Wednesday, February 28, 2007

Snowing = Snacking

My office continues to be plagued by mysterious illness, no more than two at a time have the same symptoms. It's weird.
I'm still stuffed up but other than that doing well. Exercise of any kind has been no existent and I have been easily swayed by food suggestions over the past few days ie. Starbucks, Meatball Stroganoff.

Today the mission is to stay OP and so far so good. I'm going to this thing called make or take meals on Saturday and I'm quite excited. You pick things off their menu and then go and assemble the pre cut ingredients in their kitchen. So you bring home the assembled meals and most are cooked via oven or microwave. Each meal serves 4 so I'm getting it divided into 2 where possible. I went with the 10 meal option for just under $200. So that's about $20 per meal and $5 per serving. I'll have meals for a long time too. Now I just need to clean out my mini freezer and the freezer in my fridge. I'm a freezer horder, I freeze and forget so it will be good to go through and see what needs to be purged and what's still edible. I think this project will help me plan meals as well. I'll definitely keep you posted on how that goes.

I need to make another cheesecake either tonight or tomorrow. Caramel Pecan this time for a birthday on Friday. We have DQ icecream cake coming tomorrow for another birthday.

I have to get started on my portion of the group project pretty quick as well.

Hope everyone is feeling healthy!

Monday, February 26, 2007

Back among the living

Called in sick on Friday and never changed out of my pjs. Had loads of naps, stayed hydrated, couldn't decide on cold medication so tried different ones that I already owned over the weekend and I feel relatively human today. Still have sniffles and the occasional coughing fit but everything seems to be calming down. I'm just going with 2 Cold Fx's a day right now as a the preventive measure and back to taking my vitamins.

I think I'll attempt yoga tonight as jumping up and down doesn't feel quite right yet and I want to get back into a workout groove as soon as possible. There are quite a few people missing from my office today due to being sick. This is craziness, it seems like everyone got hit by it at the same time. I guess that's what February is famous for. It still amazes me that March is very soon. Where did this year go?

I was down 2lbs at weigh in which was very nice to see, I think that stems more from my workout efforts at the beginning of the week then the cold. I'm typically up when I'm sick. I did have a bit of realization looking at my WW tracker. The start of the tracker 171lbs, this week 171.2lbs with a myriad of gains and losses in between. I think I have 8 weeks left in this book and I'm bound and determined to have a noticeable difference. My goal is 160 and I'm trying to come up with a reward that will aid in encouraging me. I'll eventually think of something that I covet.

I hope all out there that are feeling icky feel better soon

Thursday, February 22, 2007

Bah to the sniffles

I fought and fought hard and today I've been permanently attached to a kleenex box. Aggh, I hate being sick. I'm going to a drug store after work to pick up that cold stuff that Glitterati recommended. I hope they have it. I don't want to call in sick tomorrow because I have a lot of computer stuff I could catch up on and suffer in silence. Dramatic...aren't I :)

Exercise is out tonight and I think it will be chicken soup and early night.

Did Hip Hop Abs again last night, still fun, felt a little unco-ordinated but I think a part of that is not feeling so well.

I need to watch the snacking that usually happens when I don't feel well and focus on water instead.

Go forth and stay healthy

Wednesday, February 21, 2007

Shake your groove thing

I dived straight in to Hip Hop Abs yesterday, well I did the tutorial first. It's a lot of fun, high energy, good music. I'm not sure my form was fantastic all the way through but I figure I can work on that. I'm going to do it again tonight.

Food wise was better once I got home, today there a mini chocolate easter eggs in the office. Not fair, it's not even close to Easter.

Not too much to report other than all that. I'm just trying to take it day by day so I see a loss on Saturday.

Have a great day everybody!

Tuesday, February 20, 2007

Lose 10lbs in 6 days

Why is it that all infomericals for fitness doohickeys claim that? Can they do that?
At any rate I was sucked in again and purchased Hip Hop Abs. I was looking for a dance type workout and I saw this guy on Ellen. Well it arrived today so guess what workout I'm doing tonight?

I'm actually quite excited about the workout dvd. I was down .4 on Saturday which I took to be a miracle considering I barely tracked all of last week. The topic at this weeks meeting gave me some things to ponder. We talked about challenges, tips and successes. What I heard was we all have the same challenges and it's funny how when you hear it from someone else you're very encouraging and positive, but if you're going through it we're self critical and defeated. I'm seriously trying to think of it in terms of how much I've accomplished thus far. When I get frustrated that I'm not losing enough (what is enough anyway?) then I think do I want to go back to where I began - hell no!

The other thing we talked about is that's it's natural to fluctuate in weight. Women know all about the retaining water but even a guy in my meeting fluctuates a few pounds.

