Monday, October 02, 2006

Back to 160!

Shocker of shockers on Saturday, I was down 1.4. Plus my friend (training partner) was back at goal. The weightloss gods were smiling down on us.

On Saturday went to a BBQ at my boss's house and I had a burger that was budgeted into my points and it was a pretty good day. On Sunday I also stuck to OP rather well with the exception of water. Made two Splenda Chocolate Mousse pies for a colleagues birthday today. I think this will technically be the healthiest birthday cake we've had. There is whip cream however sweetened with splenda. I got them here relatively unscathed but a bit sloshed around thanks to the bus.
Marathon training wise I was a bit negligent. Didn't do my long distance on Sunday (9.7km) , the weather was blechy and I had so much to do. However, on Saturday I walked home from the grocery store (12 blocks) with 8 bags of groceries. Two bags in each hand and the rest (all the heavy stuff) in my back pack. My shoulders are now sore. I do consider that to be some sort of workout.

I do have my workout layers packed for tonight, the weather is still blechy but it's so much easier to embrace when you know that you're friend is embracing it too. This Sunday my training buddy is off to Kelowna's half marathon...kudos to her. That also means that I have to do 22km by myself on Sunday...must load the mp3 with more upbeat tunes.

Made a WW recipe for lunch this week. Beef and Noodle Au Gratin, it's supposed to be 5pts and 4 servings but I used a bit more ground beef so I upped it to 6pts which is still probably generous. I did use no yolk noodles so I'm hoping that helps. I'll bring this for 4 days and then buy one day.

Apart from that not much to report about this weekend. Today is the work test for the new contacts. Wore them all day Saturday and it was all good with the exception that they're a bit harder to get out of course I was wearing them for 14 hours. Their thinner than my other ones so it's taking a little getting used to.

Have a great day everybody!


Anne said...

Congrats on the loss :)

Anne said...

Congrats on the loss :)

alea said...

Congrats on the loss! What a nice shocker... :) Well done! And well deserved too judging by all the exercise you're getting in. I'm very impressed.

The recipe sounds quite nice, but do you really eat the same lunch for 4 days in a row?

Cowgirl Warrior said...

Yeah, but it will be 2 days then buy lunch then 2 days again. If it contains pasta I can do it because I can also add different seasoning to change it up.

duenneschen said...


awesome!! you rock!

i was wondering though, since youve started your marathon training, are you eating more?

man, when i was running 4 times a week, i was hungry ALL the time!

Cowgirl Warrior said...

I definitley pay attention to my APs earned so on especially hard or long distance days I do eat more but I make sure to not go over on days with lower activity.

Sonya said...

Way to go on the loss, Cowgirl!! Proud of you!