Saturday, October 31, 2009

Happy Halloween!

I do love halloween, especially the wee little kids who are new to the whole thing. They're so in awe of the bowl of candy and the mom/dad trying to get them to say "trick or treat" totally priceless. I really enjoyed all the dressed up dogs that were along for the ride. There was one dressed like a fairy.

Best costume of the night is a tie between one girl dressed like rubik's cube and another dressed like a spider (down to the multiple google eyes on the hat). Both looked home made so top prize for sure.

Went grocery shopping this morning and only bought what could go in the freezer or what would be consumed this weekend as I'll be leaving at 4:30am on Monday and not back until Tuesday dinner. This will be my schedule until mid December and will resume again the beginning of January. I need to train myself to now grocery shop on Wednesdays. I picked up an extra bag of candy as I had no clue how many kids would be coming (a Saturday plus nice weather). It's now close to 9pm and no sign of a kid for the last 20min. So far I've had 28 trick and treaters. I'm surprised I'd thought there would be more.

I succombed to the candy bowl and have had 23pts worth this evening, thank goodness for flexpoints. This was a conscious act and I put every wrapper smack on the coffee table so I could track it. I tracked every damn point into my WW online tracker as it's all about being accountable. Now it goes into a grocery bag and it will come to work with me to feed all the boys. I tracked everything today so now I just repeat. I will use all my flex points this week as in the past that usually leads to better results for me.

I also read the weekly info on WW online, it's their version of the meeting. Doesn't matter how many times you hear it, it's good to hear it again. I wandered over to the section featuring weight watcher products and that saddens me a bit. The cakes, muffins, cookies are heavily processed. A friend had the muffin at work and I tried a bit. It was blechy. I've done the focusing on low point processed foods before. This round I want to focus on whole foods for the daily points, if things not so whole wind up on the list they will go under flexpoints i.e. the halloween chocolate.

I walked to the grocery store and back but as I said yesterday I'm going back to WW 101 and activity points don't come into the equation just yet. Now the focus is on tracking, water, fruit/vegg, milk, vitamins and oil.

I reset my weight on WW online as well. I usually always use the starting weight of when I first joined WW years ago. I decided to stop doing that. While happy that I've never returned to that weight, I've definitely flirted with it. I'm changing the tickertracker above to reflect that to. Plus I'm going back to tracking weight not pounds lost on that tracker.

Lynn and Angie - I will be posting my weigh ins. It's time to getter' done!

Saturday is my weigh in day and today I start at the beginning which was 196.8 this morning. Didn't make me happy seeing that number but I'll never see it again.

I had an odd food find in Walmart today the Organic Batter Blaster pictured above. It's true I read the indredients it's organic, it has wheat flour and 1pt per 1/4 cup serving (two pancakes). I was intrigued and when I went to the cashier she told me tried it and it was good. Her advice to make sure the pan is hot and to rinse the nozzle before putting back in the fridge. What I like about this is the single serving option as opposed to traditional pancake batter.

I'm going to try it for breakfast tomorrow morning so I'll give my review then.

Day one done, bring on day two.


Friday, October 30, 2009

What is starting back at square one?

In the years I've been writing on this blog I have often gone back to square one. A reset I like to call it. Looking at the number of "resets" I've announced none has truly stuck since the very first time I joined WW.

The problem with my resets is I don't really go back to square one. I usually declare a new attitude towards tracking or exercise and before you know it I'm back to resetting. I'm not truly following WW not dealing with what leads me astray.

What I'm going to do is truly go back to square one as in dig out my WW books and go back to week one. Treat WW like I've never done it before. I have this habit of knowing what to do but not doing it, sort of a WW apathy. "I know this program inside and out". Yeah I do, but talking the talk is not going to get me to goal. Joining meetings is not an option due to my resuming crazy flight schedule so it's up to me.

I used to journal a lot (not everything winds up on the blog). I think the key to not eating my feelings it to think them out. Am I hungry or am I bored, lonely or tired sort of thing. Count to 10 before opening the fridge or unwrapping the chocolate bar.

By no means do I think this will be easy but when I started this blog it was supposed to be about the good, the bad and the ugly on the way to goal. If I don't learn these lessons now I'll set myself up with a yo-yo pattern for a very long time.

I've got the half marathon at the end of May in the back of head also so this journey is about to get a little wild and crazy.

I know WW works so I have no desire to try anything else I'm just going to relearn it.

