Wednesday, January 31, 2007

Feelin yucky

I was out for the count from Monday afternoon and all Tuesday with some 48hr stomach flu or food poisoning. I'm leaning towards food poisoning because the symptoms matched. At any rate not too fun. I believe the culprit was eggs benedict at brunch on Sunday. It that's the case that would be the second time I've had food poisoning from the same hotel chain.

At any rate feeling better and at work today, though I'm still leery of solid food. Have eaten melba toast, alphagetti and toast since noon on Tuesday and everything seems to be o.k. Went to starbucks this morning, took one sip and thought maybe a bit too soon. I'm thinking Jugo Juice for lunch. Out of curiousity I stepped on the scale this morning and I was down 4lbs, knowing full well that as soon as my eating returns to normal that will be back.

Crazy woman in our building foyer tried to tell me that the bus route I normally take was cancelled. She says she heard from a driver but they're not telling anybody. I was like..What!. First problem with that story is that they would give you notice if they were cancelling a route. The only reason the cancel routes is if no one is on them (we were packed the morning). Quick call to transit confirmed that this woman was on glue and I actually made the transit person laugh. There's my good deed for the day.

Monday, January 29, 2007

Down 2.2

WI on Saturday resulted in a 2.2 loss, I actually wavered between 171 and 171.2 and bless the heart of the weigh in lady she put me down as 171. The battle begins once again to reach the 160s and stay there. I know I'm my own worst enemy and the only person sabotaging me...well is me.

The weekend was a bit of a free for all food wise. Went out for Ethiopian on Saturday and it was my first time. I got the house vegetarian platter for one and really enjoyed all the dishes but discovered I didn't care for the bread. Of course you use the bread to pick up the dishes - no forks and knives. I'd guess that most of it was pretty healthy but it's hard when you don't know the preparation.

On Sunday I got taken out for brunch by my friend at the Palliser. Nice spread I must say and I did overindulge. The good part about that is I was way too full and realized once again why that's a bad thing. Listened to my body for the rest of the day and didn't eat again until 7pm and had an Smart (Dempster) English muffin and some light margarine. For the rest of the night I was craving sweets or snacks but I ignored the cravings. This weekend did use up every last flex point plus 3 so the challenge will be to stay on points for the rest of the week, drink water and work out. I really want to see a loss on Saturday.

Workout wise I think I'll attempt that learn the moves dvd for Turbo Jam.

On a completely nothing to do with weight loss front, I bought a scrapbooking kit at Costco. I was looking for a creative hobby that might distract me from snacking. A colleague scrapbooks but she's obsessed and I just want to take baby steps.

Have a great day eveyrone!

Friday, January 26, 2007


I can't even begin to explain how happy I am that it's Friday. I think the primary reason is a new week WW wise. This week has just been weird and sort of on plan but not really. I've made the decision that light ice cream can not be in my house. If a frozen treat is in my freezer it will have to be something portion controlled and not something I scoop.

I'm looking forward to a new start and back to basics. Primarily incorporating workouts back in and introducing some new foods, I'm in a bit of a rut food wise. I think my exercise rut is not having purpose (with the exercise anyway) for a year I was training for races off and on. When we got back from Hawaii it was a bit of a now what moment. Plus I was a bit knocked out energy wise after marathon experience and it took awhile to get it back.

I've got to get my head around working out for the sake of working out for the purpose of a healthier me not a goal time. Now that I'm paying for courses again, races will not be a major goal for me. I'll train with Training Partner (who I will now refer to as H) as she intends to do the Vancouver half marathon again this year.

H has been doing really well with the workouts and that inspires me to do better. I do want to get to goal dang it.

I had a bit of excitement yesterday in regards to my courses. I signed up for the new one the 24th and on the 25th I was wondering why I hadn't received the welcome email so I popped onto the system and shazaam I had access to the course and it was in full swing. This instructor is big on participation so I zipped into the discussions posted a few things that I hope sound intelligent. On the 24th I had also ordered the textbook I need and chose city courier delivery and shazaam it was in my hands by lunch on the 25th. There's another group project (blech) but I'll deal with it, it's not so bad. I also get to write an instructional manual about myself, I think that will be interesting.

