Sunday, November 30, 2008

Fallen off the wagon

I haven't been to a WW meeting in 3 weeks, and I'm not ashamed of this I'm just stating facts.
My current Saturday habit is to sleep in, with my current work schedule I'm absolutely exhausted on Fridays and the last thing in the world I want to do is get up to go to weigh in. 

I stepped on my home scale this morning and weighed 186.8 so not back where I started in the biggest loser challenge but certainly up. I'm not giving up on the challenge. I going forward not back.

My eating behaviour over the past 3 weeks has not been fantastic. For 2 weeks in a row I bought lunch and a latte every single work day. Not to mention tracking hasn't happened at all. I'm very much aware that these type of behaviours do not lead to weight loss. 

Question is what do I do now....well the simple answer is get back on the wagon. I am however debating going to a meeting anytime soon. I've been on WW for years and while had some success I've never even come close to goal. This is not WW's fault but more my stubbornness. This week I will still follow the ww program and we'll see about a meeting towards the end of the week. I'd  have to probably rejoin anyway after missing so many weeks. 

Now that I've got my new schedule relatively sorted I can once again return to the gym. I've had to juggle days around as I now work one day a week super far from my normal work place. The one day used to be a gym day but it takes a long time to get home from this location so I've moved that day.

I've realized joining a 2nd gym is not an option unless I really try to use the first gym.

So here's to picking yourself up and dusting yourself up.

Friday, November 21, 2008

Time Flies

I can't believe I haven't posted for practically a week. Time flies and having limited internet access at work has certainly curbed my blogging habit. Probably for the best :)

So with my first week done at my new job I'm itching to do some real work. I've read most policies and procedures, still don't have a computer and had to go find things to do today. I'm off to Fort Mac on Monday and Tuesday to meet the rest of my team and at that point work will be transitioned to me. Apparently my recruitment team will be looking to staff over 1600 positions. I'm going to be busy and I can't weight.

On the WW front it's been a total disaster this week. I've purchased some sort of latte every single morning and ate out for lunch every single day. My choices not particularly good as I found the food court with all my favourites. Didn't go to the gym once as I've been adjusting to my new work hours. Up at 5am was killing me from Mon - Wed. This morning wasn't so bad.

My new company gives a nice chunk of cash towards a gym membership and I'm seriously debating on being a member of two gyms. Craziness I know. I can't use it on my current membership and I'm locked into that one for 2 years. The second gym is one block away from work and as winter approaches a gym that has inside access where I don't even need to leave the building is mighty appealing.  It's pretty hard to get off the bus in freezing weather knowing you'll just have to get on another one to go home.I'm going to tag along with one of my coworkers to check this other gym out. The other bonus is I can get the money for this year ans still get money for 2009.  No decisions are made at this point.

In class yesterday out instructor said we have up to two weeks after the class has finished to hand in our papers. Music to my ears. Though my mission this weekend is to get up to speed on all the materials as I'll be missing next class due to a christmas part and leaving half way through the following one for another christmas party. What can I say, I'm new to the company I need to participate.

I know weigh in will be brutal this week. Now that I know my new environment I'm good to go for next week. 

Alright that's all for now, I must catch up on all your blogs.


Monday, November 17, 2008

Is is too soon to love my new job?

First day was fantastic, mind you it was just orientation but everyone was super nice. The person giving the training told me I sit one aisle over from her and she's a hoot. I met a couple of people in my new department and everyone is super nice and funny. The lady next to me in training works on the same floor but different department and she said they're super fun. Yippee, I will so fit in :)

Tomorrow I get to see where my spot is and probably meet a whole bunch of other people. They like to ease you in and training apparently takes 3 months. Wow, what a world of difference from my last job where you are usually tossed in and the mentality is sink or swim.

On the weight-loss front, I totally slept in on Saturday and missed both meetings. Then I forgot to weigh myself as I was off to buy groceries before the store got to busy. Note to self make sure alarm is on for Saturday mornings. I'm counting Saturday as a stay the same as I really have no idea.

I've now read all off the Twilight series books. Not so crazy about the second one "New Moon" but really enjoyed "Eclipse" and "Breaking Dawn".  Now I'm reading my Employee Benefit textbook, so not the same and not nearly as entertaining.

