Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Cookie Monster...coookkkieesss

That was me today and I don't know what came over me. My co-worker had cookies in her office and I tried one this morning. They were small chocolate chip cookies and they were soft and gooey. I had 5 throughout the day. I also polished off the chocolates I bought from another coworker (fundraiser) I had only been eating one everyone once in awhile as their 1pt each and quite content to leave the box alone. There were 6 left in the box. My patience evaporated today. I'm not normally a big fan of cookies either. Oreos yes, homemade yes, cookie dough yes (I avoid oreos and don't bake cookies unless they're immediately going elsewhere) but other store bought not that much until I met these ones. It goes without saying that should any be there tomorrow I'm not touching them. I thought I had dogged the hormone fueled  snackapalooza food fest last week but oh no it still reared it's ugly head.

Had a salad for lunch from Sunterra market (chickpeas served as protein) and dinner was yet another salad type of thing (tomato, turkey bite, red onion, fig balsamic dressing).

Once the sugar fixation begins it's definitely difficult to wrangle it in. I am happy that I kept it together at lunch and dinner. Now I'm sitting with my 1L water bottle and watching Biggest Loser.

I did stop off on the mall on my home and walked home. I was truckin' and even had a neighbour comment on my fast pace. Tomorrow rain is forecasted so I'm packing the gym bag and the nike +.

The plan is not written off because of goofey moments in a day. Heck I'm not giving up today as I can definitely finish strong.

Hope cookie monster didn't invade your Tuesday.


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H-woman said...

I also had a run-in with cookies today. 3 two-bite brownies and a really nummy M&M cookie from Safeway.

H =)