Thursday, April 29, 2010

Whoever discovered waterproof mascara is a genius

Some wild weather in Calgary this morning. We got snow last night and I being a conscientious home owner thought I should shovel the sidewalk. It was like shovelling slush. This was super wet snow and it was still falling...well more like pelting.

I went to my bus stop with the oh so positive hope that it would show up. My side of the street wasn't so bad snow wise but the sidewalk by my bus stop had 4cm of slush and it was often difficult to figure out where the sidewalk began. I waited for 15min and no bus. I then decided to walk to the more busy road and catch a bus there.

This involved walking about 5 blocks, 4 of them with the snow/ice blasting me directly in the face. It wasn't pleasant and it was blowing so hard I couldn't even see properly as it was pelting me in the eye. At one point I was walking with my bag in front of my face to try to block some snow. The wind was so strong it actually made me falter. I must have looked drunk or like a zombie or like a drunken zombie. However my mascara was intact. I can't speak for the rest of my makeup.

The minute this stuff hit you it melted into water so I was a drowned rat on the bus. I had a day full of interviews today and shockingly all 5 people made it. This was a miracle as 2 were flying and 3 were driving fair distances.

I finally hit the gym after work and I wasn't getting off that treadmill until I burned off 400 calories. I'm starting to think of weigh in. This week has been rough food wise but I know it's a blip. Whenever I first enter a new point range I sort of freak out.

Tonight's results:

404 calories burned/ 1:12/ 6.83K/ Pace 10:34 (which is bunk). I was truckin' on that treadmill...damn you nike +.

On the way home the majority of the snow had melted (amazing) but now I can hear the ice chunks falling off the trees and hitting my roof and front steps. It's a wee freaky I must say.

I think it may be decent enough to walk outside tomorrow. I need to lug my computer home tomorrow so I will attempt an outside walk so I don't need lug the gym bag and the computer. I've decided that next week I start encorporating strength training and this weekend I will come up with a plan. I know I must ease back into that. I still have all the workouts written down from when I was seeing the trainer so I'll flip back to the beginning.

I hope your Thursday was fantastic and dry.


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