Thursday, January 17, 2008

Does this count?

Week 1 Day 6

I did stop by Walmart on the way home and picked up milk, new slippers and few other things. I really like the Jello Sugar Free chocolate pudding that's in the fridge section. 1pt a pudding so it's a nice treat. Walmart definitely sells them cheaper than Safeway but for the last two weeks they've been out. Behold they were in yesterday so I grabbed a pack. Got home and didn't feel like cooking as I had icing to make so I settled on a whole wheat pita with hummous. The icing took way longer than I had anticipated. It wasn't making the icing it was all the colours I needed. I had to have 5 colours for the royal icing and one extra colour for the colour flow icing. First of all both of these icings are thicker than I expected so I popped a container of water into my bag for tonight. I needed to make purple for violets and I swear I was mixing my little heart out for every colour. It was seriously exhausting. Can I count zipping around Walmart and mixing what seemed like endless icing as activity?

Alas I did not give myself a sticker last night so my goal of 6 stickers is dashed unless I do yoga after cake decorating as I wasn't planning a workout for tonight because I won't get home until 9pm.

Gym is planned for Friday and I really hope the whirling snowglobe snow that's outside right now stops by then.

I was watching the breakfast television this morning and learned that a local gym is doing a 100 challenge online. It's free and you can track your progress have access to recipes. So I signed on this morning but they will email me the info. I'll report back on that. It ties in nicely with my 26 day metamorphosis.

Alright must get me day started.



Diane Mandy said...

Your effort is inspiring!

Rebecca said...

i have no clue how you can surround yourself with all those goodies of frosting and cakes...

such willpower!