I want to thank all of you, the posters and the lurkers and the 41 people on my follower list. It's you who make me know that I'm not alone in this. You are all sources of inspiration so I thank you for that from the bottom of heart.

Let the journey begin.....


Thursday, October 29, 2009

Defining Moments and a wee bit random

Been out after work the last few times and haven't had time to blog...sorry about that.

It's been a bizarre couple of days getting back into the swing of my normal job after all the changes we've gone through. I'm surviving but I realized today something was bugging me as my eating has been stupid. I'm a total emotional eater and bad food decisions tend to tune my conscious brain to my unconscious brain. I'm not crazy about some of the changes and it will take me awhile to get comfortable.

I return to site on Monday and that's different too as I now support an additional group. This new group is rather high maintenance so I'm sort of building up my armor just in case. Not the best attitude to have I realize, but I'm tired and dealing the best way I can.

I finally watched Biggest Loser tonight and was a balling mess for the last half hour with Abby's departure. If you don't watch the show Abby was the one who had the most profound effect on me. She lost her husband, baby and young daughter in a car accident 5 miles from her home by someone who was speeding 2.5 years ago. I can't begin to imagine how one deals with that. I found her very inspiring from the whole dust yourself off and get back up philosophy. If I was her, I don't think I'd get up for a very long time. The thing that totally got to me was when she said she found life again.

It was a strange episode for me. The way probe into why contestants became overweight. As the black team was debating who went home and Abby gave all the reasons why the others needed to stay. She could go home because she found life again.

That truly got me thinking what's my reason for being overweight. I've never put any effort into that before as it's always been about fixing it not figuring out what got me here. I think it comes down to seeking the solace of food because I've never felt good enough, no pretty enough, not smart enough. My logical brain thinks that's incredibly stupid and to get over it. Unfortunately the logical brain is easily over thrown by the emotional brain. I've been in a funk for the past few months like I'm stuck. The stressful summer I had and the stuff that's been going on has made me hit the overload level. It doesn't help that I internalize everything. Tonight it all sort of hit me. What am I doing? If I want to truly live I need to get healthy.

On to other things - Had a fabulous lunch with H-Woman on Wednesday. Saw "This is it" Wednesday night and I was totally prepared to think it was stupid but it was really good. You forgot about the wacko jacko and saw the musical genius of the old MJ.

Thanks for letting me pour all that out and that's all I got for today.


Sunday, October 25, 2009

Sometimes a weekend off isn't so bad

I started this weekend with a whack of things I wanted to accomplish, a small number actually got completed but that's o.k. Sometimes you need a weekend off.

I went grocery shopping today and demonstrated incredible will power to leave without Liberte Moka yogurt, it was on sale and you got extra airmiles if you bought two. I just chanted "no,no,no,no,no" as I walked down that aisle. I have no portion control with that yogurt and will eat it straight out of the container. I also no no no'd myself past the tortilla chips while extremely high in fibre far too easy to snack on.

Will power faultered a bit when lunch became the fresh 60% WW artisan bread came home (that was still warm) met the nutella on the counter when I got home.

I'm making work lunch right now which will also be dinner. I browned some extra lean ground beef with onion, garlic and shallot added the last dregs of Ragu spaghetti sauce in my fridge and added a whack of spaghetti squash. I haven't made spaghetti squash in ages and I realized I need to branch out in my winter seasonal vegetables. I'm open to trying other squashes I just need to find me some recipes.

I was watching Eat, Shrink and Merry on the food network the other day and I realized I hadn't cracked that open in awhile.

I'm geeked about the new "V" series. I loved this show when I was a kid. I'm normally a bit leery about remakes of old series. I loved the revamped Battlestar Galactica and based on the preview I just watched on of V, it feels promising.

A former co-worker wants my recipe for my uber popular Black Forest Cake and I'm conflicted. It's kind of my pride and joy, mostly created by myself (combining different variations) and I sort of want to keep it exclusive. Is that horrible? The odds of it being duplicated are slim, but I love people's reaction to this cake.

Got news about the Christmas party this year and all I know is it's most likely not going to be quite as a big shin dig as last year. So a snazzy dress way not be required, which isn't horrible it would save me some moolah.

Watching the season finale of So You Think You Can Dance Canada. I'm not going to post about it as I'm watching it on the Newfoundland channel so I'm many hours ahead of the rest of the country.

That's it for today....Hugs!

