Sunday, April 18, 2010

Nature's Sprinkler

I headed out for a walk right after breakfast today. I had planned that today would be all about the housework as I've been negligent over the past couple of weeks. I knew if I didn't make exercise a priority and do it first thing I'd feel too tired to do it later.

Here are the details from  yesterday and today:
Saturday: 552 calories burned/ 1:29/ 8.06K/ Pace 9:58-5:00
Today: 361 calories burned/ 57min/ 6.01K/ Pace 9:32 - 5:40
Heart rate 79% avg/ 87% max - this was similar both days.

I was about half way around the route I planned when I felt water falling on my head, I thought it was a sprinkler as the sun was shining. I looked around and there water droplet marks all over the road and sidewalk all along my route. I always find that bizarre when it's sunny and raining. It was pretty light and ended shortly after.

Then I buckled down and did 2 loads of laundry, dusted, hoovered (including the furniture), washed all the floors, washed the dishes and folded the laundry. Now all there is left to do is put the laundry away and maybe dry the dishes.

Now I'm debating if I really need to bring hand cream to my one day in Edmonton so I can avoid taking anything "liquid". I'm leaving the computer at work and just working off the blackberry for the day as well.

I've written 178 on all the pages of my 3 month journal for this week as I'm 100% focused on attaining that or better on Saturday. Snackapalooza week is approaching and that focus must be sharp.

Water has gone very well today and yesterday and I've got the rest of my day planned out food wise with no deviations.

I bought some instant oatmeal to take with me to site and I wound up going with the 100% oatmeal in the single packs so there's no flavouring whatsoever or added sugar. I figure I can add my own flavouring  if necessary. I tested it out in the microwave today and it was great consistency wise.

While grocery shopping yesterday I found a new single serving snack food called Smartfood. I've never seen it before. First ingredient was brown rice and there's 5g of fibre per serving. A review is coming as it's on my food list for today.

I've decided to return my Adidas cross trainers as they feel funny on my arch. I found a pair of Champion runners at Payless that will work just fine for non- running/walking options plus they feel way more comfortable than the Adidas. I'm going to exchange them towards a pair of my go to runner Mizuno Wave Alchemy as it's starting to look like I need a new pair.

I'm taking a Labour Relations course through the University of Athabasca and the whole process was confusing me as there didn't seem to be a start and end date of the class. Yesterday I discovered that I have 6 months to complete the class and can do it sooner as well. I've never had that before but then again I've never taken a class through an "open" University either. We'll see how this goes but I'm shooting for 13 weeks to completion.

So totally random today but that's just the way I write :)

Hope your Sunday is going well and I'll type to you later.


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