Wednesday, January 02, 2008

Officially into 2008

I say officially because I actually had to write it down today.
Due to a massive headache I wound up missing the resolution run, not quite how I had planned to ring in 2008. I lied down at 3pm woke up at 7:30pm, ate a bit of supper and was back in bed by 10pm (at least I celebrated New Year at New York time and watched the ball drop.

I had a perfectly OP day yesterday and did laundry practically all day so that was my activity for the day - going up and down stairs.

Tonight I have a dvd workout planned (Jillian Micheal's Kick boxing) as I have to bake a cake for the birthday in the office on Friday. Tomorrow I'll make the ganache and peanut butter mousse filling and put the whole thing together. The remainder of this week will be dedicated to keeping food in control and doing at home workouts.

Next week after the first influx of New Year resolution people I'll had back to the gym for some work on the treadmill. The weather is super nice today (+6) but there's a wicked chinook wind that literally stops you in your tracks, we're still blessed in comparison to the eastern side of the country.

Have a great day everybody!


Fatinah said...

sorry that you missed the resolution run - at least you have the jacket!! I've had a chinook headache myself - so I feel your pain (pardon the pun)

Sonya said...

Happy new Year, Cowgirl! Gosh - that marathon sounds fabulous. I would totally run it with you if you lived closer.