This weekend I must arm my fridge and plan my week with WW friendly food, encorporate workouts and learn to wash dishes on a more regular basis.

I hope everyone has a great weekend!

Thursday, January 25, 2007

Mysteriously down

First let me say -I am a daily weigher and I'm perfectly o.k with that. My day is not ruined if I see a gain. I find it helps me stay in that's out of the way.

I've been down half a pound two days in a row. Weird, considering I forgot my journal at work again and the tracking has been iffy. It's all written down but is getting written after the fact. I'll take it the loss though, I haven't been eating incredibly unhealthy things. My dinner last night was whole wheat crackers and whipped cream cheese, not gobs of it I just didn't feel like cooking. I have had to run for buses and walk lights so perhaps these jolts of uber activity have stirred up my metabolism. I'm also nearing the end of the dreaded TOM so that will have a great impact.

Water is getting better, not where I want it to be but baby steps.

H&M is coming to Calgary. I'm excited, never been in one, but excited anyway. I think they're going to put in an area called Deerfoot Meadows. Not a convenient area by any sense of the imagination if you take public transit so I might have to covet from a far.

I'm very happy that TV is getting better with some new episodes again. Wasn't incredibly impressed with Gilmore Girls. I think it's having a slow death.

I'm strangely intrigued by Dancelife on MTV. Where dancers audition for different artists like J-LO (in the first episode and I think she produces it). What I found funny (not knowing anything about professional dancing whatsoever) is that the auditions were happening in what looked like a roller skating rink or community gym. Of course this is probably some well known established place where people try out for back up dancer positions.

Just got my textbook for the course I signed up for yesterday. Go University Bookstore, I ordered it yesterday afternoon and had it in my hands by noon the next day. It helps I got it delivered by city courier. It was one dollar more than the cheapest mail option.

Alright bit of a random post today but that just happens.

Have a great day everybody!

Wednesday, January 24, 2007

Onwards and upwards

Officially finished my first online course today, now I wait for the final mark. Signed up for the second one, I had until the 28thto register online though in theory the class started on the 22nd.
This is one of the core courses no more pre-requisites...I think I just freaked myself out.

I've spent the last two days getting the final project for the first class sorted. It looks could and I've submitted it. Another team member fixed the references of rebel Question 3 team member. That person owes us big, there were a huge amount of spelling and grammar mistakes in their portion. Good luck in future courses buddy.

Food wise I haven't been perfect. Two days in a row I had home made banana/low fat ice cream/ PC chocolate sauce sundaes. Workouts have been difficult to schedule because of this school stuff and scrambling to find a gift suitable for an 11 year old...I'm very out of touch of what's in that group. I got her a dvd that her mom said she like.

I'll definitely have to consider early morning workouts or do early morning school work.

Monday, January 22, 2007

New Plan

I'm putting a new plan into practice today. I've written down my planned food in my tracker and I'm writing what time I have each thing. So I've got breakfast, lunch and snacks written down and now I'm going to track when I'm hungry. I think part of my weakness for snacking is not eating the right combination of food. Not having the right fuel leads me to have blah energy levels or so hungry that I miss my workout window. Yesterday I made a homemade egg english muffing and I wasn't hungry for a really long time. Today I had oatbran with brown sugar and Milk at 5:50ish this morning, now at 10:30am I'm starting to get a little hungry so I'll have a snack (yogurt) and see how it goes.

I've got a very strange lunch/snack combo because I simply couldn't think of what to bring.
My snack collection consists of yogurt, apple, cherries, turkey bite, baby bell
The main part of my lunch is two mini raisin bagels with light cream cheese. I don't think the turkey bite will go with the bagels so maybe I'll have that as my snack now.

The experiment begins! I'll try the new Biggest Loser DVD tonight too, the first one was all Bob (who I adore) but I'm interested to see how Kim's style suits me. I seriously need to brush up on the turbo jam. I did the instructional dvd a long time ago and should now refresh.

