Sunday, November 08, 2015

I'm a terrible blogger but things are looking up

Hello my friends,
It looks like I've been dropping in once a month ish for awhile. Admittedly I lost my mojo and being unemployed didn't help.

The hardest apart from no pay cheque was the lack of routine for me.

However, I am employed again - yahoo!

It's a one year contract to cover a maternity leave but in the current market it works for me plus it included benefits so shazam.

I have gotten in to the habit of sleeping in and staying up later. I also got hooked on Scandal watched up to the current show on Netflix. There's parts of that show that bug me i.e. endless mooning looks but it's the equivalent of nighttime soap.

I've been going to Barre classes. There's a studio near my house so I got the one month intro pass and so far have gone to 3 classes one more tomorrow as well.

On Tuesday this week I weigh in at Weight Watchers as I'll miss Saturday. Last week I was down 1.4 which is a nice change. My tracking has been so so.

Wednesday I'm off of the Infinity Gauntlet Challenge. Last year I did the first Avengers Half but it wasn't a race I loved. It could have been the 80km winds but I didn't really think I'd do it again but then they added the challenge and I can't resist a new challenge or a new race.

I'm very much looking forward to seeing my RunDisney buddies.

I start the new job on the 23rd so I'll still have a week off when I get back.

Not sure I'll keep the Barre workouts after the month is up as it's pricey. It's gaining popularity in Canada. I do have BodyPump classes at Goodlife Fitness, The measurement will tell. I took my measurements the day before I joined Barre and will take them again at the end of the month.

It's definitely a workout. To an outside eye looking in it doesn't look like your doing much but it works your whole buddy and makes the muscles shake. I feel like the uncoordinated one in the class but even after a few classes I felt improvement today so promising.

I might download some workouts on my ipad so I can continue while in California.

Alright so I will be back more often as I need to be more accountable and I'm hell bent on getting to goal. My Weight Watchers leader thinks I'd make a good leader so we shall see.

I hope all is going well with all of you. Stay tuned for race recaps.