Friday, April 23, 2010

Why not?

Back in the office for a full day today after my many days out of the office this week. Got a fair bit done but there will be a few things I'll need to take care of this weekend from home so I'm sorted for Tuesday.

Eating was better today, water not as good as I would have liked. I kept forgetting as I was so focused on what I was doing.

On the way home from work I finally picked up the package waiting for me at the post office, dropped off a perscription and stopped in at Safeway in search of WW hot dog buns. They didn't have any so I left with the skinny ones that look more like some kind of flat bread taco shell. Also picked up a box of KD Smart. I walked home from the mall.

I got home had the leftover whole wheat KD I had in the fridge.

Called Dad to ask why he wanted to come in on Saturday when his appointment is on Monday. My dad loves his house and even though my house is his old house he gets bored here. At his house he has the geraniums (other wise known as my siblings - I'm an only child) and his little projects. Then he told me he was going to ask me if it was o.k if he came in on Sunday. So this means I can actual sit through the whole WW meeting tomorrow and not do a drop in weigh in. People always ask me if he'll move back to Calgary one day and I think that will only happen if it absolutely has to. He loves his house.

Then I got a little case of the munchies. I had virtually no protein today and I can feel it. So I was sitting on the couch watching the pvr realizing this would be an up hill battle tonight when it all of a sudden hit me. Why don't I go for a walk. It was 7pm the sun was shining the weather a little cooler so I changed my clothes and headed out.

488 calories burned/ 1:17/ 8.03K/ Pace 9:40 - 6:31
Heart rate: Avg 84%, Max 91%

That is my highest heart rate yet. I was in the zone and I could have kept going but thought soon it will be dark so I should wrap it up. This is after a full day of work. This just shows to embrace the opportunity when it arises.

Hope your Friday went well.


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