Had a great night of tv last night, I was glued to Space . Watched Smallville for the first time in ages (Yeah Justice League), the season opener of Stargate:Atlantis, the new Dresden Files (Darker Harry Potter meets X-files) and my all time fave Battlestar Gallactica, then I got hooked into Grease:You're the one and The Apprentice. Yes, I was glued to the couch last night.

Heroes is back tonight as is Prison Break and Gilmour Girls tomorrow. My VCR is programmed because I'm not letting any of that interfere with my workout plan.

Here's to a great week!

Sunday, January 21, 2007

Now what?

I got 100% on my assignment for my online class and that made me really happy. Now I have an interesting dilemma. For my group project, another person and I split a question because there's 5 questions and 6 people. He and I both posted our answers and are styles and how we interpreted the question are totally different. I think his is whacked and that he may be a bit of a pompous you know what. This is just a gut feeling.
However, I did email our prof to see if he was open to seeing it in two parts. I don't have a clue how I would fit mine into his or his into mine. I'm not saying I'm perfect, perhaps I misinterpreted the question.

I really don't know what to do. I posted a message on our groups discussion board to see what they thought. I guess I have to wait for that.

Plan wise I've been very good today and I'm actually drinking my water.

I'm super excited because Battlestar Galllactica is back tonight...yes I'm a sci fi geek and proud of it :)

Saturday, January 20, 2007

Taking care of the house

Interesting topic at my WW meeting today, we talked about crossroads and instant gratification. It is quite remarkable that so much of our lives today are impacted by instant gratification, from high speed internet, blackberries, microwaves and cell phones. Not to mention the desire to lose pounds as fast as we can.

We also talked about taking care of the house, not the one with a roof and walls but yourself and your health. How often does that become the last priority on your list?

I had a pretty good gain today and my first thought was of disappointment in myself. Then I thought hold the phone...there are plenty of reasons for this gain primarily TOM. Could I have exercised more - yes, could I have drunk more water - yes. I'm not going to think of this in a negative way more as a reason to get my act together and focus because today is a new week.

Friday, January 19, 2007

Now I remember

Why there were moments I didn't like school. I've been working on my half of one question for my group project all afternoon and the more research I do the more frustrated I get. Mostly because I can't find that many valid resources online. The sad thing is my question is in regards to search engines and meta search engines. 3 out 6 of my group have posted their answers and were in discussion for a volunteer to but it all together. I volunteered since my question got split in half to go to the missing in action group member...who hasn't responded to anything in our discussion boards or email. The good thing is a bulk of my question can be answered by personal impressions. Like the pros and cons of certain searches. I said I'd post the final version by Sunday so that gives us 2.5 days to submit the final version. I'm feeling exam stress right now and I haven't felt that in a very long time. It would probably help if I was passionate about search engines...but I'm not. I must just think that once this project is done the course is finished. I will get to the other side.

I even toyed with the idea of skipping WW to work on this and then I realized that would be stupid. I have tonight and a fair bit of Saturday. I would like to post my stuff so the group can see it before we put it all together.

Dinner last night was great and not point friendly so today has been perfectly OP. It's a bit pathetic that I think one day of good behaviour will make it all good. I have talked myself out of all sorts of stuff knowing that it was just stress that made me want to eat.

Thursday, January 18, 2007

I hate snack week

This week just keeps getting worse plan wise. It's amazing how much PMS can impact your eating and energy patterns. Thankfully I haven't snapped at anyone. Food is far more dangerous than my mood. I've been zonked everyday after work so workouts have been non existent. I must seriously consider getting up really early and doing it then.

The good thing is it's only a week. I'm going out to dinner tonight and I'll be at the restaurant first so I think I'll order some Edamame and water, and snack on that until they get there. By the time they get there hopefully all I'll want is soup. We're going to Earl's which is probably one of the mose point unfriendly restaurants. Today I was sidelined by oatmeal chocolate chip cookies but now I'm on water and I'll find a healthy lunch somewhere.

