Friday, November 30, 2012

Face the scale

This has been a crazy week, filled with stress and long hours (averaged 13hrs a day this week), losing a day off today as I had to be in Fort McMurray for a meeting and did not walk in my front door till 7:40pm.

Summoned to work in Calgary for two days next week which also required a monster amount of pre-work. Still need to do a bit of that over the next two days.

Forgot my Weight Watchers tracker on my coffee table and while I could of used the app on my phone I did not. Those 13hr days led to no time in the gym.

Lugged what felt like a 400lb computer bag around today as I wasn't expecting to work in Calgary next week and needed to take my computer with me but did not have laptop backpack with me. I had to beg IT for an extra computer bag.

I didn't follow any of my pre-weigh in habits (all food and drink cut off by 7pm) as I got home late and needed dinner. I also had a cup of hot chocolate with Bailey's as well.

Drank water when I remembered which wasn't as often as it should have been.

You know what I'm going to weigh in tomorrow and just face the scale. Blips happen, no use burying one's head in the sand just face it head on.

Hope your week went well.


Sunday, November 25, 2012

Can't believe it's been a week

Wow does time fly by or what.

I can't believe it's been a week since I've posted.

Well this time of year is super busy for me as the HR cycles for my company start ramping up now. I had a big meeting on Monday hence why I flew up Sunday afternoon and that went well.

I got a new boss a few weeks ago and while we're still getting to know each other I get the feeling she will keep me on my toes on top of it being the busiest time of year. I had an all day meeting I was supposed to go to tomorrow but a project will keep from a least a part of it.

On Friday I need to be in Fort McMurray for a morning meeting so I'll be flying home from there instead of home on Thursday. Gosh it's funny as I had to think about liquids. On the company plane we're not restricted as to what we can carry on and of course whole different story when you fly commercial.

I think my Nike Sports Watch is a piece of junk. Mind you I haven't used it in awhile but I dusted it off on Monday and it would not pick up the HR monitor. I thought maybe the battery was dead so I brought it home with me and got a new battery. I find I prefer Garmin. I know my pace is way lower on the Nike then a Garmin and they're both using foot pods on the treadmill.

I use a Garmin Forerunner 610 when I'm at home and I love it. However I couldn't get it to pair with my computer. Yesterday I was just on my computer and shazaam it paired. I'm going to bring it with me to site and carry it back and forth so I can truly compare my data for awhile and see how that works.

I haven't even created my training plan for the Hypothermic Half on February 9th. I'm doing that tonight so I can get on track.

On the scale front I had to do a drive by weigh in on Saturday as I was heading to a Christmas fair with friends. I was down .2.

I'm super curious about the upcoming plan changes and I'm figuring Canada will be a few weeks behind the US but I do hope we get the Activelink. We shall see.

Today was all about house cleaning as I have avoided it a little too much lately. I vacuumed floor and furniture, dusted, cleaned the bathroom from top to bottom, changed bed clothes, steam cleaned pillows and comforter and now I'm just finishing laundry. The only thing I didn't get done was the kitchen but I left my steam mop right where I can see it so when I get home on Friday I'll do it.

Apologies for the scattered post I just wanted to drop by and wish everyone a great week.


Sunday, November 18, 2012

Operation Success Day 2

Back to blogging from my iPad as I'm too lazy to boot up the computer in my camp room.

Let me go back to yesterday.

I went to weigh in and was up .8 which I'll take as admirable after a week at Disney World. This is my starting weight for my Operation Success.

We had a sub leader who was delightful at the start of the meeting she had as all pick a straw.

She then asked us what was the last straw that brought you in to WeightWatchers. Whoa I knew at that moment this would be a good meeting.

We talked about goals external vs internal.

Boy do I know a lot about goals from my job. As I've mentioned before I work in HR and every year we go through goal translation and developmental goals. I've become a bit of a goal whisperer helping coworkers create goals that follow SMART.

S- simple
M - measurable
A- achievable
R- realistic
T- timely

So I was a bit more vocal in this meeting then I typically am. I sit by myself in the back.

I talked about external vs internal. For me an external goal is a carrot like I want to be at goal by my birthday. An internal goal is something that will keep you going including past that "birthday" like I want to lower my blood pressure or cholesterol. It's kind of like frivolous vs serious. I strongly believe you need both.

