Friday, January 25, 2008

Maybe Not....

Day 7 Week 2

So my plan of heading down to the Lululemon sale is being re-thought. I don't think I'm loyal enough to stand in line for a really long time (yesterday up to 5hrs) for what is apparently not that great of a sale and reported to only be worth it if you're a size 2, 4 or 6 (person who was there said on the radio this morning). This is all hearsay of course, based on sensationalized news reports of the first day of the sale but to be quite honest the only things I own from Lululemon are a bag and a thing that goes on your wrist that holds a house key. All my yoga stuff is from Walmart. While I'd much rather spend more moolah on things like Lululemon when I'm at a size I want to stay at. So why waste time and money.

If there are any Calgarians who went yesterday, I'd love to hear what you thought.

Tomorrow the weather is supposed to be quite decent so I'm planning to do anything that requires outstide to be done tomorrow. Sunday it gets cold again so all cleaning and non house leaving activities are scheduled for then. My big plan was to return to the gym next week. I'll definitely go on Saturday but there's word that temperatures will seriously dip next week. We're talking -20 to -30 base so that could be down to -40 with windchill. I am prepared to deal with that as luckily I own many cold weather geared clothes but that kind of weather (as I take the bus) requires an outfit for outside and an indoor outfit gets changed into at work. That being the case working out at the gym is not appealing as a 3rd outfit would be required. When I leave the gym, busses are no longer running on peak schedule so you can waiting for a long time. So the gest of all that is I must get that dvd player hooked up downstairs so that can be my sub-gym.

I'm ready to put my metamorphosis workout plan into action. This week hasn't been bad, I've been better water wise, I haven't been perfect food wise but not disasterous either. I'm quite happy with myself for bringing lunch to work for all 5 days. The key is definitely variety. I'm thinking about doing a mock shephard pie for next week using cauliflower instead of mashed potatoes. I'm going to go throught that quick start guide from WW again, I've sort of leafed through it and it looks to have some good recipes.

Looking forward to weigh in tomorrow. Have a groovy Friday and I'll be back tomorrow.

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