Alright I'm off to figure out what to have for supper, I'll be posting at the end of the day for now on as my new company has much stricter rules regarding internet. 


Friday, November 14, 2008


I think I'm in the process of rebooting myself. For a long time I've felt a bit like a hamster on an ever turning wheel and now I feel like I've been let out of my cage. It started with the new job which is the best work opportunity I've ever had  and add to that my successful update of wardrobe. I kind feel like I've got a different kind of motivation now, I don't know how to explain it but it's sorta neat.

Since I've been off work, I haven't tracked a thing. I'm just eating when I'm hungry and I'm showing losses on the scale. By no means is my current food intake necessarily healthy. Fresh fruit and vegetables have not been that evident. Water consumption is also nowhere near where it should be. I haven't been to the gym since my last day of work. I've been doing a lot of walking around instead. It's like I needed a vacation from everything just a minute to breathe. 

I'm ready to get back into it now, tracking will start tomorrow. Since Saturday is my weigh in day it seems like a good start. That doesn't mean I"m going crazy today either. I'll go to the gym this weekend. I need to establish a new pattern with my new work location. I'll plan my workout schedule as I get sorted so for next week I'll get the lay of the land. I know that my new position will be split between two buildings, what I don't know is if I'll have a permanent home in both buildings or be more of a traveller. In my start package the company mentions 6 lifestyle initiatives that they offer so I'll check those out too.

I'm making ice cream today, it's a frozen yogurt/ice cream. I was at Linen's and Things this week and picked up a Cuisinart Ice Cream maker on sale. I've wanted to make my own sorbets as there never seems to be that much of a selection. The bonus of making it yourself is that you control what goes in it.

I couldn't find the next book in the Twilight series yesterday, all they has was the first book.

I'm meeting friends for dinner tonight so I'll swing by a bookstore on the way.

Have a great day everybody!!

Thursday, November 13, 2008

Darn it, now I have to read the next one

I finished Twilight last night and now I really want to read the rest of the series. I checked out some reviews on Amazon and there's a lot of like it and hate it comments but I think it comes down to expectations. Right now mine are open.

I'm going to head down to the university a little earlier today to see if I can pick up the next book at their bookstore. I did look at the library as an option but the hold lists are huge and I want to read it now as next week I'll be totally involved in learning my new job.

I like it when I can escape into a book, I think it fires your imagination.

Alright not a whole lot to comment on today but I hope everyone is having a fantastic day.


Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Thank You

Thank you to all of you who stopped by and for your comments.
I'm quite excited about my new job adventure and will happily keep you all in the loop.

Today I took advantage of Cleo's 20% off of everything to update my wardrobe. I was in there like a tasmanian devil. I think at one point 4 people were putting things into the dressing room.
I started at Chinook Centre where I stopped in at Sephora. Tried some stuff on at The Bay but nothing clicked and the Cleo's in Chinook was a bit too casual. So I hopped downtown and hit the jackpot. I think I know have some options for a more corporate look for meetings and a business casual but still dressed well look for every other day. Got an email from Aldo's about their sale and free shipping. I hate buying shoes, it's the waiting for them to bring you sizes that I don't like. I always feel bad if they have to go back and get something else.

I also picked up the book Twilight today as I now need to know what all the fuss is about. I've got it half read already. 

I got my new employee package in the mail today along with the staffing agency designation that I had written the test for before I left. They sent a diploma and a pin. I got 77% and needed 70% to pass. So hoping this is a predictor for the NKE results that should be arriving shortly. I'll look at the new employee package on the weekend as there is a lot to go through.

Tomorrow I'm seeking accessories at the local mall. Since accessories are usually seasonal, I go cheap for those. 


Monday, November 10, 2008

They called.....

And offered me the job....whoohoooo!!!!!!!!!

I start next Monday and the offer is awesome, I'm super excited and scared all at once. A good kind of scared, of course.

I haven't peeled myself off the ceiling yet. I'm so happy!!!!!!

Waiting for the phone to ring = nerve racking

Every time the phone rings I jump up hoping to see a number starting with 780, alas not yet. I am confident that I'll hear one way or another from the company today.

Had a fantastic dinner last night with some former co-workers from my old work. It was so nice to see them, many had left before I did so it was great to catch up. We went to the Olive Garden and all ate too much so today I'm being very careful.

