Saturday, April 24, 2010

A new decade

Down 0.8 today which has put me into the 170s...barely by a whopping 0.2. When I was standing on the scale at weigh in I half thought it was because I forgot my watch that sent me into the 170s. In all seriousness I remember weighing once and the scale kept flipping between two numbers and the weigh in person told me to take my watch off. The scale stopped on the lower number. My watch is not a monster watch either.

Mind you on the home scale I was lower at 178.6. I re-did the points formula on e-tools to figure out if I'm heading into a new daily point range using my WW weigh in weight and it said no change. I'm going to track down book one and double check that as I wonder.

I'm was happy with 0.8 as this week had 3 days where I was out of comfort zone and access to foods I could control.

The topic today was success on weekends and we met our new leader Tony, one of two male WW leaders in the city. I liked him he seems alright. He did say something that made me think. He told us how he would take the weekends off the plan and then be using the rest of the week to make up for it. He also said there are 120 days in a year's worth of weekends. That's 1/3 of the year.

I generally use Saturday as my treat day. I still track it but this is the day I could have something I wouldn't normally have. I always plan to be 100% on plan the next day but I can't say that's 100% successful.

This past weekend I did well I also earned a monster amount of activity points on Saturday. Where this week went pear shaped was my 45 pt day on Wednesday. I did go over in pts by 6 and that's above the daily pts + flex points + activity pts. I think what saved me this week was the walk I took yesterday which netted me 20 APs for the week.

I'm not going to plan any treats today, I will be going for a mega walk later and I walked to and from weigh in so there will be a good amount of activity pts. Knowing that Dad is coming tomorrow might change my eating behaviour a bit as he likes to bring the food (doesn't think I can cook) so I want to keep the FP relatively intact just in case I need to use them tomorrow.

So the plan is further embed myself into the 170s.

Might be back later with the results of the walk. Woke up today feeling fine and then an hour later I started sneezing. I started to feel a wee stuffed up so I picked up cold medication. I did spend two days with people feeling under the weather so I want to nip this in the bud.

Enjoy your Saturday.



H-woman said...

whoo hoo!

Finding My Weigh said...

That's awesome! I'm at 182 as of today's weigh-in and hope to get down to 180 by next week. I'll soon be joining you in the 170's!

Michelle said...

congrats on the loss!

Enz said...

Congrats on the new decade. I hope you are not getting sick!