Tuesday, April 06, 2010

The plan came together

With my back to back doctor appointments anyway. First up was the annual skin check at 7:30am. My regular dermatologist wasn't there and I had to see someone else. Fantastic, standing practically naked with a stranger. The exam went pretty quickly and this guy (who looks like he's 20) didn't do as thorough check as my normal doctor. I'm not too worried about that as I'm pretty good at screening myself. However I did make my appointment for next year.

I was pretty early for my next appointment and the mall was closed so I just found a place to sit before I headed up the office. Homeless dude decided to chat me up and then asked my name. At which point I said - that's none of your business. It was a fast and friendly chat and he moved on to others.

Then it was off to the regular doctor for the oh so fabulous pap smear. Yes, I thought I'd get all the super self conscious tests out of the way in one day. However I did find out I could be a candidate to only get this test done once every 3 years as I've never had an irregular result. We'll see how this test turns out and then I'll discuss when I go in for the regular physical in August. I don't know about every 3 years, I think I'd be more comfortable with once every two years. It just seems like a more reasonably time frame should anything happen.

I came straight home as my stomach was grumbling but I didn't want to have a snack downtown. The only things open were all the coffee places and I didn't need a muffin/cake. I came home and had an activia yogurt.

Last night I had a weird snack attack after dinner. It involed a few mini Reese's peanut butter cups, the leftover Kit Kat bar I got on the plane two weeks ago and a handfull of Lay's potato chips. I had the flexpoints for it but that was after I consumed it. I'm putting it down to a wee bit of boredom as I was channel flipping the whole time.

This makes me mega focused today, hence the no snacking at coffee shops. I did step on the scale this morning to survey the damage and I was still down a bit. Today I'm focused on staying within the normal daily points and I will get a walk in today as well but not more than 5K (3 Ap). I have no plans on eating any APs today so I also don't want to earn a whack and have my metabolism wig out.

I'll head out for the walk after lunch.

That's all I got so far.



Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...

Three years does seem long in between tests. I would be more comfortable with two, as well.