I'm playing low key today and kind of creating a long weekend as tomorrow is Remembrance Day.

Since I've had a fair bit of time on my hands lately, I updated my I-Touch (did have an issue but fixed it first try) and downloaded Safari browser. I'm impressed it is faster than IE 7.

I've read all 3 books I took out from the Library and highly recommend "I was told there would be cake" by Sloane Crossley. If you want to laugh out loud, read this book. Each chapter is an individual essay writing about life and it's perceptions. She has a really witty, slightly sarcastic sense of humour. I'm not kidding I was laughing out loud while reading it and drew curious glances from people walking by.

I got a pin code from the Government of Canada for my EI application, I'm so hoping I can cancel it today and don't have to fill out reports at what I'm doing to find employment. They won't give me anything until all the severance and vacation pay run out anyway. Luckily I'm still getting calls from companies who find my resume online so at least that's something.

Alright I will keep you all posted and thanks for all the positive wishes, much appreciated.


Saturday, November 08, 2008

My Amazing Race day

I had one crazy day yesterday and now my brain won't stop turning.

Here is what went down...

2:45am - Got up - had 2 Activias and a cup of coffee because eating that early didn't appeal to me. Silent thanks to whoever invented the programmable, thermal auto shut off coffee maker.

3:17am- Ready, dressed and makeup on

3:45am - Cab showed up, I had booked for 4am and they were early. Had to be at Aerocentre by 5am.

4:20am- Got to Aerocenter, way faster than I thought I would, it didn't open until 5am so thankfully it wasn't too cold so I read my book on a bench outside.

5:00am - Building opens....nice place...all cushy chairs and very exec looking

5:38am- Start boarding their company jet. For a brief moment I thought I was Angelina Jolie.

6:00am- The original scheduled departure time but we were already in the air, there were only about 7 people on the plane. They gave you banana bread or a danish - I chose banana bread, at a third of it. I was offered a whole can of orange juice..that never happens on commercial.

7:00am- Arrive in Fort McMurray

7:10am - After a quick drip to the washrooms, I now wait for the shuttle that will take me to their office

7:40am - Still no shuttle and it's supposed to be at the airport at 7:30 to get their office by 8:15

So I left a message for the interviewer saying I'm grabbing a cab. There was bumper to bumper traffic heading towards the airport so I'm guessing shuttle was stuck. I have no idea when I got to their office and I just hopped out and went in to the building. Brand new builing, but no water that day so good thing I used the washroom in the airport.

I was interviewed by the team leader and one of their recruiters. I thought it went great. They loved my sense of humour, there was never an awkward moment. Much smiling and nodding on their part. Then the recruiter left to go do a phone screen and the team leader started telling me about their package: Pension - Yay!, Bonuses based on company and individual performance - Yay!, Flex days - Yay!. Then I was told that they just needed to talk to Calgary and I should know either that day or Monday.
Sorry everybody, I failed to mention anything about the actual job when I first posted this. The job is awesome, it would be the corporate recruiting position that I wanted so badly, it would be part of the Fort Mac team but be based in Calgary, supporting mulitple teams. I am told it would be busy, which I am unbelievably excited about. For the past 1.5 years I've felt like I've been spinning my wheels. This position would give me a turbo boost. Plus the company is fantastic (during the first round I had taken one of my business cards, crossed out the previous company and wrote the name of this company and then taped it to my wall), the team leader is fantastic and if the team is like the recruiter I met. I'm going to love them and I really think they'll like me.
Essentially the same responsibilities as the one I interviewed for over the summer. I adore this team lead, super nice and they spoke a lot about team work and supporting each other. The company has a stellar reputation and means it when they say they believe in their people.

Then the team lead drove to a coffee shop (felt responsible for me and felt bad if I just hung out in the nice is that), bought my hot chocolate (offered to buy me lunch but I wasn't hungry) and I hung out there until I had to leave for the airport.

1145am- Now at the air port, flight home leaves at 1:40 on Air Canada.

1:05pm - Went to the gate and there were a lot of people, full flight for sure. I was in the very last row next to a guy who sounded like he had the flu. He was great about it, coughed into his jacket. For the first little while it sounded like the plane was being proppeled by lawn mowers. That calmed down once we got higher. Landed in Calgary 58min later.

