Wednesday, November 01, 2006

It's a Wednesday

Which I originally thought was Thursday and was disapointed for a bit.

Halloween night was alright, only got about 30 kids and nothing after 8pm (it was a school night after all). Brought all of my left over candy to work and literally stuffed this fish bowl type thing that we normally have filled with candy. There are now 3 packages of nibs left, the rest of it has been inhaled by my work mates.

I have layed out the workout clothes at home and put the dvd on the dvd player so when I get home there are no excuses...whatsoever.

Didn't eat the lunch I brought today instead opted for a taco salad. It was staff meeting day, everyone buys lunch on staff meeting day, however this evening I will have a low point supper.

Woke up with a wicked headache at about 3am, there's a chinook coming for sure. The extreme temperature changes can throw many people for a loop. The weird part is I only get headaches when it goes from cold to warm, not warm to cold.

Wowser wicked bus adventures yesterday, must go now but it's a good story.

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