Saturday, April 10, 2010

Another sticker!

Got another 5lb sticker today (some of the stickers look a little ratty as they used to be on the weigh in book - in Alberta we still use the paper weigh in book and not in this one but I decided I like them better on this book). That's down 15.2 since rejoining WW with my 2lb loss and down 23 from my original start weight. That's 4.8lbs from the new 10%. That's $300 in my Fashionista Fund (I "pay" myself $20 per pound).

When I stepped on the home scale I saw 179.8 mind you I was in my pyjamas. This week the home scale was all over the map. Everytime I stepped on a different number so I had no clue what I'd see at weigh in.

The topic today was making activity a goal. It was a bit odd to think I won't see Clare next week. Still no clue as to who the new leader is and I might be a drive by weigh in next week as my Dad thinks he's coming in to town.

As far as activity goes I've been doing pretty well for the past few weeks at making it consistent and I'm enjoying my spreadsheet. I keep adding pages to the spreadsheet I started to track points to see if there were any trends with weight loss.  I'm home all week again due to work keeping me in Calgary so that will make it easier to accomodate that as my schedule stays relatively the same. I am starting to think that I need to branch out from just walking. While walking is fabulous exercise I do need to start adding strenght and flexibility. My original goal was to start making actvity consistent so I might not add anything this week but come up with a plan for next week.

This is how my week broke down:

Total pts per week: 203 (daily pts multiplied by 7 plus the 35 flexpoints (I believe they exist to be eaten))
Total pts eaten this week: 221.5
Total activity pts this week: 24
That left 5.5 activity pts that I didn't eat.

Since I've been tracking all this stuff it's been my most successful week with a 2lb loss. This past week was pretty emotional as well so I'm quite happy with this weeks results. I still need to track a few more weeks to see if there's a pattern but so far it does look like eating the activity pts is working for me. I just need to figure out if it's better to eat all or some.

Speaking of activity I did walk to weigh in today earning 1pt. I took a cab home as my grocery shopping was a bit more due to being home all week. Plus I needed to pick up a new toaster oven and my other one died at Easter. I decided to go with a Black&Decker one priced at $69. I strongly believe you get what you pay for but I didn't want the most expensive one. I get to the cashier and it rings up as $48. I love suprise sales.

When I got home I did a proper walk:

511 calories burned/ 8.07K/ 1hr16min/ Pace 9:32-4:43
Heart rate: 77% avg, 85% max

I took the Nike+ with me as well and I've learned to turn that one on first and then the garmin, that makes the results much closer. Nike + said 493 calories burned, 8.01K, 1hr16min, Pace 9:36

Tomorrow I need to go for a walk earlier as my neighbour is having an Epicure party Sunday afternoon and I said I'd go.  The focus this week is on getting back into the 170s next week and I'll settle for 179.

I hope your enjoying your Saturday.



H-woman said...

whoo hoo!!

misssarahlou said...

Congrats on your loss!