Saturday, May 01, 2010

That was a wee disappointing

I got up an hour before I had to head to weigh in today as opposed to my usual 2hrs. I got on my scale and got 5 different numbers (I always do 3 to ensure it's not doing something wonky).

I had no idea what the WW scale would say. On my way to weigh in two people tried to kill me. One driver turning left while I was in the middle of the crosswalk and had the walk light. Then another who was exiting a parking lot and almost failed to see me on the sidewalk in his path. I just glared at them and shook my head.

At weigh in I was down 1.4lbs, I'm not sure how that happened.

My base points are 196 that's the daily 23 plus 35 flex.
I earned 24 AP this week.
I ate 234 pts this week that's 38pts over the base points and over 14pts if I added my AP to my base.

Wednesday and Thursday were rather horrible days so I have no idea how I managed a loss.

I flipped back through my tracker and the one thing I noticed is I ate more protein this week then I normally would. Hey I'm not complaining, just a wee confused.

That's 2.2lbs to my 10%, that is my goal for next week. I quite like the new leader Tony, he's positive but straightforward. The discussion today was interesting and I found the cycle of environment, behaviour, capabilties and belief interesting. It's true that most of us can get past the first two but have difficulty accepting we're capable and believe we can hit a certain goal.  I decided to change my end goal to 140 as opposed to 145. 145 would get me to a BMI of 24.9 that's just a smidgen to close to the healthy bmi of 25.

I had decided today that I was going to go to DQ and get a small blizzard. They have the buster bar blizzard this month. One of my all time favourite things is the Peanut Buster Parfait and at 17pts I rarely have it. I've considered the buster bar to be similar and this in a blizzard would be awesome. A small is 14pts. I had it budgeted into my day.

I went for my mega walk and added DQ to the route. I get there and there's no evidence they have the buster bar blizzard. I ask the 12 year old at the till and he says that's next month. I said not according to the commercial and the website saying it starts May 1. I settled for a banana cream pie blizzard (a past favourite).

The moment they handed it to me I could see it was fairly liquid and 10 min after leaving it was soupy. It's changed some how as the flavour wasn't the same. The whole experience was a wee disappointing. The stupid thing is I probably could have had the Peanut Buster Parfait for the 3 extra points.  I've earned a total of 8 APs today.

This was the mega walk:

572 calories burned/ 1:33/ 9.73K/ Pace 9:36 - 5:19
Heart rate: Avg 74%, Max 88%

Plus 2APs for the walk to weigh in and back.

Tomorrow I want to head to Chinook Mall. I need some spring work clothes and one of the new pairs of pants I bought are too big. I thought they were a wee loose in the change room but as I wear them through the day I can tell that they're too big. I'm not a huge fan of this mall as it can get crazy busy so I'm getting there the moment they open at 11 and hope to be out again by 1pm before they get crazy busy. One of the groups I support gave me a $100 gift card for Sears (super nice of them).

Hope you had a wonderful Saturday.


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