Saturday, October 24, 2009

Back on the wagon

I'm starting tracking today...again. I've been on hiatus for awhile and it's about time I get this thing started again.

I've been reading a lot about re-starts on the blogs lately and my guess is a lot of people are renewing their efforts and energy. This is weight loss stuff is definitely a battle with my self being my greatest enemy. I refuse to beat myself up about it, I know nothing is going to happen until I decide to do something about it. I'm resetting my tracker above as I want to start back at square one.

The coughing is getting better and better which is absolutely fantastic. I will be hitting the treadmill on Monday and starting the C25K. We'll see how the coughing goes but with two more days of rest I think I'll be good to go. I think I'll break out the yoga mat today and get my practice rolling again.

I had yesterday off and I did absolutely nothing, I stayed in my pjs all day and just chilled. Today I need to clean my house/do laundry, I was planning to do the grocery shopping today but there's a weird rain/snow mix falling from the sky and I'd rather not head out in that so I'll but that off until tomorrow or later this afternoon. It's supposed to be 7 degrees later and -4 tomorrow. The colder weather doesn't bother me.

I've been watching X-Weighted Families and while inspiring this show breaks my heart a bit. I was a chubby kid myself and yes while teased I don't feel I was every bullied. It was a different time then, there wasn't quite the media onslaught of "perfection". To see these 13 year olds trying to just survive childhood, their parents and lose weight I can see why it's all so overwhelming, heck it's overwhelming to me. It's so different watching adults deal with weight loss.

Alright so the focus today is stay OP as I'm just taking one day at a time.

Enjoy your Saturday!

Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Still breathing

I'm sorry I haven't been around much it's just been me focusing on getting well. While the majority of flu symptoms are gone, the cough is driving me bananas. I'm fine if I avoid milk and don't talk to anyone. The not talking to people thing doesn't really work at work.

I'm coughing less but I want it to go away forever. It's quite frustrating when someone tells you that you still look sick and when you go to say "no, no I'm fine" you errupt into coughing. My credibility is totally shot I tell you.

My weight loss efforts are on the sidelines which is also frustrating. I have this Friday off which is fantastic so I can get myself organized. I've been living out of my pantry as I haven't gone grocery shopping yet. I'm saving all that for this weekend as I want to break out the slow cooker and make some meals ahead of time. I've been flipping through "Fix It and Forget It Lightly" and picking out some recipes. I want to focus on flavourful as I notice if that is satisfied I can easily eat less. When it's blah I go hunting for something else.

On Tuesday my group is going team building, we're going paint balling. I'm not crazy about this idea as I think there's something wrong with combining team building and weapons but I'll go. I suggested bowling, civilized and the ability to have a conversation as many of the people who are coming are coming from all over Canada. I think this will go one of two ways - a) I get wiped out immediately and b) I discover my inner rambo and go into sniper mode. I'll report back on which happens.

Today I was typing to a colleague at site as I'm returning to that schedule shortly and she says to me - You should be here Wednesday nights and then you can go to TOPS with us. Yes, site has weight loss program, which I think is great but I'll never be there Wednesday nights. Plus I'm quite happy with WW, I was more disturbed by the suggestion. I would not describe us as friends.

Alright my peeps, that's all I got for today.


Sunday, October 18, 2009

On the mend

I haven't sneezed once all day and I can breathe through my nose...whew it definitely feel like I'm on way to healthy again. The only thing remaining is a cough and it's not as bad as it was two days ago. A bit less in frequency but still annoying. It's not swine flu (thank goodness). Don't you love how every major health scare in the last few years starts with "flu like symptoms". All it takes is for someone to sneeze and one's thoughts go there.

I'm dying to get back to the gym but I know I should still take it easy for a bit until the cough is better under control. Changing bed sheets today resulted in a wee bit of coughing fit so slowly but surely it will get better. Mind you I haven't exerted myself much in the last few days. So I'll just take it day by day.

I went to bed super early yesterday as well and slept until 7am. I'm avoiding naps today as I want to sleep through the night so I'm ready for work. To keep myself entertained and awake I watched Wolverine on shaw on demand. Glad I didn't pay to see it in the theater. Still focusing on water and appetite is starting to return. Plus my head is feeling way clearer.

I'm just trying to focus on healthy habits as I return to healthiness so drink my water, eat my veggies sort of thing.

