Monday, April 12, 2010


Despite good intentions I had an altercation with Ben&Jerry. More specifically the Ben&Jerry's cookie dough ice cream in my freezer. I had put it out of my head but last night I went prowling for a snack as I didn't have dinner after the epicure party. I managed to finish off the container in a blink of the eye.

That was a duh moment.

All is not lost, I just have 2 flex points for the rest of the week and I have not eaten any activity points this week either. I had 9 aps as of yesterday.

Today I planned carefully to bring it back to plan and that's been going well. I hit the treadmill in the company gym after work. For the longest time I thought the treadmills were off and then I realized these treadmills measure speed by per kilometre. Every other treadmill I've encountered measures per mile.

That was a duh moment.

The Nike+ definitely seems to have issues measuring pace on the treadmill. Here are the details from todays workout:

316 calories burned, 5.3K, 56:22, pace 10:37 I was going at very good pace and was sweating to prove it, yet it says I'm slower than when I'm outside.

I also realized the treadmills in the company gym are very quiet, all I could hear was my feet hitting the tread. I do think I need to make a treadmill playlist as I need fast tunes on that thing to avoid being very bored.

I had a silly realization yesterday. There are Trader Joe's in Nevada. The blog world is always talking about it and I rarely go to the U.S but when I go to Vegas I could swing by TJ. It's just a thought.

Once the weather gets a little better (it's snowing) I'm going to pick up a new WW scale. Once again today came up with 3 different numbers this morning.

Alright a wee bit random but that was my day.


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Enz said...


It's April dammit!!! I am sending you "Stop Snowing Now" vibes :)

I am jealous you will be near a Trader Joe's. I go over to Buffalo, NY about every 6 weeks but there isn't one in that area.

You will have to tell us (me) all about it and what you get!