Wednesday, November 22, 2006


Very random thoughts today...prepare yourselves :)

Fish shopping went well, my co-worker now has 3 new members of a family for the fish bowl. Some small orange fish, another fish that I think has tiger in it's name and a snail. The snail cleans the algae and apparently can escape from the bowl...don't know how I feel about that part. The tiger fish continues to hide under pebbles, the occasional swish of a tail makes it appear he's still with us.

Dropped by the gym today to pick up an access card so I can make an appearance on Saturday. I haven't been there in months due to marathon training and being outside for the most part. Well the -20 windchill forecasted for today encouraged me to re-familiarize myself with their location. Also got a letter in the mail saying if I sign up for another two years it's $49/mth which makes that one heck of a deal for the downtown core. They're not a fancy gym, no pool...but they have the basics and it's a more corporate environment so no hard body gung ho type people. I'm supposed to do 16k on Sunday but with an estimated daily high of -22 (that's without wind chill) it's not happening outside. So I thought I'd hit the treadmill on Saturday at the gym and continue my training days there until or if the weather gets better. That means loading up some serious tunes on the MP3 because that's a long time on the treadmill. Put the tv on the food network and go!

Saw a bit of clip from the music awards last night. It was of Britney Spears, so she's at the podium and smacking gum...that totally bugged me. You're on camera being seen by millions upon millions of people and you're chewing gum...oy vey.

Gilmour Girls was alright, I have a feeling it will just be alright until the series ends.

Looking forward to ANTM and Biggest Loser tonight.

The scale showed a pound less today...bizarre since exercise continues to be a struggle and eating was alright. We shall see. I'm hoping to burn off energy going to weigh in on Saturday dressed like the abominable snowman :)

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