Well the start of my weekend wasn't too point friendly but I'm okay with that.
Saturday - Went to Diner Deluxe and had an awesome grilled cheese sandwich with soup and a piece of pecan pie which was more like a turtle and not that eatable - good thing I suppose. I saw Music and Lyrics and wasn't all that impressed, it was cute but has some super slow parts. Then got home and read all the chapters in my textbook that pertain to the paper that was due the next day.
Sunday-Got up and went to get a paper, had to walk down the middle of the road due to weird ice rain that turned every sidewalk into sheer ice. When I got back I went straight to my computer and in 3hrs wrote my paper and fired it off. Fingers crossed on the mark, I really think I did the best that I can do. Then proceeded to snack on anything I could get my hands on. I tracked everything.

Monday-Got my hair cut and coloured and it looks awesome, I'll try to post a pic. Everyone says it makes me look younger, typically people guess that I'm 5-7 years younger than I actually am so I'm not sure what they'll guess now. Was very good food wise and made a vegetarian chili for work lunch.

Today-Went to Starbuck and left with a French Toast Scone, not the best idea but I'm o.k with that. I stood there with self dialogue going full force that I didn't need that scone, I think hormones won that round. Got the details on the group project for my course (I despise group projects) and turned on pro-active mode. Emailed all my group members to introduce myself and present an idea on doing the assigment. We're supposed to be special human resources agents working on a secret assignment. Very quirky, I can embrace that. Now the question will be will the team embrace that. Part of our mark is based on peer evaluations.

Have a good day everybody!

Friday, February 16, 2007

Getting Ducks in a Row

Here we are on Friday at the beginning of long anticipated long weekend. I don't have any special plans but writing my paper and getting organized.

This past week just flew and it seems like go go go. I need to take a step back and refocus on reading my chapters, planning my menus and planning exercise. Being busy for the last 5 weekends has had a major impact on my time management. I might have plans for Saturday afternoon but Sunday and Monday are all mine I tell ya.

I hope everyone has a safe and happy long weekend. On to a new week!

Thursday, February 15, 2007

Valentine's Mating Rituals

Last night was interesting. H and I went for dinner and were pitched a sweetheart's menu at $110 for two. We declined since we both wanted the salad. Split bruschetta to start and Metropolitan Grill does an awesome bruschetta, I think it's due to the balsamic vinegar on the little toast. Then we split a molten chocolate cake for dessert.

We headed over the singles shindig and found that woman outnumbered men. Most of the women were in there mid forties and the guys were mostly in their late 40s to 50s. Not exaclty our crowd. They had an ice breaker quiz where you had to fill your bingo card of questions with the initials of someone who's done it. H and I were very relaxed players not moving from where we sat. We agreed to stay till 7:30, I did my version of social commentary of all the players in the room and before we knew it was 8. We were herded into another room because people were too spread out. Awkward man who struck out with the other women in the room decided to flirt with us and did rather poorly. Accused me of wearing coloured contacts (my eyes are green naturally), asked if my hair colour was natural and then proceeded to flick my and H's earrings to see which one swung a word...creepy.

We made a hasty retreat and went to Earl's across the road. We sat in the lounge at a booth and observed the mating rituals of the people seated around the bar (who was into who and who appreciated the attention). The server was so sweet, she could tell we had a story so we told her of our adventure. She brought us shots of Cinnamon Girls (on her) to us and had some guy give us roses with the priceless line of "Your beauty has not gone unnoticed". Really how sweet was that for her to arrange that for us. The only downside is by the end of the night we had both gone waaaayyyyy over our points. Alas it's only one night.

The bad news is I heard from H this morning and it looks like she got food poisoning last night. I'm o.k and we ate pretty much the same thing with the exception of dessert at Earl's. She had the chocolate cake and I had a gelato sundae.

H-If you read this hope you're feeling better.

Have a groovy day everybody!

Wednesday, February 14, 2007

Weird Food Day

Yesterday was an odd food day, we had birthday cake in the office at 11am which then threw off everyone's lunch. So I more or less snacked my way through the rest of the meals. Not in a horribly bad way just weird. At lunch I had yogurt and an apple, mid afternoon was popcorn, supper was edamame, baby bell and a turkey bite. Then I made the cheesecake bars and a had a couple of cookies as not to attack the cheesecake. I did make it as light as humanly possible using light cream cheese and light sour cream.

My intention was to read my textbook, it's amazing how many other things I get done instead. I then washed dishes and took out the garbage and putted around until I finally sat down with the book. Then I put on a cd and had to adjust the volume upteen times. Then I wasn't comfortable so there was shifting. I did manage to actually read some of it. I will be more dedicated on Thursday as there are no chores scheduled.