When I was in Halifax I bought this funky tea to go thing from Lululemon. It's double walled glass (with all the Lululemon phrases all over it) with a plastic sleeve on it so you don't drop the thing because it's hot. It's on my desk at work as I want to get into the habit of drinking green tea. They told me it was new.

That's the excitement of today soon to back to my weight loss persuit self.

Hope you enjoyed your Sunday...Hugs!

Saturday, October 17, 2009

Knocked sideways

The last time I was here was Tuesday and I wasn't feeling so well. Tuesday was just the start, I've felt awful all week. I dragged myself to work Wed - Fri and each day at least 3 people said you should go home. I felt progressively worse as the week went on.

Yesterday was particulary bad as I was a coughing, sneezing, runny nosed mess and had a red nose to go along with it. I had a phone meeting I had to take part in and then left for the day.

I took a cab home and the minute I walked in the door I put my pajamas on and went to bed. I was absolutely freezing. Slept for 4 hours got up ate a little something and then went back to bed at 6:30pm. This morning I woke up at 7am. Got up had some breakfast (cream of wheat) and drank a whack of water (feeling mega dehydrated) and went back to bed at 10:30am. I then woke up at 3pm.

Eating has been a challenge as nothing appeals to me and I don't really have an appetite but I have to keep the energy up.

I think I'm on the mend. I feel a bit more clear headed and the sneezing is less. When I went back to bed at 10:30am the coughing was getting a little crazy so I took cold meds. I'm normally not a fan of cold meds as all it does is suppress symptoms but at least it lets you sleep. I'm just listening to my body today. I so want to be at least 95% by Monday. I hate being sick. I don't get sick often but when I do it's a doozy.

Just thought I'd check in and be back later more healthy.


Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Out for the count

I woke up not feeling all that great, sniffly, coughing, sore throat but I thought I could make the effort to get myself together and go to work.

I headed out into a pretty steady onslaught of wet snow. I waited for the bus, I waited for almost 40min. I was now soaked, cold and feeling even more blecchy and no evidence that a bus was coming. So I dragged myself home and called in sick. Changed out of wet clothes into pajamas and slept for a solid 3 hours.

Watched the local news tonight and there were 200 fender benders during the morning rush hour. Accounts for the missing bus and this is so typical for Calgary's first snow. It happens every year. I call it winter dress rehearsal, remembering how to drive on slick streets, finding your mitts, toque and the appropriate jacket.

I slept a couple of more times throughout the day and that definitely helped. I'm feeling better now just a cough that won't die (which is typical for me but nothing that magnesium won't fix), I definitely needed the extra day of rest. I'm sure it was combination of things, working like crazy then a whack of plane flights.

What sort of sucks is I had this grand plan to get back on the treadmill now that I'm back and get super focused. Hard to be super focused when any attempt at activity (I did shovel the snow this afternoon when I was feeling a bit better and it knocked the wind out of me) is a chore. I think that getting sick is a little signal from your body to take a minute and rest.

I'm going to bed early so I'll be good to go for tomorrow. I've missed my work peeps as I haven't seen them for a week and half.

I'm super gung ho to get going again on the learn to run. I took the book Running for Mortals with me on my trip and both the hotels in Montreal and Halifax had running maps available for the area. I didn't pack any workout clothes not realising that all the gyms in these hotels were included in the price. Knowing about the maps now let's me know there is a super easy way to incorporate a workout when travelling. There was a scale in my Montreal hotel bathroom which I've never seen before.

I have not stepped on a scale since my return as I all I want to do know is focus on feeling better and get back to normal.

That's all I got for today...hugs!!!

Monday, October 12, 2009

My Trip part 2- Halifax

The story continues, we left Montreal on Wednesday and when we got to the airport there were messages saying there was an emergency drill scheduled for 10am. That was in about 15min. My co-workers went off to Westjet and I went to Air Canada. I was just about to walk up and get my boarding pass and these alarms start going off signaling the start of the drill. Everyone in the airport had to exit and head into the parking garage. My flight was an hour later than the boys so I had time, they didn't. The minute the drill they had to hurry.

As I was waiting by my gate it all of a sudden started to pour rain, luckily that didn't happen during the drill.

The flight into Halifax was gorgeous. The colours of the trees were truly amazing all these reds, yellows and oranges. Now we have trees in Alberta of course but I've never seen the colours quite that vibrant.

When I got off the plane it was raining and by the time I got to the hotel it was still raining. I touched base with the boys and everyone was super tired so it was decided we were on our own Wednesday night. I attempted to look around but the wind and the rain soon forced me back in side and I ordered room service.

