Saturday, November 11, 2006

Evil comment invasion

Here I was thinking wow 8 comments on my blog, then I discovered no it was a stupid ad that repeated multiple times. Oh yeah, well now there's word verification...take that you evil ad spammers.

On to other news, so blew the points today. Went to Peter's Drive Inn for lunch and it was good. I'll be back to good tomorrow. I'll get a good walk in as I need to go to the library anyway. I do hope it warms up a bit. Today there was a bitter wind chill.

I picked up a load of veggies today so I'm looking forward to creating something with them. Also went to the German deli and picked up a bit of chocolate that I'll save for Christmas, in addition found a light jam made of sour cherries so that was a step in the right direction. I find north american reduced sugar jams to have no flavour. This one is excellent.

Not much to talk about today.
Tomorrow is day 1 of a new week!

OMG, my tracker is now into days until Hawaii...eek!


duenneschen said...

i cant believe you'll be in hawaii in 20 days!!!

thats so exciting!!!

are things better with the training buddy?

keep up the great marathon training, it'll be over so soon!

Sonya said...

Sour cherry jam...yum! That sounds really good.

Yes, 27 days until you rock!!!!:-) You've been working so incredibly hard, it's going to be wonderful.

I meant to ask - are you doing any travelling while you're there, or are you planning to return right after the Marathon?