For tonights shindig my original plan was to wear a skirt and then the news said -32 with windchill...that scrapped that plan. It will be a balmy -7 by this afternoon and probably 0 by tomorrow morning. Yes a 30 degree differance in 24hrs, that's just the way it is in my city. Instead of a skirt it's black dress pants, black boots, a black sweater with wrap around details. I brought a red purse with me and Viva Glam 3 lipstick plus dangly earring for after work. I think that will be fine.

I'm really looking forward to dinner, I already know I'm ordering the Delmonico Salad. It's a chef salad that's amazing, dressing on the side of course :) My friend and I got the last possible reservation so that was lucky. We're hoping this single thing tonight will have a variety of ages. It's there grand opening broohaha. I'll give a full report tomorrow.

Have a great day everyone and for everyone in the East...bundle up.

Tuesday, February 13, 2007

The Secret

The DVD arrived yesterday and I watched it last night....all I can say is WOW. I need to watch this a few times and foresee watching it numerous times. (New colleague that started yesterday said she's watched it 65 times- That would make 7 people who've told me about this)

It's profound, amazing, inspiring and a little scary. Not scary as in horror movie, more scary in a wondrous OMG sort of way. I've always been a believer in positive thought and the laws of attraction, never mastered it but can think of examples in my life where it worked. What I watched last night made me realize I'm only using a small percentage of my potential. My head is spinning today thinking of what I really want in life and believing it can and will happen.

I definitely want to put together a vision board, I think it's good to be reminded of your goals when life gets distracting.

On the food front, did very well yesterday so I'm pleased. Brought sushi for lunch today. We have birthday cake today and it looks incredible. I need to make Thursday's birthday cake today (Cherry cheesecake bars). I also need to figure out what to wear to the "Singles" Valentine thing tomorrow. Then I really need to read my textbook and start prepping this paper...I'm visualizing an A :)

Monday, February 12, 2007

Reality Check

After a battle of internal dialogue Saturday morning, I did go to weigh in and discovered I was up 3.8lbs, wasn't surprised nor disappointed. It's done and I'm on to positive focus.

I have a well planned day ahead of me and I'm consciously taking it day by day, pound by pound.

I've been really focusing on having a more positive outlook and mind set. Making sure my self talk is positive and everytime I felt myself slipping this weekend I had an internal declaration of "I choose to give myself the best life ever" (Inspired by Oprah).

I got The Secret DVD and Book today, it's still in the shipping package because I know the minute I open it gone will be my focus for the day.

I've got a bit of a crazy week ahead and I'm trying to organize myself. I have to bake a birthday cake for Thursday, going out on Wednesday and have a paper due on Sunday, friend coming in on Saturday.

My plan is to make cake today or Tuesday, then I have to figure out what to wear to a singles event for Wednesday. Every availabe space of time in between will be focusing on this paper. It's an instructional manual about to communicate with me, how to inspire me, how to work with me etc. It's worth 20% so I'd like to put something good together and not be frantically putting it together Sunday morning.

On to a great week everybody!

Friday, February 09, 2007

Enough is enough

So I stepped on the scale when I got home and gave myself a shock, it looks like a gain of 6lbs. Now this was at the end of the day so it might not be that much but the more important lesson learned was I brought this on to myself. My tracking has been less than stellar, snacking when I shouldn't and not exercising. You know what? I'm done with excuses. If I want this to happen I have to make it happen. So I got off the couch yesterday and did 40min of step aerobics, I made a great healthy dinner and didn't snack like crazy afterwards. My day could have been better but it's done and it's on to a new day. I seriously thought about skipping weigh in if I had a gain and then I thought why. Avoiding the scale is not going to make it better, I need to face up to it and move on.

After reading Alea's post today (which totally gave me goose bumps) I was truly inspired by what she had to say. I can't wait to see "The Secret".

Over on Jessifer's blog she talked about it as well and I'll follow her lead in listing a few things I'm greatful for.

I'm greatful for my independant spirit and strength - putting together a bed, dresser, night stand all by myself and not afraid to take on projects.

I'm greatful for my brain and my ability to grasp concepts quickly and being the go to person for many others. Not to mention my witty sense of humour.

I'm greatful for my health and realizing it's precious and needs to be taken care of.

I'm greatful for my parents who taught me right from wrong and that I can do anything.

I'm greatful for my friends and that means all my friends in blogland and my here and now friends H and AP -plus many others, who constantly amaze me with their brilliance and presence.

What are you greatful for?

Thursday, February 08, 2007

Lack of Progress

I've been pondering many things lately, like why does one want to eat everything when it's cold out and does an organized and neat house lead to joy?

The cold weather thing is because it's been cold and snowy lately (I know for many out there it's been like that for awhile) and I find that myself and others are having snacking issues. My friend called me the other day to say she was eating Nutella straight out of the jar. I have made myself great suppers and then proceed to graze through my kitchen. I think our subconscious thinks that if it's eating it's then warm or it thinks we're going to hibernate.