The pictures above were the view out my window the next morning. I gigantic Crown Princess cruise ship. Later on in the day I took a walk along the boardwalk and got a picture of the front of the boat, see how it dwarfs that building. This thing was massive. On the boardwalk I got high fived by someone dressed as a lobster. We had all seperated to do some shopping before dinner and I bought a hoody at Lululemon. The boys then made a bit fun of me and the fact that I paid provincial sales tax. I just said I was stimulating the economy of Halifax. I now get what all the fuss is about those hoodys, it's thicker than a regular hoody and super comfortable.

We went to the 5 Fishermen for a work event dinner on Thursday and I actually ordered fish, I don't eat a lot of fish in my general diet and if do it's frozen and breaded, so that was a big step for me. I did ask the server what was best for non-fish eaters. She suggested the halibut, it was awesome.

For lunch on both days we headed over to Pete's Frootique. I remember Pete from the CBC noon news where he's introduce the nation to different fruit and veggies, so I was totally geeked to go there.

Later on I was stopped and asked for directions and totally honoured that someone that I lived there.

Friday was our last night and we were done work. Again we all finished our shopping. I needed an extra bag due to the books I bought and I had collected some extra clothes that the boys brought me baring our company logo. So I returned to Lululemon and caught a canvas bag, an gym towel and a neat glass togo container with a strainer for tea. Again stimulating the Halifax economy. We then went to the tour at Alexander Keith's Brewery - very cute and it was just the three of us. I can imagine it to be even more of a hoot with a bigger crowd. We then had dinner at the Red Stag pub next door and closed the place down. I was drinking Keith's white and it was awesome.

We then headed to the Lower Deck which totally reminded me of the Ship n' Anchor in Calgary but it was definitely a wee bit different. One the maritime decorating and the cry of "Sociable" and everyone clinking their beer mugs (a number of times). I sang along and switched to Keith's Red. We closed that place down too and it was now 1:30am. The boys wanted to hit another pub and I decided to go back to the hotel. I did not want to be stupid tired on the way home the next day as I had a 6hr journey.

Saturday morning I woke up early with the intention to do more exploring before I had to leave but once again it was pouring so I packed and had breakfast in the hotel.

What I loved about Halifax were the people (super friendly), the water (OMG the humidity had me melting the first day but I grew to love that I didn't need to put on moisturizer and the history. Everyday I passed a cemetery were I was told Titanic victims were buried (that's the pick with the Lion sculpture), and there was this gorgeous church on Spring Garden Rd that apparently was once a fortress somewhere else.

It was quite interesting that you could buy fresh lobster and other sea food at the airport.

I would move there too in a heartbeat if I was transferred. I need to go back to fully explore this place too.

Trip home was uneventful with a lot of people coughing on the plane. I watched Terminator Salvation and the Coco avant Chanel. The minute we landed I could feel all the moisture sucked out of me as I walked into the dry air of Calgary. It was -7 and windy so definitely chilly.

Saturday I attemped to sleep in and woke up at 6:30am (well 9:30am Halifax time) and as the day progressed I felt a cold coming on. So I've just layed low consuming liquids. I feel better today so I just thing it's a wee cold.

That's all I got for now, back to work tomorrow.
Hope everyone enjoyed their Thanksgiving.

Sunday, October 11, 2009

My Trip - First up Montreal

Alright so as promised here's a recap of worldwind trip to the other side of the country.

Last Sunday: Woke up at 2:30am so just stayed up until cab arrived at 4am. When I walked out of the house it had started to snow, I was going to hear about that all week.

Paid $3 for an apple and caramel sauce on Air Canada as I just had yogurt when I woke up and I was starting to get hungry. Landed in Toronto and had a little less than 25min to get to my gate for my flight to Montreal so as I jogged through terminal 1 I was silently praying my suitcase would make the same trip.

For those that don't know Canada is a bilingual country and anything ruled by the federal government requires things to be in English and French. On my way to Montreal on Air Canada I'm very used to hearing the English version of whatever their saying and then the French version. It felt like the moment we hit Quebec airspace is switched to French first and then English. That began my "My French isn't so dusty after all".

Miraculously my suitcase arrived in Montreal and then I was off to find a cab. Hopped in the cab with a female driver (I've only seen one in Calgary) and she immediately starts talking to me in French. I did pretty well and only had to flip to English for a couple of words. I told her I need to practice and she suggested watching French TV. Not a bad idea. She had asked where I was from but after we talked she was surprised I was born in Calgary.
Through the whole trip the moment I said I was from Calgary people would say " I hear it's snowing there".

