Tuesday, October 31, 2006

Happy Halloween!

I sort of prepared for the tonight this morning since I'll get home mere minutes before the trick or treaters hit the street. Not sure how many there will be tonight. Last year I got 40 kids in total this year it's a lot colder (probably -15 with windchill) and the trend seems to be going away from door to door trick or treating.

Of course we're talking about gobs of candy so I'm sure die hard souls will be outthere. I've armed my house with the 1pt hershey sticks and the sensible solution oreo packs to curtail the damage. Last year I had halloween candy for dinner. Tonight I have chili in the fridge but it might be Gardennay Soup in the microwave since we had a potluck today.

The potluck was excellent and I behaved myself tasting a bit of the things I might like but not overloading my plate and nothing touched each other. I did have a piece of the trifle I made and I got a lot of compliments on it as well.

Apart from that not a whack to report.

I hope everyone has a wonderful Halloween!


Cara-bellum said...

Happy Halloween!!

Living to Feel Good said...

You just have all sorts of good plans. I especially like your Monday plan.

Happy Halloween!