Wednesday, January 30, 2008

I'm officially over flowers.

Day 5 Week 3

It's slightly warmer today with a minus 36 windchill, I swear you can feel the difference.

Last night I did go home and make royal icing flowers to the point where I didn't particularly cared how this cake turned out. I'm not making it for anybody and I'm so ready for all this flower business to be done. I'm looking forward to the next course when I get to play with fondant. The Wilton classes teach you some good fundamentals but their idea of decorating with the roses and all that jazz is super old fashioned. I don't picture ever making a cake for anyone with flowers on it. Of course never say never. I have more "ace of cake" aspirations.

I reminded myself of a valuable lesson yesterday. Check the points before you eat something. I got cinnamon crustos from Taco Time yesterday thinking they'd be around 5....they're 9pts. Crap!

I tried that Weight Control oatmeal (maple flavour) and I'm not crazy about it. I'll try it again but so far I prefer regular oatmeal. I was hungry at the same time I am when I eat regular oatmeal. I didn't find it kept me feeling any fuller. What do you all think about it?

I checked the scale this morning and I'm half a pound down from the day before with 3 days until weigh in. I just need to bring it home. I'm a little surprised about showing a loss with the Crusto incidend but I think it's true when they say you need to eat to lose. I have a lower day planned for today.

Biggest Loser alert - I'm talking about that next
I was making flowers as I was watching so I recorded it so I could catch parts I missed. I did feel bad for Jillian as Bob picked all the strong people. However I have faith in Jillian, she can bring out amazing results in people. Bob also picked all the people with strong personalities too, it will be interesting to see if they can work as a team.
I wasn't surprised that Jenn was voted out. I was really surprised by the former yellow teams results but mind you they had big losses last week. Next week Rocco diSpirito (?) the chef guy who used to have his own show and seems to be everywhere lately, is supposed to make meal for someone. It's funny he never cooked healthy on the show about his restaurant, maybe this is a new niche for him.

On t0 other stuff:

Tonight I must bake the cake and make the frosting for Thursday's class. I really hope we have a week before the third class starts. I need a break from piping bags and a desire to reclaim my dining room table from all the cake decorating paraphenalia. I'm so looking forward to having a clearer schedule so I can resume my workout schedule. According to a coworker, I may still be able to hook up the dvd player to the older tv if I hook it up via a vcr. I have a vague recollection of doing something like that before. I'll give it a go.

Have a groovy day everybody!


Fatinah said...

I really enjoyed BL last night. I think no matter which trainer won the competition, that is the team that would have been chosen.
It almost feels warm out there today with those few degrees of warming up! HA

jeannie* said...

I have lots to say!

1) PLEASE do we get to see a picture of this cake once it's done? I'm so intrigued and be it is going to be beautiful! Even if you do hate making flowers now heehee.

2) I've tried the Weight Control oatmeal and had the same thoughts. It doesnt keep me full longer and it makes my pee smell like oatmeal! It's so strange, but everytime I peed I was like oh my god who's making oatmeal? Ick. I stick with the reduced sugar kind.

3) I enjoyed BL last night. I felt so sad for the black team but I think next week they will bring it!

Ok... that's enough for one comment I think :)