For me an external goal is to rock a swimsuit with confidence.

My internal goals are to have a positive impact and responsibility for my health. At one point I said I felt like if I don't get this done I'm essentially committing suicide. A little dramatic perhaps but so many diseases are linked to obesity.

My last straw was I knew I couldn't successfully lose and keep off the weight without help. I was tired of dressing for camouflage and being a passenger in my life.

The whole meeting was just an amazing kick off to Operation Success.

I have now tracked for 2 days.

I decide to fly to work tonight as opposed to tomorrow morning as I need to prepare for a meeting tomorrow and this way I can get into the office early.

What was your last straw?

I took that straw home and pinned it on my wall just above my race medal rack.


Friday, November 16, 2012

Operation Success (OS)

It's so nice to be blogging from a computer after a week on an iPad. I will never take a proper keyboard for granted again.

Got home at 10pm last night which of course felt like midnight as I was still on Eastern Standard Time. I woke up at 6am and thought heck no and then woke up at 10am which is so unlike me.

I unpacked and then headed to the grocery store as I was out of a few things. Left the grocery store with only what was on the list. I then pretty much cleaned off my pvr.

Not an exciting today but mildly productive.

This trip to the Wine and Dine Half Marathon was the longest I've gone away by myself. I've done weekends before but this was a full week on my own. I was pleased that I stuck to my plan to ride rides and explore the parks.

It also gave me loads of time to think.

Tomorrow I go to weigh in and I'll be starting a new weigh in book, very fitting in my mind.

I've done "operations" before like Operation Hottie, and Operation Enough 1and 2. Well I have new operation and I'm calling it Operation Success. A more positive spin on "enough" and a focus on behaviour and lifestyle as opposed to "hottie". Mind you Operation Hottie was all about Vegas.

It's a very simple operation with very simple steps.

1. Track everything and stay on plan
2. Follow my training plan (as I've now booked a half marathon every 3-4 months it's all about those including yoga and strength training).
3. Drink 2L of water per day

Very simple but focusing on the positive.

As I was approaching that finish line at the Wine and Dine Half I had a huge smile on my face, also unusual as I tend to look like I'm about to pass out.

The reason I was smiling is because I was thinking on how much better I'll do at my next race. I'm not disappointed with my 6 min slower time then my last race. I know I can do better and better.

Tomorrow I'll go to weigh in and the meeting, then return to Zumba and Iron Reps. After that I need to go vote on the Federal By-Election at advanced voting as I won't be here for the actual date.

I hope all of you had a great Friday


Thursday, November 15, 2012

Official last few hours at Disney World

Alas I do have time to blog today. Check out is at 11am but I have express checkout so I don't need to physically check out - awesome.

It's funny everyday since I've been here the forecast has said it might rain but it hasn't until this morning. I'll chill in the room till I need to vacate and find somewhere to wait for 2hrs.

I need to take the shuttle 4hrs before departure time as I'm on an international flight. I didn't get the ticket attached to my door this morning which is normal process but I got a printed one from the baggage desk with no problem. Had I taken the shuttle to the hotel from the airport I probably would have had it on my door.

Disney does have awesome customer service that's for sure.

I figured I'd share some shots of my hotel. I chose to stay at the All Star Music Resort as it was one of the hotels that provided race transportation and it was a value property. I figured save money on the room and spend it in the park instead. I got a reduced park ticket with the race registration. I'm glad I went with the park hopper option as for a few days I did go to 2 parks. The parks have a different feel during the day and night. As it's Christmas season at Disney going in the evening means you can see all the fabulous lights.

The All Star properties have all the basics. I booked it on Orbitz as I got a better deal then with the transportation provider for the race. I chose a preferred room which is one level up. It wasn't clear how it was better based on room description. What it meant was that I was in a wing closer to the main building where the food court, front desk, gift shop and bus transportation. It's also closer to the big pool actually right across from the pool. At All Star Music Calypso 1& 10 are the closest.

I got a King bed, there's a little table with two chairs, armoire with shelving, drawers and there's a bar fridge in there too. Bathroom has bath and shower. A iron, ironing board, in room safe and hair dryer were all provided. In terms of toiletries it's a bottle of shampoo/conditioner and bar soap. An abundance of towels are provided as you can't get towels at the pool instead you bring from your room.

