Sunday, April 04, 2010

My biggest fans have four legs

I was dedicating today to mostly housework. Easter has never been a big thing in my house and I have no family in the city.

I got laundry done and I'm now talking myself into vacuuming.

I had resigned myself to go into work tomorrow as there's stuff I need to do that won't wait till Thursday and the remote log in wasn't helping me out yesterday. However I did bring my work computer home due to the move in buildings. I'll try that first and see if I can get it done from home if not I'll go in tomorrow. I put in a load of hours that I don't get paid for anyway so going in on my "vacation" is not a big deal. Though if that happens I'm closing the door to my new temp office, going through the list until I'm done and then leaving.

I thought about zipping into the Running Room tomorrow if I do go downtown. There newest magazine has a jacket that interests me. I have a couple of "running" jackets but none of them have pockets and that irritates me as I like to keep the ipod in a pocket.

The mega walk was a comedy of errors today. First I forgot to turn the timer on until I was 3 minutes- ish in to the walk. Then I had to stop 3 times because dogs love me. The first moppet was smack in front of me so I had to stop and say hello. The 2nd dog was following me. He ran from his owner to come racing after me and then I stopped the tail started to wag and he sat down next to me. I had to walk him back to the owner who then explained he was their parents dog which I guess explains why the dog wasn't listening to their calls at all.

The 3rd dog is my neighbour's and she and I get along really well. She saw me and my neighbour just let go of the leash and she ran to me at top speed. This time I stopped the garmin to pet her for a bit. I find most dogs really like me. I've run into a few who are indifferent but definitely in the minority.

Here are the details of the walk:
433 calories burned/ 1hr9min/ 7.12K/ Pace 9:50-5:35
Heart rate: 79% avg, 85% max

Definitely slower today I felt a twinge in my left foot that I was being easy on and I kind of wanted to go a wee easy today due to the 9K from yesterday so I was shooting for 4 APS (400 calories burned).

Had a bit of an NSV today. I decided to try on a pair of Adidas capris I had bought last year. I bought them without trying them on and found they were a bit tight. Today I tried them on and they fit really well, even the waist might be a wee loose. I own quite the wardrobe in technical fabric workout wear thanks to the half marathon/ marathon a few years back. When I started to fall of the wagon everything was getting a wee tight but it's all fitting way better. Soon I might need smaller options especially in the bottoms.

I had the best poached eggs and toast for lunch today. I don't know if it was the Omega 3 eggs I bought or that I miraculously cooked them perfectly.

Dinner will be the Prime stuffed chicken - broccoli and cheese version with steamed cauliflower. I'm on litre number 2 of water and can definitely get in 3 today.

I hope your enjoying your Easter.


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