It's a beautiful thing travelling with no luggage.

Hopped into a cab home and got a call from my Calgary recruiter. He asked me how everything was and I told him fantastic and that I was told that they would checking in with Calgary and I'll either know today or Monday.

He then says.........they've checked in with Calgary and there's just some stuff he has to do on his end and I should be hearing from the Team Lead either today (Friday) or Monday. All I could think to say was...O.K as my mind raced...what does that mean....

Stuff he has to do....offer letter or letter stating don't ever think you will ever work for this company.

It's funny as a recruiter I have many times consoled, calmed down, encouraged applicants as they tried to figure out the signals they've been given but now shoe is on the other foot. So after I hung up with him I called a recruiter I used to work with and said "What does this mean....". She said looks good, which is what I was thinking but I don't want to get my hopes up. I was so disappointed last time when it didn't work out.

They obviously liked me to make all this happen so fast. Plus to contact me about the job. I've now met both team leads and their boss. Well I didn't hear anything yesterday but I would have been suprised if they had all their ducks sorted that fast. So now it will be thought filled weekend and a nervous Monday.

If I did get the job I probably wouldn't start until the beginning of December, which is cool with me.

Now home and starving as I've barely eaten anything all day, I ordered pizza and was in bed by 7pm, woke up at 11pm, watched a little Lipstick Jungle and went back to bed. Woke up at 7:15am.

Went to WI, up 0.2 - definitely a reflection of my crazy day.

I think I need to fill my weekend with distractions, yoga and naps. Maybe I should go see a movie.

I'll keep you posted and thanks so much for all your positive wishes, it means a great deal to me.


Thursday, November 06, 2008

Interesting developments...

So remember that company I interviewed with in the Summer? Two interviews and they offered me a position in Fort Mac - which I had to decline.

Well they called me yesterday to say they have a position in Calgary that supports the team in Fort Mac. They're flying me out there tomorrow with an interview with the hiring manager who is based in Fort Mac. Craziness. They offered to rent me a car but I haven't driven in two years (and not very often even then) and don't want to kill anyone so they're arranging a cab. They were worried about me hanging out in the airport for 4hrs waiting for the return flight. I said no worries I'll bring a book (and my nintendo ds). The interview is at 8:45am, so I'm guessing it's going to be a very early morning tomorrow. I should be back in Calgary by 2pm.

The interview I had booked for tomorrow cancelled so the timing could not be better.

The interview went well today, I think they liked me. I liked them. They did say there'd be a 2nd round of interviews and they'd let me know.

With the one tomorrow I'm not sure how this will work. They've already interviewed me twice and checked my references so is this the final interview??

Either opportunity would be freaking amazing.

I've dropped 3lbs while being at home, it's the no snacking thing.

Fast post because I'm exhausted. Have class tonight so I should review what we're doing.

I'll bring my itouch maybe there's free wireless at the Fort Mac airport.

Tuesday, November 04, 2008

Not bad for a few days work

On the job front I know have 3 interviews this week. One with a search firm that found my resume online for tomorrow, one with a job I applied for on Sunday and they called me Monday to book an interview for Thursday, and the phone interview people from a few weeks back on Friday. So 3 interviews in 3 days and I got an email from a company in Toronto looking for a recruiter in Calgary, they don't appear to be an agency but I'll find out more tomorrow.

I went to EI today only to be told it's best to apply online. So I came home and did that. The process asked me nothing about severance and when I checked off that I was dismissed - it got interesting. It then asked a series of yes and no questions like "Did you talk to your employer about keeping your job". I clicked no, and then it asked why. So I said because I agree with them, I would make a lousy outside sales person. So we'll have to see what they say. I'd get nothing for the next 10 weeks anyway and the mission is to be employed by then.

Yoga was fantastic tonight, I loved the flow of poses and really enjoyed it. So far my plan to focus on yoga, meditation and general boosting of the self esteem has not been easy to schedule thanks to all the phone calls.

My lovely lands end jacket has evil pockets. As I told you before I lost my bus pass, today my cell phone fell out. Luckily someone gave it to the driver so when I called it to see where it was he answered. We coordinated to meet at a bus stop and I have it back safe and sound. From here on out when I wear that jacket the only thing going in the pockets is kleenex.