Free Wifi is provided in the room and in the main building. It's a little iffy as it's super slow during peak time. First thing in the morning up till 8am is great and then usually after 5pm. In between those hours are hit and miss.

Best thing I bought was the refillable mug. It cost $15.49, I think it's included if you go with a dining plan. I got a lot of use out of this thing with the free refills this includes pop, tea, coffee, and cocoa. It handles both cold and hot beverages really well. I could refill this mug at any of the All Star Resorts. I mostly ate at the resort.

Of course there are kids everywhere but I wasn't the only person sitting at a table on their own.

The housekeepers put these little face cloth critters in all the windows. I'm thinking it's a system of some sort but I thought he was cute.

I would definitely stay here again. With the bus transportation every park and water park was one bus away with maybe one stop at All Star Sports to pick people up or drop them off.

So I'm now chilling on the patio off the food court as I wait for the shuttle. Moments ago I was in the lobby and they decorated overnight for Christmas. I swear that tree wasn't there yesterday. Note the musical accents - it's that Disney detail.

The next time I write to you will be from home so enjoy your Thursday.

Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Last day at Disney World

Feeling a little melancholy today and it's not about going home tomorrow.

I got the email from Brightroom today that race photos were posted. When I looked at my photos I felt disappointment and it was all about how I had all this time to prepare for this race, heck it's not even about the race. I look at these photos and I see how much work I need to do as all I see is fat. I think about January to now and where I could be in terms of weight loss.

I will buy a few of them as I think it will serve as good motivation.

I know it's not wise to dwell on woulda, coulda, shoulda. I need the fire within to reignite. It sort of has on this trip. So enough and let me spin more to the positive.

I was looking at my Run Disney lanyard and thought it needed a lanyard medal. The lanyards do look a little funny with nothing attached. I'm going to hang it next to my medal rack as an anchor. I saw this dragon and it spoke to me - it's that fire within. I thought it might have been for Chinese New Year but nope no special occasion. To me that made it even more special.

Now on the weight loss front I haven't tracked at all on this trip. I have tried to stick to eating when hungry and stopping before the plate was clean which I've done. I've certainly been moving a lot walking around all those parks.

I will deal with the scale at weigh in on Saturday and it's 100% on plan to get this show on the road. I am happy I have 3 days off before I return to work to grocery shop and meal plan.

Today is essentially my last day here. I confirmed my spot on the Disney Airport shuttle and I'll be heading out at 1:30pm. So after check out at 11am I'll just read next to the pool. Today I went to Downtown Disney and went to see Skyfall. I am a big James Bond fan. I was going to see this movie this weekend with friends but due to Twilight frenzy the thought is to not go. Now due to everyone's schedules we were now looking at the end of November. I couldn't wait. I'll see it again with them though, it was awesome. I can honestly say one of the best Bond films in the 50 year history.

Is it just me are American movie theaters better? I did find it funny that it cost $6 yet the Canadian dollar is at par and it will cost $13 at home.

I do hope you all enjoyed your day. I will most likely blog again on Friday.


Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Day 6 continued - Disney Hollywood Studios

When I get home I'm going to look for a new camera perhaps via airmiles so free. The iPhone was not designed for action shots. I apologize for some of the blurry photos I've been posting.

I got to Disney Hollywood Studios just before 4pm and there were no lines at all. I arrived just in time for a parade. It was fun the dog from Up! was running around where I was but I wasn't fast enough to get a shot - another example where a camera might have been handy.

I then went to the Indiana Jones' Epic Stunt Spectacular it was very entertaining. They acted out some stunts from the movies while explaining what went in to it. The real Indiana Jones and Karen Allen stunt doubles were in it. The best part was the audience extras as they were pretty funny background villagers.

From there I went to Star Tours as I am a big Star Wars fan. It was good but I have to admit I'm not a fan of 3D. I prefer my onscreen entertainment to be 2D.

Two things I really wanted to check out we're closed :( That was Lights, Motors, Action Extreme Stunt Show and the Studio Backlot Tour. Alas I think I'll be back more on that further down.

As I wandered around I could pick up parts were we ran through. It looks a lot different filled with people and in daylight. I do remember running past the Tower of Terror and thinking how ominous it looked.