Last night I had to swing by Walmart to pick up a furnace filter. I was wondering why my furnace sounded funny and then it hit me...when was the last time I changed the filter. Well, I bought one that's 4 inches too short because I couldn't remember what size I needed, but that will do until Friday and the furnace is purring along now. I just might have to dust a bit more. Also made meatloaf yesterday because I had to do something with the ground beef in my fridge.

I really need to menu plan better, I too often buy something and then have to toss it because I didn't have a plan as to what to use it in. That's my goal this coming week, come up with a plan and put it on the fridge and try to organize so I can prep stuff the day before so when I walk in the door...shazam I can make dinner. That's another reason the workouts haven't happened this week. I get home hum and haw over what to make for dinner and it gets later. I need quick cooking ideas so I can get home workout and then make dinner. I think I just gave myself some homework.

Have a great day everybody!

Wednesday, January 17, 2007

Whoo Hoo it worked

I successfully logged into my online class yesterday and I did my test as well so now the only thing between me and being finished is "The Group Project". I have my question and a bit of research but we wanted to all have our questions finished by Friday. Which means homework tonight and fraudulent research during work hours tomorrow. I'm going out to dinner Thursday night. I just need to have it done sometime on Friday so it can be in the late hours. The project isn't due until Wednesday. Of course we still need to compile all the work.

I really really despise group projects. I prefer to work solo especially if there are grades involved.

Food wise last night was just weird. Had breakfast at 5:30am, got lured into seeking out an egg english muffin at 10:30. They were out of english muffins so got it on a bagel (should have chosed toast). However I did vow to not eat again until I was hungry. So at 5pm met a friend for a latte and she gave the other half of her carrot cake. O.K not ideal but at least it wasn't hole. Got home and had to keep an eye on the clock so I could log into my course before 7:30. Had Baby Bell cheese and turkey bites for dinner.

Weighed myself this morning and I was down 2lbs. Weird, just plain weird. Today was better. Had to go to meeting at lunch but the portions weren't big. However it will be soup for dinner. This has been a bad week for tracking and exercise. Oh well it's a week out of the rest of my life.

I shall pick up and move on.

Hope everyone had a great day and we'll see ya tomorrow.

Tuesday, January 16, 2007

The Globes and Ice cream

Food was again a bit of a disaster yesterday, not as bad as the weekend which I'll consider a victory. I was doing pretty good with Gardennay soup and hummous but then I started watching the Golden Globes and of course when watching incredibly skinny women in incredibly expensive dresses I must have ice cream. That wasn't so much the case but the low fat Breyer's did call my name. I got some and then only ate half so not so bad but still not OP.

The rest of the afternoon was rough as snack attack wielded it's ugly head. Today I'm armed with only healthy and portion controlled snacks so hopefully I can fend off temptation.

Didn't workout yesterday either as I had a wicked headache thanks to the chinook, more of a headache, neck and shoulder ache. While the majority of North America is facing Winter's wrath, we have nice weather. We had the wrath last week. I have to say the weather is just weird especially in the States. I feel so bad for these people because most of them don't know what to do with crazy winter weather as it just doesn't happen where they live. Ice storms are especially awful.

Only watched the first half of the Globes. I loved Hugh Laurie's speech thought it was pretty funny. I have to say this is one of my favourite award shows just because people seem to be having a good time and they're drinking. The Oscars always seem like they're waiting to get to the party.

I was super happy that America Ferrar (sp?) won for Ugly Betty, she rocks on that show.

It's take two of the online course tonight as it now appears my home computer has all that I need, so fingers are crossed that it works. Then all it cost me was $18 for speakers as opposed to a heck of a lot more for a new computer.

Off to drink lots of water and not think about snacks

Monday, January 15, 2007

All seems to be good

I say seems just to hedge my bets.

Dad is feeling better, after I convinced him to take the penicillin that his doctor had given him and to follow the instructions. He'll still get a phone call everyday until I'm certain he's back to normal.

