Friday, October 13, 2006

Friday the 13th...insert scary music here

Not a whack to report these days, just going to work, coming home and exercising on occasion.

My co-worker is now on her way to Mexico for 2 weeks and I get to cover her desk...whoo hoo maybe not so much. The good thing is whenever one of my colleagues go on vacation I tend to take care of their stuff better than my own. I'm also babysitting her fish Peewee, he's less than inch long and I get the honour of cleaning his bowl soon. Double whoo hoo...not so much.

This weekend is going to be fantastic and not WW friendly in anyway shape or form and I'm o.k with that. On Saturday it's the Rocky Mountain Food and Wine Fest and then on Sunday the Calgary Farmer's Market. I'm not to worried about Saturday because the portions are small and the quality outstanding, the real trick is the wine - luckily those are also small but in the end it will be like one outstanding dinner. Sunday I'll be more careful, my friend from out of town is in and wants to go to the Market to pick up some pasta and pies so she'll be more inclined to eat at home than out. I can't be picking up pasta and pies, o.k maybe a pie or piece of pie because they're all homemade and incredible. I suggested to her that maybe next time she's in town we investigate cooking classes. She's on a weightloss quest of her own and from what I remember not so into cooking so I'm hoping to encourage her to embrace least that way you know what's going in to it.

As I said not a whole lot to chat about so I wish everyone a fantastic weekend.

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Sonya said...

Sounds like a fun weekend ahead!

Mmmm - pie. I've turned into a pie fiend since I've become pregnant - and it's funny, b/c I always used to be more of a cake kinda girl. I had this FANTASTIC bumbleberry pie served at a restaurant the other night - and they even warmed it up for me.