Friday, January 11, 2008

Hatching a plan..whahahhahah

The first cake decorating class of 2008 went well and I still hate roses. I find them too complicated and they take too long. There's only 4 people in the class and we all took Lesson 1 together so it's nice to see familiar faces. I think it will be the same 4 in Lesson 3 and the Fondant course. Next week we get to work with royal icing and cover flow icing.

Foodwise went well yesterday, I talked to my co-cake decorater and we got the apple slices as opposed to fries to eliminate even thinking about it. The scale looked better this morning but I still must be diligent today. I'm taking a client to lunch and I've already decided what I'm having.

Right after work I'm getting my hair cute, thank goodness! It's been driving me bananas.

I'm definitly hitting the gym this weekend to create a workout plan. I'm suspecting it will be less busy than a weekday after work so I'll have some time to sort myself out and continue on through the week. I'm using the Biggest Loser Workout Plan book to get me started. My goal is gym 3-4 days a week and do home workouts in between with a rest day. My plan for the treadmill is c25K so I can take the next 26 weeks to build to half marathon. I'll be happy if I can run most of it and walk occasionally.

Tonight I'm sitting down and creating a food plan and grocery list. For the past few weeks I've been grocery shopping on the fly which doesn't help when I get home from work and don't know what to have for dinner.

I'm also going to be posting these meal plans and workout plans as my road to the Calgary Half-Marathon. I did some math over the past few days and it looks like my little blog gets read 50 times a day so hopefully I'll be able to share insight or inspiration with you all.

I'm also a horrible comment person, but I do read a whack of blogs every day that I track on bloglines and I'll endeavour to be a better blogger and comment/encourage whenever I can.
On to July 6th!
Have a great day everybody!

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