My home computer is more fabulous than I originaly thought. I have a sound card, it was my speakers that were toast. Well that and the sound card wasn't "turned on", the only thing I need to do now is download a power point viewer and I have everything I need for the online courses. I even discovered that I can dictate to Word, it's a bit hit and miss but entertained me for a bit. I'm also on the hunt for a reasonable priced headphone/microphone.

I was down 1.6 at WI which just goes to prove that working out helps. The weekend was a points disaster but that's the past. I know this will be a tough week because it's snack attack week so I'm arming myself with healthy snacks.

Found the WW cakes on the weekend, I had been looking in the freezer sections a la Smart Ones but no they're in the bakery section. 1pt each, and they're very small but that of course is why they're 1pt each. So far I tried the carrot one and it's not bad. The icing is a little tough but I think I'll try putting in the microwave for a few seconds. I also bought the chocolate one, now I just need to find the lemon one. Also found Kozy Shack Rice pudding made with Splenda and some new flax seed apparently incredibly good for you english muffins.

Also went to Costco and picked up a huge container of Spring salad mix, mandarin fruit bowls, fresh blackberries, baby bell cheese and hummous.

My goal for the rest of this week is to stick to 23pts per day. I should technically be doing 22pts because I nudged into the 160s. I'm still closer to 170 then 160 so I'm sticking to 23pts.

I'm going back to the food accountability on here as well.

The Food:
Oat bran - 1,
Brown Sugar - 2
2 cups Coffee -4
Salad with spring mix, tomatoes, gr onions, Chick peas, a bit of shredded cheese and light Italian Dressing - 6
Yogurt - 1
Apple - 1
Sub Total: 17/23

6pts left for dinner and I'm thinking of a Gardennay soup and some FF Chocolate pudding which would still leave 2pts but since this weekend was pretty bad (I did write it all down in my journal) I might stop there. The workout plan for tonight is Step Aerobics . I picked up the new Kathy Smith Matrix strength workout dvd and I'll try that on Tuesday.

Here's to a good week!

Friday, January 12, 2007

Wee bit of stress - wee less

I couldn't log into my online course yesterday, apparently a firewall in work computer prevents me from doing so. Which I find weird because it lets me do the demos on the software's web page.

So now I must purchase a new computer. I'm thinking laptop but desktop might be cheaper. I already have a desktop that doesn't meet the requirements and of course it can't be updated but it's a good little machine. I think I'll go laptop and router then I can use desktop as back up.

Update: It looks like my colleague can update my home computer and all I might need to do is buy a sound card. I'll do a systems check when I get home and go from there. Fingers are crossed this saves me about a thousand dollars.

My first stress was due to trying to log on to the course, the second stress was realizing I had to purchase a new computer and the third stress was my Dad has a fever. My Dad never gets sick so that's just weird, it did sound like it was breaking last night so I'm really hoping he feels better or I'll be really worried.

Now the challenge is to not eat the stress, stick to healthy choices and have faith it will all work out.

I'm intrigued as to what I'll see tomorrow on the scale.

Have a great day everybody!

Thursday, January 11, 2007


It was a balmy -36 (with windchill) this morning and the only visible part of me while waiting for the bus was a thin slit showing my eyes. Thankfully it should warm up a bit, it's funny how -18 can feel fantastic compared to -36, it should be minus single digits by the weekend, heck break out the shorts.

I can't complain, it's winter after all and to be totally honest I prefer cold versus stinking hot.

The points weren't so great last night but I did get better as the day went on. I did do 38min of Kathy Smith Step Aerobics and really enjoyed it. I think I like the defined rhythm better too, the one thing I find with the 1st workout on the first Biggest Loser DVD is they all have a different pace which makes it difficult for me. So I've now worked out for 4 days in a row.

The Walmart flyer showed some new Kathy Smith DVDs called the Matrix Method. I'm intrigued but haven't found any concrete info on what these workouts involve. Might have to check it out.

