Saturday, April 03, 2010

Changes in the air

I went to weigh in today completely expecting a gain. Not a big gain but I did the math. My max points for the week (including flexpoints) is 203. I finished the week at 224, that's 21pts over for the week. I earned 18.5 Activity points for the week.

This morning on my home WW scale it said 184.1 this morning. I then stepped on again but this time using the body fat% features and now it says 183. I step again without the fancy features and it's 183. Now when I use the features I make sure to be standing evenly on the metal strips. This is where I stood on the try after I did the fancy features. Then I stepped on it like I normally would when just doing a straight up weight reading and it was 184.1.

I got to the meeting and stood on the scale....down 1lb so 183. That was a pleasant surprise. I'm tracking all these details on a spreadsheet. It's starting to look like my 0.2 week (last week) might have been due to not eating enough Activity Points.

We all lose differently so this is all about figuring out how my body works.

Clare announced she's leaving WW as a leader. I swear I had heard her say that to someone at the scale a few weeks ago but then she didn't say anything. Today was to be her last meeting but they asked her to stay until next week. That means a new leader is coming in.

I've been through a few leaders in my long history with WW but I think Clare has done the longest stint. She's been working for WW for 20yrs so I don't blame her for wanting to step away. She doesn't know who we're getting. The leader makes or breaks the meeting. I know there's one sub we sometimes get who's style doesn't fit my group at all. The other day we had Laura who would totally fit and used to be a participant in my meeting. I know she has young kids so Saturday mornings might not be her thing. Then I thought I can always weigh in on Saturday mornings but that doesn't mean I can't sit in on another meeting should I not care for the new leader. We will see what happens.

I realized there was another factor in letting stress get to me. Next week is the anniversary of my mother's passing. I always get a little out of sorts at the start of April. It will be 8 years ago on Thursday. I will watch the emotional eating carefully this week.

Went for a mega walk again today but this time I remembered the heart rate monitor. I've been using the Garmin without it but today I remembered to put it on.

The Details:
601 calories burned/ 1hr33min/ 9.75km/ Pace 9:34 - 5:26
Heart rate: Average 81%, Max 88%

According to some quick research I think that puts me in my aerobic target zone. I'm going to add page to my point tracking spreadsheet and track my times. I think 9:34 is my fastest since I started going for regular walks.

I'd really really really like to get into the 170s this week. I think I can pull off a 4lb loss this week. I'm home till Wednesday and return to work on Thursday. So that gives me plenty of workout time between now and Wednesday.

I have my yearly physical the day after I come home from Vegas (in August) well sort of the day I get back. Flight lands at midnight and the appointment is at 10am. Well isn't that inspiration to not go food crazy in Vegas as I'll have to get on his scale.

Alright my friends, I hope your enjoying your Saturday.


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