I was starting to feel a wee bit insecure about how everything seems to be going well and when I left the house it was snowing. A kind of magical sparkling snow and immediately a smile came to my face. Take each day, hour, minute and second as it comes. I've seen it a thousand times with candidates I've interviewed that launch into their perfect job right way, so why not me?

Plus I'm having lunch with some former co-workers on Thursday and dinner with people who left the company awhile back on Sunday. All of whom believe in me and for that I am eternally grateful.

Dead curious to see who won the American election tonight, so I'm off to turn on CNN. It looks like if Canadians could decide it would be Obama (by a huge margin).

Weight wise is doing well, mainly because I've been eating weird. I need to get some fruits and veggies into me. The past few days have been toast, grilled cheese and cereal.


Monday, November 03, 2008

Feeling positive

Before 10:30am I had 3 phone calls all job related.

One from an agency I registerd with back in 2003, calling me about a recruitment position with one of their clients that I had already submitted my resume for. They asked me to send my updated resume so they could update my file and let me know of other opportunities. She felt that I'd find something soon, I hope she's right.

Next call was from Toronto looking for a business development person/recruiter for them in Calgary. I was quite honest and told him I was a terrible outside sales person and have a really hard time with cold calling. We then chatted for a few minutes about what the job market is like in Toronto and that he too was not fond of cold calling.

Next a call from the company that phone interviewed me a last week, they want to see me for a face to face interview.

I called back and left a message for the recuiter who found my resume online about the HR Advisor position.

This afternoon I'll head down to EI and start a file just in case.

I have the date of Nov. 30 firmly in mind of being gainfully employed again.

Thank you, thank you, thank you to everyone for thier positive wishes. Keep them coming :)


Sunday, November 02, 2008

Getting sorted

I know that while I'm job hunting I have to keep some sort of schedule, to keep busy, to keep positive and to keep focused.

Tomorrow I'll head down the federal government building and get the process started for EI, though I'm focused on being employed before I'd be allowed to collect it's far better to be sorted now than scrambling later.

Today I applied for two new jobs and thought about applying for EI online but I think I'll talk to a person since I've never had to do this before.

Tomorrow I will focus on a wider internet search for potential new opportunities and call the agency who found my resume online (the HR Advisor position).

I want to practice my computer testing skills before I register with any more agencies. I'm fairly confident in these skills but a little brush up doesn't hurt.

I think the first thing I'll do is hit the gym and get the endorphins flowing and the mind engaged and then I'll tackle all that.

I'll keep you posted on the progress.


Saturday, November 01, 2008

Never, ever, ever, ever give up and down 1.2

A big thanks to Louisrun for her comment.

It's funny having a blog, you know your posting on the world wide web but you forget how many people actually read what you write. Not just read but stop in like old friends. I have the counter at the bottom of the blog and I have a vague idea of how often it's read. I just want to say thanks for stopping by. You don't have to comment if you don't want to but just thanks for making me a part of your day.

Louiserun is absolutely right, I haven't been happy in my previous job for a long time. It was a weird thing I liked what I did (recruitment) just not the environment. She's absolutely right that fate/ destiny can come along and give you the push you need. The primary thing that irritates me about what happened is that it was on their terms and not mine; and explaining why you want to leave a job is whole different kettle of fish than explaining why they got rid of you. I'm confidant and am the queen of how to handle any situation in an interview.

Plus I think I already said that at least now I'm free to go on interviews and not have to create excuses of why I had to leave the office. I also really hope that fate/destiny helps me get a super stellar job before the end of November.

I am looking forward to some flexibiliy in my schedule of the new few weeks of being able to go to the gym when I want to, do more yoga and focus on some positivity.

This event will not derail the weight loss if anything it fuels it even more. I love the rush you get when you're challenging yourself in exercise and you feel like you can conquer the world. At WW today I was down 1.2 - holla.

I know I can conquer the world. I know I'm highly employable and I know I'm smart (not better than anyone else kind of way more I can assess a situation and deal with it appropriately).

I know the next company to put me on their employee list is getting a superstar.

Never, ever, ever, ever, ever give up on yourself. You are your own greatest inspiration, trust me - I'm smart remember :)

Oh and my adorable father bought my groceries for me today, even though he didn't have to.

Hugs and talk to ya later.