The organized house thing is from catching the last 5min of Oprah yesterday with that guy from Clean Sweep. He's written a book on how messiness is just not putting things away it's messiness on a deeper level. I think I'll buy this book. If you were to look at my desk it's incredibly organized but my basement is a different story. Now the basement does contain many things that belonged to my parents (one still with us and one not), so perhaps it's emotional avoidance on my part to go through everything and create some sense of order. I'm not sure what emotional baggage leads to avoiding washing dishes. I did tape it so I'll have to watch that and probably buy that book.

I also ordered "The Secret" book and dvd, I thought I had done this a few days o.k but I failed to complete the order process. The good thing is then it said it would ship in 1-2 weeks, now it ships in 24hrs so I should have it early next week. I'm taping todays Oprah as well to find out more about it.

I attempted to workout yesterday and decided to try the Biggest Loser 2 DVD, I didn't get far as I've been a couch potatoe for a few weeks and the jumping into to lunges freaked me out. I did order Turbo Jam a while back and reviewed the move instructions. If I don't get my workouts in gear I will not see a loss on Saturday. I was thinking about trying the 20min Turbo Jam but now I think something tried and true like step aerobics might be better. I also have some Ripped DVDs that I could try as well.

I have about 19 weeks left before my birthday, 30lbs in 19 weeks is possible but I have another goal date in mind July 5 which is the day I have all my doctor's appointments. I'd love to step on her scale and be at a healthy bmi. I know I can do this, it's just a matter of not getting discouraged and not losing faith.

Tuesday, February 06, 2007

Rough night

Oy vey did I have a weird night food wise. I couldn't stop snacking and I was conscious of it. I would tell myself I don't need that and then go ahead and have it...bizarre. I think it was more to do with trying to think of what to make for dinner and then coming up with a few ideas therefore planting the suggestion in my head.

I think our 22 degree drop in temperature in 24hrs didn't help either. It throws you off can cause headaches and just make you irritable. I was feeling the headache last night.

Today I brought my tracker with me so there will be no going off course and temperature should stay steady for the next few days as well.

I also had no desire to workout last night as I was cooking up a storm and them proceeded to fall asleep on the couch during Instyle Weddings. I think I torture myself watching this show. A part of me loves the froo froo of the dress and the flowers. The other part of me thinks I'll never get married. I'm not one of those girls who's in love with the wedding nor do I think I need someone else to complete me. Sometimes when I watch these shows I get wistful and think it would be nice to find one's "soul mate". Maybe it's the onset of Valentine's day that makes me think that way. I am going out on Valentine's Day to a singles event. This event is marketed to professionals or at least the downtown crowd. So we'll see what that like and I will give you all the run down. My good friend H is coming with me so that will fun.

Monday, February 05, 2007

Down Again

WI was nice with a loss for the second week in a row, I'm shooting for three weeks in a row but I'll have to be good for the rest of the week.

Banff was nice, the weather was gorgeous and my co-workers partied hard. I'm from the school of thought that if you're company is paying- act accordingly. I was woken up at 3:30am by a few them rustling around the hallways of the hotel. You know how drunk people talk louder because they can, I felt for the others staying in the hotel.

By the time I got home on Sunday I felt like I had no days off. This will be a long week.

I made a vow to eat more whole foods this week as opposed to processed. Of course I'm starting off well with buying lunch but that happened because I lost my weekend. Tonight I'll steam veggies and make meatballs for work lunches. I will start the workout schedule as well tonight. I've been really negligent in that area but I'll take it day by day.

Have any of you heard about The Secret? It's all about positive thoughts and the laws of attraction. Well on Friday I went to a client lunch and someone told me about it, on the ride out to Banff someone else told me about it and just now I go an email about it. I've ordered this movie and book so I'll see what happens. Both of the people who mentioned it to me said it changed their lives...Oprah is talking about it on Thursday. I'm definitely taping this.

Have a super day everyone!

Thursday, February 01, 2007

A wee bit closer to spring

Happy February everybody!
I woke up to snow and news reports that people were driving big surprise when there's snow and a minus verstunken wind chill. I did neglect to shovel my sidewalk this morning so there's a few aps waiting for me tonight. Plus the tredged on stuff is way harder to shovel.
Food wise- tracking has been non-existent but eating hasn't been out of control just due to my recent experience. Water has been better since I just don't like anything else I have access to at the moment. I haven't been regaining the weight as rapidly as I thought. I am eating enough so let's hope all that stays for Saturday.

Speaking of Saturday, I'm supposed to go Banff with some colleagues but people seem to be backing out. Sure the highway thing gets spooky in winter conditions but it looks like people will be there between 2pm and 6pm and later. Sort of difficult to plan a get together. We shall see what happens.

New Ugly Betty that show.