I waited patiently for the light festivities start. I so wish I had shots from when we ran by. They were all lit up and the street was empty. You get the idea from the photos below. It is a sight to be seen and I love the hidden Mickey's.

I do find myself a little park(ed) out after 4 days of parks. I'm now thinking about going to a movie tomorrow (half price compared to home) and spend time at the pool.

As I was having dinner tonight I was thinking how I kind of want to do all of the RunDisney runs. The Disneyland Half is in August which lines up with my "a half marathon every 3-4 months. I might put the Princess Half on the 2014 schedule as that looks like so much fun. If I do decide to do a marathon again ( I did swear never again after Honolulu in 2006) why not a Disney one? Now that wouldn't be anytime soon I want a few years to prep and make sure it's something I want. I do think the Goofy (half marathon, followed by a marathon the next day) would be one heck of a challenge to work towards.

On the bus to the half I was talking to a girl who had done the Vegas Rock n' Roll Half and said it was poorly organized. I have a co- worker doing it this December. That one intrigued me too.

All this time to myself gives me loads of time to think.

Hugs from Disney World.

Day 5 & 6- Mickey's Christmas Party and Animal Kingdom

I was really looking forward to Mickey's Very Merry Christmas Party and it didn't disappoint. They gave you a wrist band when you entered the Magic Kingdom. My 3rd wristband of this trip. The event was sold out. I was wondering how they would clear out the guests who didn't have a ticket. The Magic Kingdom closed at 5pm and the party was to start at 7pm.

I got there at 6pm and there was a special check in entrance for the party goers. The parade was at 8:15pm so I immediately hit the rides. Right when I entered the park I got to watch Cinderella's Castle transform into a glittery festival.

Magic Kingdom is very similar to Disneyland. The park was completely lit up for the Holiday Season. Vendors were selling light up stuff all over the place so I joined in.

You got cocoa and cookies with your ticket. They were both excellent.

In Adventureland I checked out the Jungle Cruise (just as cheesy fun as I remember from Disneyland) and Pirates of the Caribbean

In Frontierland I tried out Big Thunder Mountain Railroad, wowsers it's been a long time since I've been on a roller coaster.

Never had longer then a 10min wait for any of the rides.

At 7pm as I wandered they were checking for wristbands every time you lined up for a ride and when you crossed from one area to another. Ah mystery solved. I learned today that it takes 2hrs to empty a park. So park closing for regular guests at 5pm made sense.

The Parade was so awesome and I recorded the whole thing on my iPhone. I'll post it a little closer to Christmas and a heads up it was 20min but totally worth it.

I then headed to Liberty Square and went on the Haunted Mansion. Brought back memories of the first time I rode this when I first visited Disneyland a million years ago.

I arrived in Fantasyland and found the Tigger hoody I've been looking for everywhere. I saw a girl with it on a few days ago and knew I had to have it. I got to the bridge just in time for an amazing fireworks show. At this point the park was packed as it was now 10pm so I called it a night.

Today I returned to Animal Kingdom as I ran through it twice I could now explore at a leisurely pace. I am so impressed with the Disney World transportation. Every park is one bus from the All Star resorts. The driver today was phenomenal. He gave us all guides when we got on the bus, told us some things about the park and was just so amazing.

I went Kilimanjaro Safaris - so awesome and we saw loads of animals. I walked along the Pagani Forest Exploration Trail and then made my way to Asia. I went on the Kali River Rapids and got 100% soaked. It was worth it. I then saw Expedition Everest and it freaked me out so I passed. I picked up a useful souvenir for when I go home. I then wandered through DinoLand U.S.A. I got to the park a little after 9am and it was now noon so I decided to head back to the hotel as I was still a little wet. Once again the rides had 10min waits including Everest.

One odd thing I've noticed is how quiet it gets at noon. I was the only one on the bus back to the hotel. We swung by All Star Sports and there wasn't anyone waiting. When I got to All Star Music I grabbed lunch and the food court was empty. Even when I left Animal Kingdom no one was lining up to get in.

I think my method of one park in the morning, rest at the hotel and then one park in the afternoon/evening works really well.

Later I'm going to Hollywood Studios I have to see those lights and share them with you.

