Saturday, April 17, 2010


In reference to yesterday's post, yes I know I need to dress the body I have it's just the finding what looks best exhausts me and it's far more routed in my self esteem than anything else. I do love fashion magazines and shows like Project Runway and the whole purpose of the Fashionist Fund is to add motivation to the goal and re-invent myself.

Now on to other things.

I seriously had no idea what the weigh in scale would say today. I stepped on and off my home scale a dozen times before I left to get some idea. My home scale showed a gain no matter how many times I stepped on. Fine, I accept that as I didn't have the greatest week for the following reasons:
  • didn't drink enough water - I barely got 4 cups a day in
  • while activity started well (Sat - Mon) I did absolutely nothing Tue - Fri
  • food decisions weren't fantastic and I could have handled that better
I did my normal routine of going to Starbucks on the way to weigh in but today I packed a snack instead of buying something, eating half of it and throwing the rest out. I took one piece of bread and made a peanut butter sandwich. I grabbed a Toffee Nut latte at Starbucs and headed over to WW.

I was actually down .4, while I stood there I actually saw 179 flash by but it didn't stay. I'm happy, it's a loss and I'll take it. I know where I went wrong this week and that can be fixed.

We had a sub leader named Barb, she was quite fun and pretty funny. She told us she thinks Tony will be a permanent leader. I've never had a male leader before. Should be interesting.

I am facing a challenging week ahead as I need to be in Edmonton all day Monday and then I'm in a conference all day Wed and Thurs. All this means is planning is key. I bought a gigantic bag of snap peas that will make a handy snack, I also bought a few more frozen veggies as not to waste too many fresh veggies.

I'm heading out for a mega walk shortly before it gets too warm outside it's supposed to be 19C today.

Alright my friends I might be back later to post the mega walk results but if not have a super fabulous Saturday.


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