Sunday, April 11, 2010

One of these things is not like the other

It was a wee bit of bizarre day today.

Not so much at first as I was just doing some household chores waiting for the temperature outside to warm up a bit. It was -10C when I got up and I could have headed out for a walk in that but I thought I'd wait a bit and do laundry first.

I headed out just before 10am and this is the result:

321 calories burned/ 50:24/ 5.27K/ Pace 9:34-5:23
Heart rate: Avg 72% Max 79%

I thought the heart rate results were odd as it felt like I was going a super decent pace. I was wearing it a little lower on the chest than I normally do as it felt more comfortable so not sure if that messed up the results. It was also a wee chilly outside so not sure if that's a factor.

I hit orange on the Nike+ tracking. I don't use the Nike+ as often as I do the garmin but I think I'll use both more now. I kind of like seeing my progress on the Nike+

This afternoon was the Epicure party at my neighbours house. Shockingly I found more stuff to try even though I bought a whack of stuff from H-Woman just before Christmas.

I felt odd at this party as I was surrounded by suburbia. I'm an anomaly in my neighbourhood as I'm single, no kids and under 65. Lately it seems my neighbourhood is all people with kids or seniors. 

Every woman there had kids and knew each other via the kids i.e. school, soccer, girl guides. I did recognize one woman from WW meeting (I always sit behind her). I knew a couple of them as they live near by. I've never hung out with any of these people it would more be a hello on the street.

The conversations typically focused on husbands or kids. I didn't say much. A couple of them commented on seeing me walking by. I'm hard to miss in my very purple Adidas climacool hoody.

The party was well organized as there were loads of dips to try. I kept myself in check and didn't go crazy on the sampling - it was very tempting. I had 8pts left for the day before I went plus the 3 activity pts. I'm not sure how to count anything. There were numerous mentions of low fat yogurt and such but without knowing for sure what's in it I have to guess. Dinner (if I'm hungry) will most likely be vegetables. I was a wee above 180 on the scale so 170s this week is entirely doable.

This morning I also made a veggie chili that clocks in at 3pts per serving and gobs of fibre. It was completely off the top of my head and consists of kidney beans, black beans, corn, peppers (red, yellow, orange), onion and the spices - chili, chipotle chili, paprika, oregano, salt, pepper. I just let the whole thing simmer when I went for a walk. It's portioned out and in the freezer.

I'm debating on packing the gym bag for tomorrow as snow is forecasted (5cm from tonight to tomorrow afternoon). A part of me just wants to suck it up and go outside when I get home. I like the being in the zone with the tunes and no sounds of whirring machines. However I also know the majority of my neighbours suck at clearing their sidewalks.

I should just pack the gym bag then no matter what I'm getting some sort of exercise. I'll go do that know so it's right next to the door before I leave tomorrow.

I hope you're enjoying your Sunday.


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