Wednesday, April 28, 2010

It's raining, no wait it's snowing, no wait it's it's snowing

I left for work this morning thinking the forecast was rain for today. I get to work and co-worker tells me that they forecasted 10cm of snow.

I go down to reception and one receptionist tells me someone told her 20cm and then the other receptionist says that someone told her it's 30cm.

For most of the day everytime I looked out the window it looked like a blizzard, but no snow was staying on the ground it was melting. I worked late today and decided to forego the gym as I didn't know what traffic would be like with the wacky weather. When I left it looked like rain and of course I left the umbrella in the gym bag. The gym bag is remaining in my office as the plan is to go tomorrow. By the time I got home it was no full fledged snow. I'm curious to see what will be out there tomorrow morning.

I just zipped through my bloglines and I notice a recurring theme. Quite a few of us are having some issues staying on track lately. I'm feeling it too. Yesterday it was the cookies today wasn't so bad but I didn't feel at my best. I don't think stormy weather and cramps are helping. I'm looking forward to the ww meeting this week. I already know that the topic is managing your environment but I think I need that right now.

Am I the only one who was not so sad to see O'Neal go home yesterday on Biggest Loser? I'm not enjoying the two intact teams helping each other when so many people are without a partner now. Of course they're going to help each other but I think it's important that they experience this on their own as well. Now I want one of the grey team to go home. I still don't particularly care who wins and I hope next season has someone to connect with.

I caved and ordered a pair of the Reebok Easytones, I researched further and found some encouraging comments of people who've tried it. I went with Reebok as I like that they still look like a normal runner and don't look like moon boots. I will report back once I have a chance to try them out. I will approach this as a scientific experiment. I figure I'd use them on shorter distances and use my tried and true Mizunos for my longer distances. Divide my walks into cardio and toning which would mean walking more often. I should have them either by the end of this week or beginning of next.

I'm heading back to site on Monday, it feels like a ages since I've been there. The two fantastic chefs have moved on to other positions and I heard the food quality has dipped. One of my co-workers told me it's been hot dogs and pizza for dinner every night. Hmmm..I might be packing two sandwiches to avoid that. We shall see.

Hope your Wednesday went well and always remember a new day starts tomorrow.


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