Wednesday, January 09, 2008

Biggest Loser needed a hanky

I shed a few tears last night watching Biggest Loser, it was those calls home and the pep talk that Jillian gave Neil. I have to admit I wanted to smack Neil upside the head for his poor attitude and giving up, especially with his wife giving it her all. Wow did Jillian hit the mark with "What are you afraid of". Sometimes I wonder if that's my issue in staying consistent. I've never been skinny (o.k maybe when I was 5) so I'm dealing with the unknown in terms of where I should be size wise and weight wise. I do want goal more than anything but sometimes it's tough getting over the comfort of what you know now.

Kat on Biggest Loser Australia after weighing in for the first time said for a long time she didnt' realize she had a problem. It's funny how we have a different perception of ourselves when we look in the mirror. Of course a mirror doesn't show how you truly look, a picture is a better way. I know we all have seen pictures of ourselves that we can't stand. At the company Christmas party this year someone took a picture of my profile. Two people told me it was a great picture, all I could see was the chubby.

I came to realization yesterday that I really need a slow cooker so I may look into that this weekend.

Have a groovy day everybody!


Fatinah said...

mmm, I love the slow cooker. I used my last one so much I burnt it out!

Living to Feel Good said...

I felt bad for Neils wife with the 0 lb loss. And I think it stinks that the online team didn't get the pass to call home. They were second place, and like the girl said, they don't have anywhere there. At least everyone else has a partner that is part of their real life.