Tomorrow I need to think of where I want to go. I don't really want to go out of Disney World. I'm thinking about returning to Epcot and then I'll see. My flight doesn't leave till 5:30pm on Thursday and I think I'll take the Disney Shuttle to the airport. Sad to be thinking about heading home so happy I still have a few days off before I return to work.

However I still have some Disney magic to experience.


Monday, November 12, 2012

Day 4 & 5 - Epcot & Downtown Disney

Hello again from Disney World

So my blogging app kind of sucks with pictures as they all load at the bottom. This might be a long post but stay tuned for photos at the end.

Yesterday (7 hours after getting back to the hotel after the Wine & Dine Half) I decided to check out Epcot. I knew Sunday would be a zoo so I figured Epcot might not be too crazy. Christmas has definitely arrived at Disney World as there are trees everywhere.

When I was at Disneyland in January I didn't go on any rides as I felt awkward being a solo rider. I promised myself that I would not do that at Disney World. When I got into the park the first thing I came across was Spaceship Earth with no line so I hopped on that. It's a cute journey through our history from caveman to recording information on papyrus to space.

I then made my way to Soarin', this ride is in California Adventure park as well. It said there was a 30min wait. There were a crazy amount of people getting Fast Passes so I figured I could handle 30min. It was far less then a 30min wait. They were placing us to get on the ride and the attendant counted me in with the family ahead of me so when a couple joined our line there was one too many people. I volunteered to step out thinking I could join another line. The attendant asked me to wait for the next ride. I asked her if she was discriminating against me as I was a single rider which made the family behind me laugh and they asked me if I'd like to join their family. The attendant promised me the best seat on the next ride. She was right as I was in the first row sailing over California.

I then went to Living with the Land. Again a 30 min wait and crazy amount of people getting Fast Passes. Again it was less then 30min. This was a slow boat tour of our history of agriculture but the really cool part was it also meant through Disney gardens growing everything from vanilla to tomato trees (yes trees). They even breed fish.

I then toured around the giant lake of the World Showcase and the first thing I see is the Canada section. Nice job on that and I love Haida art. Found it pretty funny that I found a Calgary Flames shirt so far from home. I also went to the Oh Canada circle vision film. You had to stand and Martin Short narrated. It was pretty good but kind of funny that they talked about Victoria, Vancouver, Calgary, Toronto, Montreal, Quebec City and the "maritimes". No mention at all of Saskatchewan and Manitoba nor the Yukon, Nunavit or the Northwest Territories. The Epcot Food & Wine Festival was still on but I wasn't hungry.

I planned well as the wait for Soarin' was 75min at this point.

On my way out I went to Mission Space and being a solo rider was an advantage in this case as I got to jump the line as you need 5 people per section so I was with a family of 4 who adopted me on the spot. It said 45min for the Orange ride (more intense version of the ride). The Green side is the less intense ride. It was faster then 45min. On this ride your assigned positions on a flight to Mars. I was the engineer. Whoa you felt the pressure of take off.

At this point I had been in the park for 4hrs so I headed back to the hotel with vague thoughts of checking out another park. A 4hr nap happened and I was done.

Today being Remembrance/ Veteran's Day I figured it would be a zoo again so I decided to check out Downtown Disney. Got there early as stores were just about to open.

First place I went was Disney Design- A- Tee. I realized yesterday that the I Did It shirt that I bought at the Race Expo was a small, the hanger said large so totally my fault and it's now a "goal" shirt. So I made one for me, one error on it -it should 21km not 22 but what the heck it's my design.

I then went to Once Upon A Toy. OMG they had a build your own Potato Head extravaganza. I have a collection of Potato Heads that sit in my office. I came so close to making a Tinkerbell Potato Head but then I saw Darth Mash and Sudda Fett. My collection is complete...for now.

I've also been collecting pins from these RunDisney races and this trip I found some fun ones. I didn't know how to display them and thought lanyard not to wear but hang. I found a RunDisney lanyard.

Then it was off to World of Disney, I loved this store in Downtown Disney California and I swear this one is bigger. I got myself a T-Shirt, some ears, a cool lens cloth (as I'm constantly leaving without one) and a shot glass for my collection. Now I was also shopping for others but that's a surprise for them. Oh the light up ears are from Epcot. I figured perfect for the Brita Resolution 5k.

Tonight it's Mickey's Very Merry Christmas Party

Hope you had a great day.