Sunday, January 13, 2008

How do they do it?

Week 1 Day 2
I rolled out of bed this morning a bit sore from my workout yesterday and I was bound and determined to make it to the gym. I call this gym "The gym I walk past" as I've had my membership since September and have gone a handful of times. It was a really good deal at $200 for the year. A treadmill will be a big factor with my run training as winter is an unknown factor. My city has been pretty lucky, we've had plus temperatures and very little snow but I'm not so crazy about heading out in the dark. Plus temperatures can drop and snow can fall with little warning.

I had blueberry pancakes for breakfast (with Coyote pancake mix works out to a 1pt per pancake), watched a bit of Coronation Street and then went to the gym. I was happy to see that my membership number still worked. I did 24min on the treamill (incline 1) alternating between walking for 3min and running for 1min. I stayed on the treadmill for another 36min doing a fast paced walk (4.0) at a 2 incline. Adding in the walk to the gym and back that's 80min of Cardio. I was tanked when I got home, I did my stretches and then didn't move for an hour. So my plan to do the Ripped DVD didn't quite workout so instead for the strength portion today I'm grabbing 5lb free weights and doing the weight routing in the Biggest Loser Workout book. I have to admit the machines at the gym scare me a little.

Right this minute I feel really sore so I must pick up some epsom salts on the way home tomorrow. I got me thinking about those Biggest Loser contestants. How do they get through those daily killer workouts. Most of these people aren't active at all and then go into 3hr workouts that repeat the next day...or so I think. It would be really nice to find out exactly what kind of workout schedule they follow on the ranch. Of course it would be totally ridiculous to do holding down a job.

Another insight into day 2 of my metamorphosis, this takes planning time wise. Laundry was sacrificed today as the thought of going up and down stairs was not appealing at all.

So tomorrow I'll try to make that happen, and right now I'm thinking tomorrow's cardio workout will either be some hip hop or some kickboxing and back to the gym on Tuesday for the 2nd run workout.

2 days down...keep on truckin'

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Rebecca said...

boy, oh boy aren't you right..

this whole thing takes a whole lot of time!