Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Caused a wee fuss

I wore a skirt to work today and to be completely honest in the almost 2 years I've worked there they've never seen me in a skirt. Well I did go to the interview in a skirt but the whole group didn't see me.

I got loads of complements today which was super nice. I plan to wear them more often as the ones I have in my closet finally fit once again. Plus with the warmer weather it's a nice option. The only drawback is I can't go without nylons as I am uber pale (and prefer it that way). I do feel I could blind people if I don't have any sort of colour and I can't be bothered with continually applying self tan. I plan to the all over body spray tan before Vegas.

At lunch I exchanged my Adidas and I wanted a pair of my Mizuno Wave Alchemy's. I thought I had this down as I knew exactly what I wanted. Well I walk back to the shoe wall and my shoe is gone. The helper dude tells me they packed them up to ship to a different store. The shipment hadn't gone out yet so he rescued a pair for me. Can you imagine if I had waited a day but thank goodness for their solid customer service. That's a shout out to the Sport Check in downtown Calgary (it is a pretty nice store) .  I whipped into the Bay in search of more nylons and got completely overwhelmed by the options. I decided to got to Walmart instead as I won't get lost in all the options.

When I got home I immediately changed and headed out for a mini - mega walk.

The new runners will now be my indoor pair and my old indoor pair are now my outdoor pair. I took them for a spin.

There was super strong wind tonight and at one point I had a long stretch facing straight into it. When I finally out of it I actually felt tired from pushing myself through it.

317 calories burned/51:46/5.17K/ Pace 10:00- 6:28
Heart rate: 76% avg, 83% max

I don't know if I was just slow today or if it was the wind but I found my 5K route to just right tonight. I have been tired today and I blame that on my long day yesterday.

Tomorrow I head into a two day conference. I'm looking forward to it and my Fort McMurray co-workers and I are going here for dinner. Not exactly point friendly but one can make better choices and keep focused on the day. I think I met get the veggie burger and swap out the cheddar bun for whole wheat. I will have fries as there pretty fabulous here. I still have a decent amount of flex points left if necessary. One of my co-workers is also doing WW in Fort McMurray so she and I will keep each other focused as I have no clue what the options will be for food. They do offer breakfast each day but I'll be having breakfast at home and I just hope they have some fresh fruit that I can use as a snack.

Watching BL as I type this and I still don't have a favourite player.

I hope you all had a fabulous Tuesday.



Kristina said...

Good for you...the compliments feel great dont they? How about a pic? And the shoe store incident sounds like something that would happen to me! lol..........and I think Im pulling for Daris or Sunshine! Oh, and Ashley! lol

Jaime said...

I just bought new running shoes not too long ago but I think next time I need them I'm going to look for those Mizunos because everyone seems to rave about them!

I like my Adidas but they changed them a bit too much this last time and I find them a bit stiffer than I would like.

Enz said...

I'm with you on BL. I just haven't gotten attached to anyone this season. I did really like Stephanie and I'm still rooting for her to be the at home winner. I'm thinking most likely one of the guys will win as I can't see how Sunshine or Ashley can catch up to Sam or Michael at this point.

I am so looking forward to the makeover show so Michael and Daris can get those mops tamed!