Monday, October 16, 2006

A wee bit in the wrong direction

So my long weekend did cause we some issues, up 0.8 not too bad really and hopefully I'll lose it by this Saturday.

The Foodfest was awesome but I did not overindulge in a crazy way. There were numerous restaurants offering exotic option and I'm not an adventurous eater so those were easy to avoid. We spent just under 4hrs there and were wandering around the whole time so I'm thinking some sort of AP was earned. I'm hoping anyway since I slept in and didn't do my 13K on Sunday morning

Sunday went to the farmers market and had a little sample of saskatoon pie but didn't buy any. Had a gourmet Hot Dog and a cupcake for lunch so not the wisest choice but I'm not worried. I'm quite pleased with myself for not buying anything to take home.

Today it's right back on track and I have hamburger helper (Salsbury) for lunch with added veggies. Now I'm thinking I could have made my own hamburger stew sort of thing with Club House Gravy and some veggies or maybe a mock sheperd's pie with cauliflower as the mashed potatoe. Of course the creative chef kicks in after my meals for this week have already been planned.

I left the house without the recipe that I was going to post today so if I have time tonight I'll post it if not I'll post it on Tuesday. It's for Beef and Noodle Au Gratin (5pts per serving). So stay tuned for that.

Tonight is 60min of training and I'm hoping the pathways are in good condition. We haves snow falling and it looks like the heavy stuff that likes to stay around. Training partner is on nights this week (poor thing) so we'll see if she's awake enough to go with me. If not I might do a dvd instead.

Woke up to news that Hawaii got a 6.6 Quake, thankfully it sounds like there were just a few injuries and no deaths. That's a pretty big shake-up and Oahu is one of the places that had power knocked out but it appears that it's been restored. Aftershocks are expected for the next week. How this progresses will make me seriously wonder about Hawaii in December. Everything is paid for and I didn't buy cancellation insurance for my flight so if I cancel I lose out. But if it's money vs. self preservation, self preservation will win.

Hope everyone had a great weekend!


jodi said...

the farmers market sounds like a lot of fun, what is saskatoon pie? and i'm sure the .8 pounds will come off by the weekend... looking forward to that beef noodle au gratin recipe too... :o)

The Glitterati said...

Yikes. Hopefully those crazy islands will be all settled down by the time you get there! (Oh, you might already know this, but you might still be able to get travel insurance through RBC Visa. It's like, $29 or something (depending on how long you'll be gone), and includes travel health insurance, lost luggage, and I believe cancellations due to illness or calamity.)

And if you're still looking for the GU gels, they can apparently be bought at the Running Room (at least in TO).

Sonya said...

You're doing great - 0.8lbs is probably like, wearing thicker socks or something during your WI;-).

Keep it up - your marathon is just around the corner. And don't worry about the quake - it'll all be settled by the time you go!