Wednesday, April 07, 2010

Last day of "vacation"

I've done a lot of work this "vacation". I think I've logged into the system every day and been checking the Blackberry frequently. I now completely understand why it's referred to as crackberry.

I swear now that when I take my next vacation to visit Dad in July I will not be working during it. I knew I was busy but wowsers I'm super busy.

Yesterday I decided to do a reverse loop walk. I did the same route I did on Monday but in reverse. It was interesting. There are a myriad of inclines/declines in my hood and doing the route in reverse caused a bit of a surprise for the muscles as it felt different.

Here are the deets for yesterday:
476 calories burned/ 1hr12min/7.65K/Pace 9:25-5:29
Heart Rate: 74% Avg, 83% Max

It wound up being a touch longer than the day before which is interesting. I'm was exhausted when I came back not so much because of the walk. I think it was not really taking a break.

Today I have a dentist appointment at 1pm so I headed out for a shorter walk at 9am. I'll also be walking to my dentist which is a little further than my WW meeting location and probably on the way back. I might swing into Walmart to pick up a couple of things to get me through to the weekend. I'll be wearing the Nike + to track mostly distance but I'm counting this walk as activity as well.

Here are the deets for this morning:
318 calories burned/ 50:36/ 5.14K/Pace 9:50-5:53
Heart Rate: 78% Avg, 86% Max

I got an email saying my 4pm bus from site to camp is no longer and now the earliest bus is 5:20pm. That makes for a super super long day and will complicate my workout. The camp holds over 800 people with 3 treadmills. I'll need to be prepared with a back up plan if a treadmill is not available. The good news is their in process of building another complex in camp that will have a huge gym. Once that's open (which should be soon) I shouldn't have a problem accessing equipment.

There is another gym on site that I could technically go to at 4pm and then catch the bus back to camp. I've never been to that gym. There is also the option to workout at lunch, I typically hate doing this just because I don't want to put myself together to go back to work. I much prefer doing it after work.

I'll also be moving to a new work location at site that will not be allowing me to stop off at the kitchen first. I'll have to pack breakfast and lunch. Lately we've often been late arriving at site so packing a pack of instant oatmeal may not be a terrible idea.

What can I say - I'm a planner.


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Enz said...

You were so productive on your vacation, I'm impressed...if I could get half the stuff done that you do that would be a feat in itself!

I love how you see each twist in your plan as a challenge to overcome and you just set a new plan.