Monday, January 07, 2008

Totally Random

Weigh in resulted in staying the same, which was cool with me as I so thought there would be a gain. I then shopped the perimeter of the grocery store and avoided anything remotely tempting.

Used my gift certificate at the Liberated Cook and now have 5 half meals in my freezer, but really that's 10 solo meals and some of them are kind of on the big side so I've split them even further. For three days this week I'll bring have a pulled pork enchilada with extra vegetables.

We have over 10 FM stations in my city and I like to wake up to the radio but it irritates me when I wake up to the inane banter of the djs so this morning it was the rock station that plays more music than chit chat and it was o.k.

The morning new anchor changed her hair colour from brown to a red auburn and now all her clothes clash with her hair.

I'm torn between morning shows, one is more news -ee and starts at 5:30am, the other is more fun but doesn't start until 6.

I actually liked Cashmere Mafia and I'm not sure if it's just because it's a new series.

I'm irritated with people who can't make a plan. My collegue and I are starting the next lesson of cake decorating on Thursday. We need to go pay and find out what we need for the first class. At first she said we'll go last week, then it became Monday or Tuesday. The thing is my evenings are kind of on hold until this is sorted. Today she's sick, so I'm assuming we're going tomorrow but I won't know until tomorrow. Drives me nuts. Oh and I need her as I this place is not transit friendly so I'm completely relying on her...also drives me nuts.

This is the first full 5 day work week and that's not a fun thought.

I really hope the gym remembers my member number....

Have a good night my friends!

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Fatinah said...

I liked Cashmere Mafia also - I'm wondering if Wednesday's show will be as good?