The hotel was great located right on Sherbrooke so just a few blocks from St. Catharine's street which is a shopping mecca. There is store after store after store. Two different department stores that specifically to Quebec. You could buy any name brand from cheap to crazy expensive. I accidentally found the Underground City (their link of stores located at basement level that link a whack of buidings that goes on forever). I came to the realization that this is where I should come when I build my goal weight wardrobe. Montreal is amazing, for the shopping, the food and the history. It made me feel like I was in Europe, the majority of the people are very chic.

This is stained glass window that belongs to a gym, c'est chic oui?
Everyone was nice and it was crazy to hear French and English intermingled everwhere. I was totally jealous of this family I observed while waiting for the Montreal flight. This one guy was seamlessly switching from each language as he talked to his mother and his friends. I want that.

My major purchases were grammar books in French and Eat, Love, Pray (in French).I walked into a few clothes stores bought nothing because I'm not staying the size I am and I was having issues with provincial sales tax. In Alberta we pay only the GST 5%, everywhere else the add an additional PST (Provincial sales tax). My goodness there H&M was goregeous, the ones in Calgary always look like they got hit by a bus. I walked through the first floor of the La Baie, The Bay and there purse section is four times that of the Calgary downtown store (and that's not a small store). I realized I could easily live in Montreal and if I were to be transferred tomorrow I'd happily go. I don't feel that often as I normally feel "nice place to visit". I adored the girl in Chapters who looked we up by phone number so I could get the 10% discount and asked me if I needed to update my address to Montreal.

I had dinner at 3 Brasseurs, a pub style environment as many restaurants I passed looked really romantic and I was dining alone as my co-workers were flying in from Fort McMurray later that night. I also found a fantastic bakery near the hotel and had an amazing cinnamon roll.

Monday we started work and I met up with my coworkers in the hotel for breakfast. It was quite funny how my coworkers were commenting on all the things available here and not in Fort Mac. While FM has 100,000 people due to it's location (far North) it doesn't quite have the same variety as a major city. We hit the food court of the Centre Eaton for lunch and it's massive. They were super excited about Thai Express, I have one in the building next door to mine but I went along with them.

For dinner we went to Gibby's located in Old Montreal, amazing!!!!!! The food, the service, the location. The building is 200 years old and the courtyard used to be the stable. We also had amazing wine and the most amazing Creme Brulee I ever had. It was airy and mousse like. We then walked around. My one co-worker is a massive Montreal Canadien's fan so we had to go find the Bell Centre after a few wrong turns we found it.

Tuesday was another day of work, we hit Tim Horton's for breakfast and the food court once again for lunch, this time I had a crepe. The rest of the day I didn't feel so well with a stomach ache. I'm blaming the crepe, never pick the place with no line at a busy food court. The boys (my co-workers) left me in charge of dinner as they ran off for the last day of Montreal shopping and I returned to the hotel to find alca seltzer. I picked a lovely Italian restaurant about 5 min from the hotel. I had a linguine in a rose sauce that was spectacular. I could eat about half of my entree and my stomach was hurting again so I called it a early night and the boys continued to explore.

Wednesday we were leaving for Halifax. I felt 100% the next day so had a chocolate croissant (from the fabulous bakery that I bought the night before and I strolled alone Sherbrooke to take some photos. What I love about Montreal is the mix of old and new as you can see in the pictures at that start of this post. It is truly an amazing city and I can't wait to go back.
It was raining on the way to the airport and that followed us all the way to Halifax.
I definitely need to go back as a tourist to fully explore. There wasn't a ton of time to play tourist as that's the challenge with work trips.
It's so awkward attaching pictures to this thing but I'll continue with Halifax tomorrow. There I drank a lot of Alexander Keith's finest and saw some pretty big boats.

To be continued...

Saturday, October 10, 2009

I'm back and adore Montreal and Halifax

My body is still on Halifax time as I got home at 6pm MST, so I'm feeling a little wiped. I took pictures, not a ton but a few so in the next few days I'll give you a recap of my trip with pictures.

Didn't follow WW at all while away but I have food stories, especially Gibby's in Montreal and the 5 Fishermen in Halifax.

Can't wait to catch up with all of you.


