Monday, April 19, 2010

And home again

It's been a long day but an alright day. I went into to work my normal time this morning which is very early. I did some printing then it was off to find a cab to the airport.

Had a super friendly security dude on my way to Edmonton which was refreshing as I often find they're grumpy. Found my co-worker with little issue and we were off to Sherwood Park. Found our office there and got set up for a day of meetings. Co-worker and I had a good day and got along really well. At one point we thought co-worker would miss his plane to Fort Mac but we made it in time. Had another friendly security person on my way home - bizarre. 

The closest food option for lunch was a vietnamese restaurant. I rarely eat Vietnamese so I guessed on how to track it by breaking down the components. I was hungry-ish on the way home as my plane wasn't leaving until 7pm so I bought an outrageoulsy over priced bag of Crispy Mini tortillas and snacked on those. I was rather proud of myself as there a bizillion chocolate bars to choose from and I went with the Crispy minis.

Now I'm just winding down and heading to bed.

I have to get myself sorted tomorrow for really not being around on Wed and Thurs due to the conference I'm going to.

I am planning a mega walk for when I get home as there was no activity tonight due getting home late.

Hope you all had a fabulous Monday.


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Enz said...

Hope you have a great week!