Tonight will be a rest day since I have to stay late to do an online course. I haven't noticed too much movement on the scale but there's still two days to go. I have the day planned for buying lunch and supper with 2 pts remaining. So I'm leaving my tracker on my desk open to today so I'm constantly aware of where I am points wise. I'm officially out of flex points so I must be good for the next two days.

Today's focus shall be water since that continues to be a challenge for me. I really think the thing I need to remember is to take this all day by day. Not think about the past or the future just day by day.

Have a great day everybody!

Wednesday, January 10, 2007

Cold Weather = Snacking

An artic freeze has descended on my fair city in the last 24 hours bringing us vicious wind chills of -36 celsius.

This type of weather always makes me crave bad food, I'm not sure why but today has been tough. I factored in that I was buying lunch today so left a huge window of points but it didn't stop there. There's been swedish berries, pop corn and halloween candy. I haven't journalled any of it yet because I'm in denial but I will and it looks like 2pt soup for supper and one serious cardio workout.

I tried to do the Biggest Loser cardio workout last night but that lunge sequence kills me and that's about as far as I got so still about 20min of high pumping cardio but I definitely need to switch it up. It's either going to be the old stand by of step aerobics or tae bo tonight. I'm leaning towards step aerobics because I haven't done it in awhile and it's sort of a comfort thing. I think the plan for me is to still alternate cardio and strength but change up the workouts. It's like I knew what was coming with the Biggest Loser workout and my mind started to rebel. If I leave that particular workout for a week then I won't be so predisposed against it.

So a slight bump in my plan but no derailment - I'll take that as victory

Tuesday, January 09, 2007

Weight loss ad bombardment

Well so far so good, I've actually worked out 2 days in a row and have earned myself two stickers on the workout calendar on my fridge. I've decided to try the 6 week plan on the first Biggest Loser DVD, I might get bored by then but I'll keep up the alternating of strength and cardio.
On Sunday night I did the cardio workout and found that hard, I was a bit disappointed in myself because a few weeks ago I could get through it without any problem. Then I talked to my training partner and she so brilliantly reminded me that we've not yet recovered from the marathon. I tell ya that baby knocked the wind out of both of us. We both have to rebuild our endurance levels so now on top of giving myself a sticker for each workout, I also write how I felt about the workout so I can see how long it takes to improve.
Monday night I did the strength workout and I'm pretty proud of myself. I got home after work and I was ravenous so I made supper first and then got watching this show on TLC about a mother and father of 13, they have 3 sets of twins. I didn't get around to the workout until about 8pm. The important part of this is I did it and didn't talk myself out of it.

Tonight it's cardio again but what I'll do this time is have a protein snack (turkey bite or baby bell cheese) when I get home so that I do the workout right when I get home then make dinner.

Points wise I've been doing well, not perfect but as Alea said it's all about writing down the good, the bad and the ugly. Today I really need to focus on water, that's been a hurdle lately.

In regards to the title of today's entry, the major thing I've just shaken my head at is the bombardment of weight loss ads due to all those New Year's resolutions. No wonder we all get so confused and frustrated when all these ads promise quick fixes and miracle elixirs. They feature models that have never had a weight issue showing how you to can get the super duper abs by only forking over some moolah. All I can say is - Oy Vey.

Sunday, January 07, 2007


New features on the tickertracker weightloss option, now you can also put your BMI on there, and it asked for a password so that if you want to change things you don't have to start over...neato. The goal of 140 is fueled by hitting the mark so I can get lifetime at WW. I might aim for a wee lower because that would put me just on cusp of health bmi, but who knows I have no idea what my ideal weight should be since I've been chubby practically my whole life. Time will tell.

I was up 1.2 at my meeting which doesn't faze me. I'm not sure if it's due to the week before or the sodium content of cold medication. It's a new week and that's that.

The thing I found interesting this meeting was the topic of Winning Outcomes, the question "Why do you want this?" was on the board and that really made me think. I looked at my weigh in book and it seems the same 4lbs keep going back and forth. Mind you the marathon thing had an impact and so did the Holidays but it really made me think of why do I want this because if I really want this I can make it happen.

I want this because I want to live a healthy life, if I'm meant to have kids I want to have the habits in place to raise them healthy.