Saturday, October 03, 2009

Day 26 - Test is done and now I wait

Results should be out around Dec. 3rd. Why it takes them two months to mark tests that are fed into a computer escapes me. Saw a load of people from my company there, I knew a few of them were taking one of the two tests but I was surprised at how many there were. We should get them to let us write it in a boardroom therefore no need to schlep oneself to the University of Calgary at 8am in cold damp weather.

As far as the test went, I feel o.k - have no idea which way it went so we'll wait and see. This is exactly how I felt last time so that's not so bad.

Zipped downtown to pick up a couple of things and then straight back home to straighten up and start packing. At this time tomorrow I'll be in Montreal for 2 whole hours....yippee! I needed to buy an umbrella as I could not find one in my house, of course I get home and immediately find one that I left in a purse I haven't used in awhile - of course.

Camera is charged, cell phone is charging and blackberry is up next. (I'm brining the cell as that's usually the emergency contact number I have) I'm happy I decided not to bring my work computer, one less thing to lug.

So it will be about a 3AM wake up call pour moi tomorrow and I'll pre call a cab for around 4am. It's a 6am departure. I'm a rather be early than right on time type of person. So if I have to hang out in an airport for 90min it doesn't bother me. Thank goodness I'm a pro at sleeping on planes, loads of practice from going to site every week.

Saw today that the new Holt Renfrew opens on Oct.7th, I will definitely have to check that out as it's huge and looking awfully pretty on the outside.

I'm ordering pizza for dinner so there's no dishes nor pots that need to be cleaned as I'm also planning an early night.

So I won't be blogging but I'm taking loads of pictures to share with you when I get back.

I wish you all a fabulous week and I look forward to catching up on your blogs.


Friday, October 02, 2009

Day 25 - very snacky and a disclaimer

First of all let me say that when I said that I didn't remember making a goal to lose 30lbs by Christmas, I was "gently" reminded by my co-worker/ good friend T that I had agreed to go along with this plan, in fact I high fived her. So to my good friend T I say - Happy now? :)

Do you sometimes regret letting people know about your blog? Love ya T and you are fabulous!!!

So test review had gone well today but eyes are starting to glaze over. You can't really study as it's all case studies but you practice, practice, practice. I've gone over about 140 questions. I'm feeling good about tomorrow and so far I like this format way better than Test 1. Hopefully it loves me back. I did take my business card and write CHRP behind my name as a little motivator.

The day has been very snacky as I've had my nose in a book all day with the exception of a quick trip to Walmart first thing this morning. When I would surface I would snack. I had a strange fixation on Oreos, thankfully I have none in my house. I did walk to and from Walmart -roughly 3K.

I'm getting more excited about my trip but trying to stay focused on the test, once that's done I can be as excited as I want.

One question: All you Amazing Grass fans, I've ordered their stuff but want to know how to get the drink container. I've never seen it on their site.

That's all I got for today.

So if you have the time send me positive vibes at 9am mst time.

Talk to you tomorrow.


Thursday, October 01, 2009

Day 24 - Sometimes it's "meh"

Woke up to "Battlefield" this morning, I can't stand that song. I'm in a "why won't they play anything new on the radio" mode today. The slow Kelly Clarkson song, the Kelly Rowland song, Halo all irritate me now because they've been played a bizillion times.

It's a strange time right now as it's all a period of adjustment. Dynamics have changed which are starting to play out and seeing people in new light will make things very interesting in times ahead. It's amazing how quickly things can change.

Remember that project I've been on that created "the summer that never was" ended today. It's the source of the change as it was the craziest 3 months of my life, at times rewarding and at times you wanted to pull your hair out. Today we all moved back to our normal jobs and while comforting it also brought on the feelings of what happens now. Things are different. I don't have a lot of time to think about it as I've got the test and my trip straight ahead. I'm curious to see what the future holds.

I'm really looking forward to this trip and I'll do my best to make it on Thursday - my Halifax friends. I do have to stay conscious that this is a work trip as I get a little distracted about the idea of exploring Montreal and Halifax. I keep getting told I'm going to have a great time and I totally believe these people.

Once I get back the learning to run happens, and with a bit more of a regular schedule coming I now feel ready to focus more on my health goals.

Taking the day off tomorrow to review, review, review for the test on Saturday. So I'll definitely post in the next few days but then after that I'll be dormant for a week and then come back with pictures I promise. That reminds me I need to charge the camera.

Alright that's all for today.