Monday, April 26, 2010

Crise de coeur!

OMG mild heart attack (crise de coeur in french)  when I went to go type this as my laptop keyboard wasn't responding. I restarted and it still the keyboard wouldn't work. I then shut the whole thing down and waited. At the same time I was plotting a journey to the nearest Staples for repair if needed. Thank goodness everything was fine when I booted it up.

Oy vey so on to what I was originally going to talk about. I did head out for a mega walk yesterday as I was cut short by the weather the day before.

Here's what I did on Sunday:
431 calories burned/ 1:11/ 7.27K/ Pace 9:50- 4:06
Heart rate: Avg 72%, Max 81%

It felt like I was dragging myself through this but I was focused on getting it done.

After supper the sneezing fits began again so I grabbed the buckley's tablets and headed to bed early. Woke up on my own at 5am and decided that was too early to get up so I stayed in bed till 7:30. That about as late as I can do "sleeping in".

Headed out for another mega walk today and decided to do my 8K route in reverse. It's so odd doing my route backwards as all the inclines and declines are in different stops and there are entirely different views.

Today's walk:
484 calories burned/ 1:18/ 8.22K/ Pace 9:33 - 5:58
Heart rate: Avg 69% Max 77%

At some points I felt totally in the zone where it doesn't even feel like I'm paying attention to where I am I'm just going. There were times it felt like I was dragging myself through today as well.

Got home and tried the new KD Smart where the noodles are made with cauliflower and whole wheat. It was alright I found the noodles to be a bit gummy and think I prefer the all whole wheat version. Thus far I've been sneeze free.

I think I've seen the Reebok Easytone commercial 200 times this weekend and what kills me is all those legs and butts featured most likely belong to 16 year old models and not to anyone who has needed to get in shape. These shoes are popping up everywhere, began with MBT and now Reebok, Skechers and Payless have their own version as well.

I don't know if this is a fad or has benefits. I tried researching earlier today and I can't find anything on the scientific proof behind these shoes. Two of my co-workers bought the Skechers versions and they use it on their "leisurely" walks i.e. shopping- their words not mine. I can't see anyone getting any benefits from these unless they use them consistently and for a certain period of time. I'd like to know if anyone has actually seen success with these things and for how long they used them plus average workout/walk time. When I go for a walk is a minimum 45min to an hour and it's not leisurely so I'm not sure if these things would be an added benefit or annoying.

I get why the whole easy concept would be appeal to people but I think that's massively misleading. I believe getting fit takes work, discipline and dedication. I would love it to be easy but then I would feel totally irritated if it didn't work. Goodness knows the health/ weight loss world is filled with gimmicks.

Have any of you tried them or heard of people trying them?

Tomorrow I have to stop into Walmart on the way home and thought I'd pick up a few groceries as well so not sure if I'll go for a mega walk or just walk home from the mall.

I think that's all I have for today, I hope your Monday is going well.



Vickie said...

I have the Skechers version. I haven't had them very long and I'm only walking about a mile a day in them, so far. But, I will say, they feel a little bit like walking in sand so I do find my walk to be a little nore of a workout than when I wear my regular shoes. Whether they'll shape my 52 year old butt and legs into something akin to what's in the ads is pretty doubtful :)

I love your blog!

Enz said...

I tried on the Easytone and Nike ones a few weeks ago and they just felt wierd on my feet, kind of like those platform running shoes from the 70s!

I haven't heard about the KD Smart, now I want to look for it. Thanks for the heads up. I also didn't know they did whole wheat.

I would rather lose my tv and stereo than my laptop :)