I want to not be invisible, I don't want to feel frumpy that doesn't mean I want to dress like I'm 13. I just want to have more options.

I will hit my goal in 2007 and more importantly make good habits a solid part of my life.

I've put the workout goal for the month of January on my fridge and it begins today with some Biggest Loser DVD cardio.

Must now go fold laundry, here's to a great week!

Friday, January 05, 2007

Planning time

Alright planning time!
I did have a veggie heavy supper yesterday with some steamed green beans with a wee bit of szechwan sauce and a Dr. Knorr soup (potatoe veggie something 2pts for the whole box). I think I'll be stocking up on those low point soups, I just find the WW 0pt soup a cavernous mass that for one person gets boring after a while. My veggie superstar supper was followed by chocolate pudding and a some snacking. I think that was more due to boredom and the frustrations of my living space being a bit messy. I can get a wee overwhelmed with chaos and then think about it while snacking. Well this morning I straightened up so tonight I can start on some chores and therefore not have my weekend consumed by them.

I caught the tail end of an episode of Dave Lieberman - Good Deals on Food Network, first of all he's so cute and may be added to my list of future fictional husbands, second of all he was making this low point appearing Moroccan chickpea stew. I must see if nutritional info is available. The theme of this episode was cheap, healthy work day meals so you can freeze and reheat which was my plan for this weekend providing I clean out my mini deep freeze.

My other plan is to create a workout plan today so I can post it on my fridge. I've been very negligent in this area lately. I quit the gym since it was boring me to tears and shall now embrace my dvd library. I might reconsider a gym in the future but instead of joining one on the fly I'll research better next time.

I've already completed a few assignments for my prereq course and I've got this great feeling of accomplishment going on. Hopefully that will keep up when the core courses start.

After going through my daily reads today, I really do think 2007 is the year of positivity. I've tried in this before but I'm going to try again and post a positive thought about myself as well as my food plan.

Here it goes: I'm cute.

Food plan today:
B:Squirrelly Bread Toast - 1, Nutella- 2, Milk-2 =5
S:Coffee - 2, Yogurt -1, Apple-1, 2pt Bar-2 =6 (These are for throughout the day)
L:Egg Salad Sandwich - 6 =6
Sup: Perogies - 3, Turkey Bite-2, Green Beans-0, Light Sour Cream-1 =6

This also includes copious amounts of water and the challenge of no snacks after supper.
The mantra will be WI tomorrow and that should keep me on track.

We can do this!

Thursday, January 04, 2007

It begins!

So I finally got information on the online course I'm taking. I did sign up on Dec. 28th and course started yesterday. I thought it might be a little late because of my late signing up. I honestly think I took the last spot. The course is "learning online" which is a prerequisite for all the other courses I'll be taking.

I'm going after a certificate in Human Resources Management. I work in HR and would like to get my CHRP designation which makes me a supreme ruler in HR (not really but I like the sound of that). I already have a double degree so I like the idea of just taking the courses I need to get me on my way. I'm pretty excited about doing courses again, not so much the tests but feeding my brain.

The take two of the cake turned out really well, it took an extra 11 minutes to bake on top of what the instructions said. The icing turned out wicked sweet, which is good then I won't eat it. Overall I think the dark chocolate of the cake will offset the icing, at least I hope so.

Stayed OP yesterday too, so I'm mighty pleased with myself.

The scale hasn't been too friendly but it always amazes me who much of a change you can see even in a few days.

Food Today:
B: Squirrely Bread Toast - 1, Nutella - 2, Milk - 2 =5
S: Coffee x 2 = 4
L:Egg Salad Sandwich - 6, Half a pack of pizza pretzels -2=8
Thus Far: 17/23

I'll need to do something veggie heavy for supper since those have been lacking today, I also need to abandon the coffee and get some water.

I'm so excited that there's a new Ugly Betty tonight!

