wi and back I got a text from K asking if I had dinner plans. We headed out in celebration of her finishing a test. Tried two places that were full and finally landed at Moxies.

We both had plans for an early night and over dinner she was telling me how her realtor wanted to introduce her to one of his friends. Well a few minutes later her phone goes off and it's the realtor. Now we were going to joined by him and the friend.

She did say she was glad I was there as a buffer for this introduction. Well early night turned into getting home at 2:30am and all we did was sit, chat and laugh. It was quite amusing watching the friend try to score points with K. Well now she's off to Europe for 3 weeks so to be continued.

Watching all that did get me thinking again of trying online dating again. I'm not ready right now but perhaps in the summer. We'll see.

I have no idea how to track last night so I'm assuming I've used up all my weekly points.

I have my yearly physical on Thursday so the movitation is there to see a good number on his scale.

I'm still thinking about doing a little game with myself by assigning points to things to keep me even better on track.

Now I'm thinking 5pts for tracking, water, exercise and rest (i.e. decent amount of sleep). So maximum earned in a day is 20. I still haven't thought it out completely so this is all random at this moment. I'm not sure about deducting points for missing something more like just I don't earn them. Now what I'm sorting out is how many points are good for a reward. Should it be 140 (a week) or 500 (25 days if all points are earned). Right now I'm leaning towards that.

I'm back on a plane tomorrow. I hope you all had a great weekend.


Friday, May 06, 2011

Day 7 - Game play?

Hello my friends,
The week flew by as I can't believe I haven't blogged since Tuesday.

Let's see on Wednesday my activity was helping map out a 5K walk/ run route for a fun run/walk we're coordinating at site. It was so nice to be outside. This is normally quite difficult on a functional site as there are areas one shouldn't be walking. You're not supposed to be out there alone due to wildlife around. I was walking with two others and it was great. They told of potential plans to actually have some sort of trail for people to exercise outside..awesome.

Food is still a challenge this week, however I have tracked every single day and that's the good, bad and ugly.

Today I zipped downtown and the mall's renos are really coming together. I managed to just leave with what I planned and met my friend P for coffee. There's a new H&M in there that's actually organized. I can't stand the suburban ones as they always look chaotic.

I'm not interested in clothes shopping just yet.

One of my site co-workers has lost a significant amount of weight recently by focusing on healthy and working with a trainer. I was chatting with her boss (one of Wednesday day night walking buddies) and she was telling she thinks this person was inspired by a recent wedding to make some changes.

That got me thinking about my current rut. I think I've lost my inspiration. I haven't lost my dedication but I think you have an added oomph if you're inspired.

While in the mall today I noticed there was a new Sookie Stackhouse novel so when I came home I downloaded in on my Kobo. While on there I scanned the health/fitness e-books and I saw one called the Game On diet. I didn't download it but just read the premise on their website and it's about making the getting healthy thing a game. In other words earn points for good behaviour and lose points for bad behaviour. The premise involves teams.

I've said on here before I suck at challenges and I'm far better on my own but there's no reason I can't make a game for myself. I can be fairly competitive. I need to give this more thought but it might be a good way to be accountable and maybe something to do for the rest of May.

I'll keep you posted on where I go with that.

Weigh in tomorrow and I'm hoping there isn't a down pour as thunder storms are forecasted.

Hope you had a fabulous Friday!!!


Tuesday, May 03, 2011

Day 4 - long day

Day 4 done and it was long. Wound up doing a 14 hour ish day today. By the time I got back to camp I was hungry and tired.

Dipped more into flex points then usual as I was super snacky today. Not sure what brought that on but still tracked everything.

No gym tonight but I will tomorrow that's for sure.

Hope you had a great Tuesday.


Monday, May 02, 2011

Day 3 -Still Going

Today is tracked and the journal is ready for tomorrow.

Typically it's day 3 that things fall apart lately so ta da I'm through day 3 now on to day 4.

I actually slept last night and only woke up once. That hasn't happened in awhile. The alarm still came awfully early. My attempt at napping on the plane was unsuccessful.

I decided to workout first and then eat dinner when I got back to camp. I had dinner planned out based on our camp kitchen's online menu.

My plan was a taco and salad. I tried spinach with salsa as my salad. Not to successful it's weird combo. I wound eating the tomatoes I put on top of the salad with the salsa.

The workout was 35 minutes of brisk walking with 6 min of jogging mixed in.

For the first time I attempted yoga in my camp room. It's a wee tight but I made it work. Normally I do two episodes of Namaste yoga, well the two warm ups, the two main parts and the one savasana. Tonight I did one episode I was knackered.

Happy I did the advance vote as I'm sure the polls were busy today.

Hope your Monday was awesome.


Sunday, May 01, 2011

Day 2 - still on track

Is it sad to say still on track on day 2?
Oh well I'm still pleased that I've tracked everything for two days, had two cardio workouts in the two days and did yoga on both days.

Thanks to the wonderful Enz who suggested an iphone app to help with tracking that sort of stuff. I just have one questions which "Do it" is it? I searched for it and a few came up.

Strangely I've tracked food on the iphone app and my journal. It's just been automatic habit. I guess it's because I prefer to use my phone as a calculator as opposed to the calculator they sold at the meetings. As a result my phone has a lot of points information.

I went for a just under an hour walk today and I couldn't believe the number of people mowing lawns. I still have some snow in my backyard.

Other than laundry the only other thing I count as an accomplishment today was I used those new Sally Hansen nail strips on my toes.

There not exactly designed for toes more for fingernails but I think I did alright.

I'm not the type of girl to put this pattern on my fingernails but on toes no problem whatsoever.

So it will be an early night as I fly out tomorrow. Though I'm debating on staying up till I feel tired as opposed to trying to force myself to sleep. The forcing usually means tossing and turning.

I do have most of Monday pre tracked as I know what's for breakfast and lunch. So I'm on my way to day 3.

Hope you all had a fabulous Sunday.