Wednesday, April 21, 2010

I call that seriously unprepared

I too am looking forward to the make-over episode of BL and wonder what they'll do to Daris and Mike's hair. I'm kind of happy Victoria was booted as I didn't think she truly embraced the experience of the ranch.

Day one of conference went alright. Opening session was entertaining but completely unrelated to anything I do. Second session seemed like a waste of time as there was no new information.

The after lunch session was quite frankly disgusting. The presenter was totally unprepared. He was 3min into it when he realized he had the wrong power point. It seemed like he just sort of made stuff up as he went. It wasn't cohesive and people were walking out. What! I can't believe that you're about to present to about 80 people and you didn't double check your stuff. That's ridiculous.

End session was better - thank goodness. I'm hoping tomorrow is better. I have to report back with all I learned to my team and so far I don't have a whole lot to share.

At Loungeburger I had the veggie burger and it was pretty good, it kind of fell apart when you ate it but there were real vegetables in there. We ordered the chocolate fondue for dessert split among the three of us. The waitress came and told us it normally comes with cream puffs but they were out and is it o.k that it's only fruit. The 3 of us enthusiastically said "no problem". Tomorrow we're going to The Palomino for dinner. I haven't been there in ages. I love to take out of town folks to places that are unique. Palomino is definitely unique.

Today food was not perfect but could have been worse. I was super full by the time I got home and that just felt awful. Nothing a shot of alka seltzer won't fix. My weak point of the day was a disappointing lunch - wound up eating primarily raw vegetables which made the dessert section very appealing. I had one square of carrot cake maybe an inch and half in a wide but then I saw baklava and I had to have one. Honestly I thought I did pretty good watching other plates go by.

Tomorrow I'm bringing my gym bag and working out with my co-worker S at the hotel gym after the conference wraps up. She's on WW too and I think we kept each other in pretty good check today. She's staying in a really nice hotel so I'm sort of looking forward to a change of scenery plus the opportunity to check out their gym and an opportunity to break in the new Mizunos (pictured) . I wasn't thrilled that they were pink as all my other pairs have been blue but it's not a deal breaker and perhaps I'm do for a change.

Alright my friends hope your Wednesday was fabulous.


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