Sunday, March 15, 2015


Well Hello my friends,

This past week has been super busy and stressed, primarily due to work and I'm trying to be focused on things I can control.

Rumours of lay offs have been going around and I know this is the reality of our universe today. Of course it scares me but again trying to focus on what I can control as opposed to worrying about what I can't control. A bit of challenge as I can pick up on the nervousness of everyone around me.

Though I did have some serious stress eating but this time I tracked it. I tracked every gruesome detail. I talked about it in my WW meeting yesterday and my WW peeps were impressed I tracked it and they all said they've been there but it's not often we track it. I admit that myself as when I fall of the wagon I tend not to track.

Yup in the hole for 252 points. Though a decent amount of Activity Points and the result on the scale this week was up .2. The detail the disastrous days are in my 3 month tracker. I did actually bring workout clothes to work 4 days in a row. Those Activity Points are pretty much walking to and from the C-Train station.

Plus on Friday I came home with a sore throat and sneezing so I've been laying low to try to shake whatever is making me sneeze.

The work stress does have me rethinking my future race schedule. Some RunDisney rumours is that Avengers will have a challenge this year but I've decided even if that becomes fact I'm skipping it this year. I'm already committed to the Pixie Dust Challenge and Dumbo Double Dare. Now I'm questioning Dopey 2016. Part of me just wants to take a leap of faith and register for it as this is the race all of the other races have been building up to. We shall see how the next few weeks go.

Soon I'm off to bargaining and I'm super excited about that experience as I'll be sitting at the table this time instead of being the subject matter expert in the caucus room.

What else what have been up to?

 I finally installed the Storm Trooper....Love It
 Found this in The Bay and it's quite yummy

 Fooling around on my phone I found out I could add WW as a widget.
 The Calgary Expo costume is coming together. Yoda arrived and so did the red wig.
 I changed my vision to if Mara Jade had trained with Yoda on Dagobah, what I still need to figure out is shoes.
 The saga of the Plum Charge HR which I ordered in the beginning of January. I got an email from FitBit now giving me 20% off as it's taken forever to get this thing. I might have it sometime in April, yup been waiting for months.
Next week I vow to bring my lunch and snacks to work for at least 4 days. I will be back to report on the success of that plan.

I do hope everyone is doing well.

Take care of yourself!

Sunday, March 01, 2015

Glass Slipper Challenge 2015

I left for the Glass Slipper Challenge the day before the expo. It was a red eye flight to Toronto and then switch planes to Orlando. I didn't sleep too well on the plane which was sort of awful. 
 I decided to pace the terminal to get steps in as it would be two flights and a whole lof sitting. I managed to get the above before I got on the plane to Orlando.

 I really wanted a Timmies Double Double while in Toronto but I was denied as I was on the wrong side of the glass, well they did have a Starbucks on my side.

 I finally arrived in Orlando and I was so tired when I checked in, so I had a long nap.
 Love the Disney touches, and the little ducks were from the All Star Sports cafeteria, I said they were cute to the cashier and she gave them to me.

 Yes my dinner was a sundae as I woke up at 7pm.
 The morning of the Expo arrived and Orlando was cold with windchill that actually made it colder than home.

 Cinderella touches everywhere with the upcoming movie.
 Expo craziness!!!!

 I got back to my room and found these notes from Mousekeeping, how cool is that.
 I then headed to my favourite park - Magic Kingdom. Scored an oh so popular mug and my obligatory picture of the castle.

 Had to check out the medals for the next race in Disneyland - The Pixie Dust Challenge. When I first saw a picture of the challenge medal I thought it was kind of ugly but seeing it in person and how massive it is made change my mind a bit.
 While the 10K and Half medal are super similar to the last two years there's something different about the metal. Depending how you hold it to the light Tink's wings are gold or silver.

 Thursday was a good day in steps and that Josten's centre has a lot of steps.
 Spotted the Canadian flag at the expo.
 While I did bring back my usual RunDisney merchandise haul wanted to showcase a few other things. Thought this necklace from Endure with the 19.3 and the slipper so cute and not super obvious.
 And I built my own light lights up and makes noises. I so needed help from the cast member as there are so many parts.
 Found these bracelets at Fit2Run, they speak to me.
 5K morning arrived and steam was coming off the pool, it was cold and I could see my breath.

 Quite a fun start area for the 5K

 What do you do when you're freezing at the start, well you dance to the RunDisney DJ line dances.

The 5K was through Epcot and the moment we entered the park we could here "Let It Go" in a whack of foreign languages. I heard Japanese, Swedish, I think Hungarian and few other languages.

 I seem to collect the seasonal Mickey's and this one came home.
Saturday was 10K day and this time I had my fleece throwaway jacket.
 More steam of the pool and could still see my breath. I kept thinking of all this wind resistant stuff I had at home that didn't pack.

 My only disappointment is there was nothing in the start area that said 10K. Except the start and finish line.

 Watched some super impressive synchronized parking when the VIP vans arrived. Not sure who the VIPs were but later I realized one of them was Miss America.
 Just past the start line into the course Anna and Elsa were snowing on us from the bridge. Shortly after this point I ditched the jacket which meant my phone was in my race belt so no more race photos.
 I took my fleece off just before mile 2 and I never warmed up. I was never so happy to see a mylar blanket at the end.

 For the Sunday Half Marathon I paid for the race retreat. I don't usually eat before a half but I need to rethink that for Tink.
 The pre race buffet
The race started off cool but boy did it heat up. A slower half for me as I petered out towards the end but goal was accomplished.
 Got back to my room for some legs up the wall and read the pick up time for the Magic Express to the airport the next day. Ackkk that's 4 days in a row of getting up on or before 2am.

 Post Half I went to Animal Kingdom and Hollywood Studios, Hollywood Studios had the glass carriage and the Starbucks mug. While I've seen photos of the Starbucks Animal Kingdom mug it's not available until their Starbucks is finished being built.
 Of course I had the Glass Slipper cupcake post Half.

 I did start collecting a little Alex and Ani this trip.
 Fly home day with Princess I did it Shirt and all the bling. It was the start of the 15hr trip home.
 Finally reunited with Timmies when I landed in Toronto.
 When I landed in Calgary all I wanted was veggies so a Kale Abunga from Jugo Juice on the way home.
 Not bad for a week with a 5K, 10K and Half
 Wore one of the bracelets to work, love it so comfortable.
 My Stormtrooper hitch cover arrived when I got home, just need a hitch pin with a lock and it goes on the Escape.

I did take the week off on my return. Even though it was only 4 days back to work it was back to craziness. I sort of tracked while I was away. I wrote stuff down but didn't add it up. With a new month here, a new tracker and a break until the next race in May my focus is back to weight loss. At weigh in I was up .6, not awful but from now in it goes down. 

I'm focused and prepared bring on the week.