Friday, April 30, 2010

Just do it

Today was supposed to be my catch up day. I've been in meetings for a few days in a row and all the little stuff starts to collect into giant annoying stuff. I made a good dent in today which I'm happy with.

The major discussions today were all about the weather yesterday more specifically about snow. It's amazing how that brings people together.

Got a nice walk in at lunch by accident as a few of us had errands to do so we did them together.

Stayed on track all day today which would make that one of the few this week. I just finished tracking yesterday and today. Yesterday due to the crazy weather I didn't make it to Starbucks for my grande non-fat caramel macchiato (4pts) instead I went to Second Cup and thought I got something comparable. I got a medium skim milk butter pecan latte. I just entered it into the point calculator. It's 8pts. Whaaaatttt! How can two non fat flavoured lattes have such a different point range. All of the Second Cup flavoured lattes are higher in points than Starbucks. I don't drink sugar free flavouring so it's not like one was splenda and one wasn't.

I knew I needed a bit of a last chance workout so my mission was to go for a walk when I got home. I got home, changed and headed out. This what I did:

469 calories burned/ 1:19/ 7.92K/ Pace 10:00-5:49. It felt like I was going slow the entire time and not once did I feel in the zone. I just kept telling myself "just do it". I did wind up with a feeling of accomplishment when I got home as I pushed through my sucky attitude.

I did sign up for the Weight Watchers Walk-It Challenge on June 23rd at participating Canadian Running Room locations. It's 5K and it's free. You can buy a t-shirt for $10. I opted to not do that.  My two co-workers who are doing WW online are doing it as well so it should be fun.

Weigh in looms tomorrow so I'll see if I kept my tentative hold on the 170s.

Hope your Friday was fun.


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H-woman said...

Interesting that Weight Watcher's Alberta is "not a participating location" but Running Rooms are!