Friday, April 16, 2010

Mission accomplished

I've written a few times about how all my pants are too big. It was getting a little ridiculous. I tried wearing a belt - the belt is too big. While that is showing my success it's also making me anxious. I despise clothes shopping.

I only buy clothes out of necessity, I can not roam around a mall going in and out of clothing stores. I also avoid trying stuff on whenever possible. I am the person who when I find what fits buys one in every colour. It's rare for me to get excited about clothing. It occasionally happens, but far more likely about something casual like a hoody. You should know by now my love of hoodies.

For years I've looked at clothes as "this is my in between clothes". They're for the inbetween of losing weight and goal weight. Now in all those years I've never hit goal but in my head I think I'll enjoy shopping for clothes more when I get there.

Today at lunch I was roaming around with my work buddies and I saw the Bay was having a sale. I decided to go back after work in search of new dress pants.

I did score replacement pairs and a size smaller than the old pairs. However I'm still a long way from goal and it was still annoying to look at myself in the mirror seeing if they camfoulaged or made me look bigger. Of course shopping at the Bay is painful it itself. The store downtown is old and unorganised. I'm also cheap, I refuse to pay a lot for something will not fit me soon (this is the plan anyway). I did stumble across a pair of Ralph Lauren pants at $138 and immediately put them back, maybe when I'm at a size I'm happy to stay at I can then justify investing into more quality.

Strangely I can spend hours in a book store or a drug/cosmetics store.

A few weeks ago I was watching Cityline and they were showing the Converse store in Toronto. I saw a pair of plaid sneakers that I immediately coveted. I searched high and low online and could not find anything. I have my work shoes and then I have my running shoes. I need inbetween shoes. Then I saw the Payless Shoes commercial. I popped into today and picked up the shoes in the picture. Their cute and very appropriate plus plaid. They were on sale for under $20. I'm guessing at minimum 1/3 the price of the Converse version.

Now weigh in loomes tomorrow. I've had a hard time this week and I think it has to do with being really busy. I'm not sure what I'll see tomorrow. I tapped out at 12 APs this week and they were all earned at the beginning of the week. Water consumption has been terrible this week despite good intentions. I seriously doubt I'll see the 170s this week. I'm not throwing in the towel or anything just preparing myself for the WW scale tomorrow.

Alright, that's all I got. Type to you tomorrow.



H-woman said...

You have to dress the body that you currently have. And the better you look, the better you feel about yourself which means you make healthier choices. Yes, you may spend more money, but you can always donate clothes that are still in good condition to places that help women get into the workforce.

Cute shoes!

H =)

Enz said...

I think you and I would be best friends in real life :) Once I see a pair of shoes I want..I HAVE to have them :) or as close as a facsimile as possible.

These are super, super cute.

Still waiting for a pic of your hot legs in those heels!!!