Wednesday, January 03, 2007

Baby Steps

Unscheduled interruption: One of my colleagues just told me she'd like to nominate me for What Not to Wear, I'm like WHAT!. She goes on to say that I must have a small wardrobe. Is this because perhaps she's seen me wearing this sweater before. I was gobsmacked.
My reply - I intend to lose another 30lbs, right now more things come out of my closet that are too big and I'm certainly not going to replace an entire wardrobe every 10lbs. I buy things as I need them. People, I'm wearing a sweater and dress pants perhaps not up to her Ralph Lauren ensemble but come on. Despite my delightful personality I do battle body image issues (who doesn't?) but I certainly didn't expect this from someone who didn't like how they looked in the photographs taken at Christmas.

I'm now insulted, I would love someone to give me $5000 bucks for new clothes but when I'm at goal because I will get there.

Rant over - the originally scheduled blog entry is below.
I shall now drink my frustrations away with water.

Alright so last night didn't exactly go as planned. As I mentioned there was a Starbucks whoops and then the rest of the day went perfectly to plan until I got home.

I stopped off at the mall to pick up a pack of cake mix. I have to bake yet another birthday cake for work and I'm trying something out of the Cake Mix Doctor. At any rate by the time I got home it was now 6pm ish and I was hungry. Being in a grocery store while hungry is never good. Hence I had McCain's fries for supper it's 3pts for 22 fries, I didn't count I just tossed on a pan so I'm counting it has 5, it could be less but better I go higher than lower.

Then I made the cake, the batter smelled just like home made I was impressed. Baked it according to directions after 30min took it out and did the touch test. Looked o.k, but when I went to take it out of the pan I discovered the middle wasn't done. Of course I had to try the edges to see if it actually tasted did.

So tonight I do it again and this time I'll be very sure to use the toothpick test in the middle of the cake.

Alas today is a new day and one can always start back at step one.

Food Today:
2 Slices WW Toast - 3
Light Margarine - 2
Cinnamon with a little sugar - 1
Coffee - 2

Chunky Soup with added veggies - 3
Yogurt - 2

2Pt Bar Lemon Dream - 2
Apple - 1

Not sure what to have for supper but 8pts gives me a fair bit of wiggle room.
The challenge tonight will be to not over taste the strawberry buttercream icing.

The good news about my cake disaster of yesterday is that resulted in a very fast walk to Safeway and back bright and early this morning :)

Tuesday, January 02, 2007

Welcome to 2007!

First of all can I say how motivated I am by all this positivity on the weight loss focused blogs. I love it!
I'm so with you all, I did make progress over 2006 but my head was not completely in the games so as I said the other day that all changes.

Of course I didn't exactly go cold turkey but between watching Super Size Me, You are what you eat and You're Body Clock on t.v yesterday certainly offered some serious encouragement.

Lesson I re-learned this morning, never guess the points. Met a coworker at the front door of our office this morning and she asked if I wanted to go to Starbucks, I went and chose a Grande Skim Milk White Chocolate Mocha (guessing the points to be around 5), got back to the office and looked it up on their website...ah 7pts. The good thing is I can definitely plan my day around that.
Next time - A Grande Skim Milk Latte with Sugar Free Hazelnut - 3pts.
I forgot my tracker today but I think I should also write this stuff down as a handy reminder.
It's way to easy (especially if you've been doing WW for a while) to guess or estimate points. I'm going back to measuring things like cereal as that serving size can get bigger without you even realizing.

I'm also back to being accountable to the blog (very handy for days I forget my journal) so here's today's food run down anything in green means it's completed.

Oatmeal - 2
Honey - 1
Milk - 2

A.M Snack: Grande Skim Milk White Chocolate Mocha - 7
Point used so far: 12/23

1/2 can Chunky Soup with added veggies - 3
Yogurt - 1
Points used so far: 16/23

P.M Snack:
Mint Chocolate Chip 2pt bar - 2

Points used so far: 18/23

McCains Oven Fries - 5

Ketchup and FF Miracle Whip - 1
Handful of chocolate cake disaster - 5
Points: 29/23

I'm just so proud of all my blog friends, you will all be successfull I just know it.